The pastor’s family 12

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The pastor’s family 12
Phillip texts me and says he can spend the night. I am thrilled. I have
clean sheets on my bed and my room is neat. I wait in the den playin my X
Box for him to drive up. About 30 minutes later I see him pulling into he
yard. I meet him at the drop and we hug and kiss. He smells so good. He
comes in and we sit in the den and he says he hasn’t eaten. I call and
order a pizza and wings. I grab csh from dad’s room that he left for us to
eat and I put in on the table by the door. We play X box and are siting as
close as we can. In this moment, life is perfect. The guy I love and that
loves me, spending the afternoon and the night together.

Luke comes down the stairs and yells, Mattie your ass needs to get my
sheets washed and dried and put back on my bed before you go to sleep
tonight. Luke looks into the den and sees Phillip. He says I didn’t know
`we’ had company. I look at Luke and say I have company and I will get the
sheets done. Luke stands in front the TV taking so we pause our game. He
is wearing only basketball shorts and a tank top.He is asking what we
doing. I say we ordered pizza and are going to play games and watch a

Luke says shame I have plans, but there is always next time. Luke is
smiling at Philip the entire time he talks. Finally he turns and walks in
to the kitchen. Luke yells back to me, Mattie, I need to talk to you up
stairs for a minute. I ignore him. HE comes back in the den and says I
need to talk to you upstaters for a minute, is that a problem. I get up and
tell Phillip to keep playing, I will be back. I start up the stairs and
Luke is behind me.

We get to the top of the stairs and I say I will get your sheets cleaned
and put back on. Luke says you better. Then he grabs me and turns me around
towards him. He pulls my face close to his and whispers. Did I say you
could have anyone over, did I say you could invite your boyfriend. Don’t I
give you all the dick you need. I see we still have more lessons that you
need to learn.

I say we are just hanging out, and besides, you meet up with all these
girls… and I feel a slap to the side of my face. Luke says you belong to
me. Your ass, mouth, hell your entire body is mine. With that, Luke pulls
me over to the wall and pushes me down to my knees. He steps forward and
crushes my face with his crotch. The back of my head is against the wall,
and he is grinding crotch into my face. He steps back and pulls his shorts
down. He is wearing no underwear. His cock is thick and already hard. I
close my eyes as he dick slaps me all over my face.

I hear him command me, Look at me. I look up as he towers above me. He says
you have 5 minutes to get me off or we do it in front of your boyfriend. He
says to me, Lay on the floor on your back. I lay down. Luke is kicking off
his shorts. He kneels over my head and aims his cock at my mouth. Without
warning or care, he goes into b**st mode and is ramming my mouth and
throat. I struggle to breath. Luke pulls out and we get in the 69
position. Luke shoves his cock in my mouth. In this position, I can take
him all if he allows me to get used to the size of his cock, but he is
ramming again into my mouth.

I feel his cock hit the back of my throat over and over, and then he holds
it there and pinches my nose shut. I panic for air, and my throat opens
right up to his assault. He is going balls deep in my mouth and throat
now. I get into his rhythm so I can breath. I am wondering if Phillip can
here his grunts. I hope not. And then the moment is here. His thighs clamp
on my head as he goes all in and he holds. I can feel him spurting his load
into my throat. He pulls out and I gasp for air as he continues to cum in
my mouth. I swallow all I can as Luke jabs into my throat over and over. He
finally pulls out of my mouth and stands up. The evil grin on his face says
it all. He is jealous of me and Phillip. This was nothing more than him
showing his dominance over me.

He grabs his shorts and puts them on. As he walks down the stairs, he says
don’t forget my sheets. I wipe my eyes and sit against the wall. I have cum
on my shirt. I rush to the bathroom and wash my face and then grab the
linen off Lukes bed. I get them in the washer and I finally get back to the

Luke is there and he has he hand, pulling Phillips hand over to his biceps
saying this is what happens when you are a real man. Luke sees me walk in
the room and he says I better go, I have a date with virgin pussy
tonight. Luke looks at me and says my bed best be ready when I get back. I
sit next to Phillip as Luke leaves.

Phillip looks at me and says your brother is an ass. I laughed say you
don’t know the half of it. Phillip says the pizza is here too. We grab the
pizza and a drink. In the den, we switch it from X Box to tv so we can
watch a movie. We go to iTunes and see the new Thor Ragnarok movie and
start it. We sit on the couch and watch the movie as we eat. The movie is
pretty awesome. Phillip has finished eating and has pulled me closer so he
can lay his arm over me and rest it on my chest.

I lay back and lay my head on his chest. I can hear his heart beating. He
looks down at me and says, I love you Mattie. I say I love you
more. Phillip leas over and we start to kiss. This is what love feels
like. I love the feel of his lips on mine. His tongue licking my lips,
looking for a way in. I open my mouth and we deep kiss. I am in
paradise. His tongue darts into my mouth and he breaks the kiss. Phillip
says your mouth tastes like cum. Whats going on. And he pushes me away as
he moves down the couch. I get up and look at him. He says are you cheating
on me and with other guys. I say no no nothing like that. My mind was
racing. I couldn’t tell him it was my older brother Luke’s cum in my
mouth. What was I going to do.

I saw the hurt on his face. I said I jerked off this morning, and I always
eat my own load. Phillip looked at me sideways and said really. I nodded
and he said once he cums, he is done and cant do that. He moves back beside
me. A sense of relief comes over me. I hate that I lied to Phillip but I
couldn’t tell him the truth. We lay in each other arms again and finish the
movie. I get up and put Luke’s linen in the dryer and come back. It is
almost 11. We look for something to watch but find nothing that interests

Phillip says lets go to your room. We get up and head upstairs. In my room,
Phillip immediately takes off his shoes and then his shirt. I walk over and
grab his belt buckle and pull it open. I unbutton and unzip his
pants. Phillip says someone is horny tonight and laughs. I say I am just
helping you get comfy. I push his jeans down and he has on boxers. I can
see his dick flapping around inside them as I pull the jeans off his legs.

I stand up and my hands immediately go to his boxers and I grab his
dick. He lets me play with it a few minutes. He pulls my shirt up over my
head and pushes me back onto the bed. He doesn’t even undo my jeans. He
just pulls them down and my boxer briefs come off with them. My little dick
is hard, but no where near as big as anyone else’s that I have seen.

Phillip gets in the bed and pulls me close to him. His hands are all over
my body as he kisses my neck and ear. The entire time, he is moaning so I
know he is enjoying himself. His hands are on my ass. He is riding into
me. I say take off your boxers. Phillip pushes them down his legs, but they
end up around his ankles. He pushes me onto my back. My legs open for him
as he lays on my stomach and chest. I can feel his hard cock grinding into
my nut sack. He kisses my nipple and then sucks it in his mouth. I feel him
ate down and its like pure electricity shoots through me. He moves over the
other one and does the same thing.

He lays beside me and grabs my head. We kiss and then he pushes my head
down. I know what he wats. He wants my mouth on his dick. Phillip is
already leaking when I lick the head of his cock. I kiss the head and then
take him inside my mouth. His hips push up every time I go down on him. His
hands on the back of my head, but just there, not forcing me down. I slip
my hands under him and massage his ass as I suck him.

And then I hear the buzzer. The damn dryer has finished. I look up at
Phillip and he says I understand. Lets do it together. So to naked
teenagers, both with major hard ons, run and grab the sheets from the dryer
and go into Luke’s room. We are putting the sheets on the bed and I see
Lube on the nightstand. Philip just looks and smiles. We get the sheets on
and the bed made. Philip says he likes to have people to do everything for
him. I didn’t respond. We turn the lights out and go back to my room.

Philips hard on is gone. We climb in the bed and he says lets cuddle. He
holds me in his arms and we start talking. He asks what my plans are with
all this. I said I hope that we are together forever. What about you and
Phillip says I want that to. He reaches over and turns the lamp
off. Darkness fills the room as we cuddle and drift off to sleep.

I awake to Phillip shaking my shoulder. I open my eyes, but the room is
still totally dark. Phillip says your brother is home. I say its ok. I roll
over and face Phillip and then I hear it. I hear noises from his room. It
sounds like a rough make out session. I just giggle quietly as Phillip
tells me not to make any noises. We lay there and I can hear Luke saying
suck that fucking cock. You been wanting it all night. Phillip whispers,
your brother sounds mad. I prop up on my elbow and listen. I hear him as
he tells the girl to get her ass undressed. I know that voice. Thats drunk

We lay there and listen and we hear the girl gagging. I know she is trying
to blow him. Luke is talking loud saying to keep your teeth off my
cock. Before long, I hear him say to her, get on the bed like the bitch you
are. A little shuffling can be heard coming from his room. Then the girl
lets out a scream straight from her soul and I hear Luke grunting. I know
he has started fucking her and prolly went all in on the first stoke. His
grunts are intense. He screams turn into loud moans. You could tell the
rhythm by his grunts and her moans. I whisper to Phillip to tun on the
light. I say come one and lets go sleep downstairs.

We grab our clothes and our cell phones and turn off the light and head
downstairs. We can still hear them fucking. We walk past the den and I open
the door to mom and dads room. We walk in and I close and lock the door. I
turn on the table lamp and we drop our clothes and get in this huge king
size bed. I look at Phillip is rock hard. I grab his cock and say you were
getting off listening to them and he says it was kinda hot. I lean over and
start to suck him and he says lets wait. I don’t want to disrespect your
mom and dads bedroom.

We get settled and I hear Phillip as he is sleeping and breathing almost
snoring. I snuggle up to him. I see light on the ceiling and roll over. My
cell phone is its up. I look at it and its a text from Luke. Where are
you. I reply back why. Luke says come here now. I ease out the bed and grab
my boxers and t shirt and put on. I unlock the door. I close the door so
Phillip can sleep.

Dash upstairs and open the wall door into Luke’s room. The girl is getting
dressed. Luke is naked and laying on the bed. I walk over and he slurs at
me to get cash out his wallet and pay the cab to take her home. He is
wasted drunk. I look and there is blood stains on his sheets and lube
stains everywhere. I grab jeans off the floor but no wallet, I finally find
the pair of jeans he wore tonight and grab the wallet. I ask him how much
and he says 30 will do it. I get the cash and hand to her. I ask if he has
called the cab and she said she had. I looked at her. She looked like she
had been hit by a truck. Her hair was a wild mess. Her makeup was smeared
and streaked.

She got dressed and I walked to the door. I turn back and see her leaning
over the bed kissing him bye and whispering something. Luke mumbled
something. She looks at me and says tell him when I get in the cab. We head

We wait by the door and she is on her phone the whole time. The cab finally
gets here and she says bye. I watch as she gets in and they leave. I go
back upstairs and into Luke’s room. I stand beside the bed and shake his
shoulder and arm, but he is either passed out from drinking or in a deep
sleep. I push and shake him but all he does is mumble. I say roll over on
your side. After 4 times telling him, he finally rolls over and I pout a
pillow in front of him and behind him so he will sleep on his side. I pull
the blanket onto him and leave.

Downstairs, I open the door to mom and dad’s bedroom and Phillip is still
sleeping. I undress and get in bed. Finally able to go back to sleep.

I am awaken by Luke standing beside the bed and telling me to get over. I
stand up and try to pull on tug his arm until I get him out the bedroom
door. I close it behind me. Luke is still not 100% sober. He is saying he
needs to fuck. I pull him back to the stairs and he follows. We get to his
room and he sits on the bed. He says blow me first. I say go back to sleep
and we will do all that tomorrow. That just pisses him off. Luke says god
damn it, I am fucking you now. I say no and pull away. Luke remains sitting
not he bed. I tell him to lay down and I will stay until he gets back to
sleep. He lays back, I pull his blanket over him.

I sit on the foot of the bed and I finally here him sleeping. I head back
downstairs and Phillip is awake and in the bathroom peeing. I watch from
behind until he is done. He asks whats wrong and I said Luke is drunk and
acting crazy. He hugs me and we walk back towards the bedroom. Luke is
walking down the stairs and yells Mattie. I say please go back to bed. Luke
sees Phillip and says Phillip have you guys fucked tonight. I push Phillip
into the bedroom and close the door. I pull Luke back to the stairs, but he
overpowers me and opens the bedroom door. Philip is laying in the bed and
turns the lamp on. Luke is naked and smile hard and walks in. He says
Phillip I asked if you guys had fucked tonight.

I say Luke, we just watched movies and now trying to sleep, Please go back
to bed. Luke is now at the side of the bed and asking Phillip
questions… You enjoy fucking my little brother, He suck you off good, are
you shooting in that hole or using rubbers. Phillip never answers . I am
crying at this point. I don’t want him to mess up what I have with
Phillip. I am torn because I feel Love for both of them.

Luke says I know you guys fucked in my bed. I saw the cum stains in my
bed. Luke grabs the covers on pulls them off the bed. Phillip is
naked. Luke says no stains on the bed yet. Luke looks at me and says,
Mattie you playing hard to get with him, why don’t you give up that ass to
him. I am beyond pissed. I am crying. I just want him to stop.

Luke says I am going to go back to my room, but heres the deal. One of you
faggots need to come up and let me fuck you. You decide, but if no one is
there in 5 minutes, I am coming back and fucking you both. Luke staggers
out the room. I close and lock the door. I look at Phillip and he is just
staring at me in disbelief.

I go to the bed and Phillip says do you guys fool around and I just stare
at the floor. He says Mattie, be honest with me. Are you guys doing
stuff. I lift my head and look at Phillip and I nod once. Phillip sits back
on the bed. He asks me if I am ok and if he hurts me and if I want it to
happen. I said Luke made it happen, but it s my fault. I am gay and he
found out.

Phillip gets up and grabs his clothes. He gets dressed and I am still
crying. He said he needs to go home. I look at him and he said I cant be
here, I need to go. I will talk to you later. Phillip leaves and I hear the
backdoor close and he leaves. I lay on the bed and just cry. Why can’t I be
happy. Why cant I feel worthy of love. Why did I let this happen.

And then, Luke is standing in the door. He says, where the other faggot
go. I screamed he left cause of you. Luke walks to the bed and says did he
really leave and I just nod as I have my head buried in a pillow. I feel
Luke get on the bed. He lays beside me and I feel his arm wrap over my
back. He pulls me closer to him. I try not to let him see me cry. Maybe he
realizes what he has done. He pulls me on my side and pulls me into his
chest, like we do when we cuddle in bed.

He snuggles up close behind me and he moves his arm off me. I look over and
he is spitting in his hand. He rubs the spit over his cock and then in
between my ass cheeks. I pull away, but he grabs my waist and pulls me
back. I feel the head of his massive cock force itself into my tiny hole. I
scream out as he pulls me all the way on his cock. He pushes my face to the
bed and rolls me over on my stomach. His cock never pulled out of my hole
as he moved with me.

He starts pounding me. I lay there with my arms pinned under me, as he has
both hands pressed into my back to hold me down. I cry the entire time Luke
fucks me. Luke finally moves his hands and I feel his weight on may as he
lays on my back. The only movement now is as ass as he humps my hole. He
says, I told you that you are mine. You disrespected me when you had him
over here tonight and you have to be punished. Over and over he berates me
as he uses my hole for his pleasure. My tears stop as my sadness and used
feeling morphed into anger and rage. I start trying to move and wiggle out
from under him but I can’t. Luke power thrusts into me hard and says what
the fuck you think you doing. I just wiggle. Luke pulls out. I feel him
grab my arms and flip me over on my back. His hands pin my arms above my
head but I move my hips and he is unable to get his cock back inside me. He
lets go of my hands and rams his cock inside me. I start hitting him as
hard as I can on his chest. His chest is rock solid. My hits have no

Luke starts thrusting into me, and as usual, he grabs my throat and
squeezes. I start hitting his arm but he just squeezes harder than he ever
has. I cant breathe. I finally just hold his strong arm and he lets go. I
gasp for air. Luke grabs my hips and I get 4 massive thrusts that just
bounce my entire body. Each thrust is followed by a word. Thrust DON’T
thrust EVER thrust DISRESPECT thrust ME. Luke holds my hips as he is buried
as deep as he can be inside me. I know he is trying to teach me a lesson,
but at the same time, I love the feeling of him being totally wild and
hardcore with me.

I have no energy, no fight, no feelings. I just lay there as he continues
his fucking. Minutes pass and I just stare at him. I watch as he pulls out
of me and flips me over on my back again. I wait for his massive cock to
stretch my hole open. But this time, I feel his hand on my hips as he pulls
my hips off the bed. His face is buried deep in my ass cheeks. His tongue
is working on my ravished hole. The stubble of his face is rubbing me.

His left hand reaches around and grabs my cock and starts to jerk me
off. My dick is hard and his hand is stroking me. His tongue is rimming my
ass. I give into the feelings. The way his tongue works my hole. His hand
on my dick, I start to forget everything except the mind blowing
feelings. Luke pulls his face out of my cheeks and says don’t move. He lays
on his back and moves his head between my legs. He starts to suck my
dick. His hands find my ass and pull it open. Now the fingering starts. He
is able to take all my dick in his mouth and the things he does with his
tongue feels awesome. I feel a second finger and then a third. I feel my
body about to lose control and Luke stops sucking and pulls his fingers out
of my hole.

Luke says you want to cum don’t you. I say Yesssss. He says how bad. I say
real bad. He sucks my dick in and then pulls off. Luke says you cant cum
until you swear to me that you will always belong to me. I reach for my
dick to jerk off, but he grabs my hand. He sucks again and pulls off. Say
it. I say I cant say that. You know me and Phillip are boy friends. I love
you, but I love Phillip just the same. Luke lets me go and I am flipped
over onto my back and he is onto of me. My arms are pinned down by his
hands and he says you belong to me Mattie. Luke kisses me. My body just
wants to cum. I twist my head every time he tries to kiss me and he finally
kisses my neck and then I feel him bite down. Not hard, but I know he is
marking my body as his. I try to pull away. Luke moves and then he starts
on my chest and bites my nipple.

The feeling is a mix of intense pleasure and a little pain. He moves to the
other and does it again. He says tell me what I want to hear. My dick is
red and I want to cum so bad. I say I cant say that Luke. Luke pulls my
arms to my stomach and uses one hand to hold them there. He moves between
my legs. Finally he is going to finish letting me cum. His other hand
strokes my dick and says that feel good. I just moan and say yea, let me
cum. He lets go of my dick and grabs my balls. I know he loves to squeeze
them so I try to prepare for that. But instead, Luke is licking my small
nut sack. Sucking each ball into his mouth. His hand moves to my dick and
strokes me. It feels so good. He puts bth nuts in his mouth and sucks and
lets them pop out one at a time. I am getting close. He takes both nuts not
his mouth and then I feel the teeth on my right nut. It gets harder and I
scream out. Luke lets it drop and stops stroking my dick. He still holds my
arms on my belly. He says tell me what I want to hear.

I beg him to just stop. I say I love Phillip as much as I love you. Please
understand. I feel Luke bite on the tip of my cock. My body tenses and
without anything else, I start cumming in Luke’s mouth. He starts sucking
and I feel the power in his mouth as he sucks. Never has he sucked so
hard. I finish cumming and he pulls up. I can tell he hasn’t swallowed. He
grabs me and pulls me out the bed. We get to the den and he pushes my chest
down over the end of the couch. He kneels behind me and pulls my ass
apart. I fell as he is pushing my cum inside my hole from his mouth. He
moves and my ass closes. I can feel my own cum dripping out of my ass. I go
to stand, and Luke pushes on my back and gets behind me.

In one thrust, he is again buried inside me. The way he has me over the arm
of the couch, I cant move. The couch is against a wall on the other side,
so the couch doesn’t move. All the power from his thrust are sent into my
body. There is no give to the couch. He says this all ends when you say
that you belong to me. Power fucking is the only way to describe what he is
doing. Each thrust jars my body harder and harder. Each time become more
and more addicted to sex and his style of sex and love.

Luke says put your arms behind you. I shift around until I can get my hands
behind me like I am being arrested. Luke grabs my wrists in each of his
hands and every thrust into me, he pulls my body back to meet the
thrust. My head is bounced around from the power of his fucking. My cock
rubbing on the couch has me hard again.

Luke slows down and says do you want to tell me now. I say Luke please lets
talk. Another round of pounding. A few minutes later he slows again. My
body is totally limp, my cock is almost rubbed raw from the couch. My ass
is being destroyed by his massive teenage cock. He says do you want to tell
me anything. I nod. He stops fucking and I say, I am yours. Luke jabs his
dick in my, say it louder. I say louder, I belong to you. Now this is
nothing more than a drunk power trip. Luke has what he wants, but he makes
me keep saying it over and over. Each time, followed by a powerful jab of
his cock deep into me. What he doesn’t understand is that I am loving this
as much as he is.

Finally, I feel a rhythm and he stops talking. I feel the all too common
tensing of his body and he goes all in and holds. He floods my insides with
a huge load of his jock cum. A few short thrusts later, and I feel his cock
as he pulls out of my hole. I know I am gaped open because the minute he
pulls out, all of his cum starts dripping out of me and onto the floor in
the den.

Luke walks around and sits on the couch. I can barely move after the
intense fucking. My legs are wobbly and I am light headed. I start to walk
and Luke grabs me and pulls me onto the couch. I am sitting on my legs and
my ass is slick with his cum dripping out. He pulls me into his chest and
says don’t ever challenge me again. I nod. He says tell me what I want to
hear. I look up at him and say, I belong to you. He smiles and says lets
go shower.

I know I am stupid but in some weird way, I feel more love towards Luke now
that I ever have. Moments earlier I was hating him and now, I love him
deeply. Maybe I am just sleepy. I should be pissed. I should be filled with
rage and anger. Where did those feelings go. What will Phillip say about
tonight when I talk to him. Will he even talk to me again. But all those
fears go away as I reach out and grab Luke’s hand as we walk up the stairs.

To Be continued…

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