The Private Room


The Private RoomSabrina wasn’t sure which throbbing she wanted to quite more – the throbbing between her legs or the throbbing in her head. For two consecutive weeks now she had awakened with a vicious headache, which today had progressed in severity. Yet, despite the pounding in her head, she still got jittery between the legs watching that tall dark delicious man pass her desk. His name was London and his ass looked like it was built from stone. Every time she saw his baldhead she thought of how much she’d like to shine it with her own “special” lotion. Just as she was daydreaming about rubbing her thick, swollen pink pussy lips all over his face and head, she realized he was speaking.”Good morning, Sabrina.””Good…good morning, London,” she stuttered.”Hot enough for you?”Sabrina wanted to say, “Hot as a fucking furnace – wanna blow it for me?”Instead she said, “A little too hot,” and left it at that.”Well, try to stay cool and let me know if you need a fan or something. I believe we have some extras in the storage room.”London was the firm’s facilities manager and it was his job to make sure that their office ran like a well-oiled machine and that the partners, attorneys, and staff were comfortable.Her mind running on overtime, Sabrina thought some more about his “well-oiled machine” and how much she’d like to grease his black dick; that is, before reminding herself she was married.London hesitated a moment, as if he wanted to continue the conversation, but instead wished her a pleasant day and continued walking.London couldn’t help but notice a feminine, feline like Sabrina. Her green slanted eyes and agile body reminded him of a wild cat that, when tamed, purred like a kitty cat. Sabrina stood approximately 5’7″; Sabrina was a average size woman, but with those ample breasts, those shapely legs, that tiny waist and round ass that would make some black women jealous, meant she seldom went unnoticed; especially not by London. He often visualized the stunning contrast of his dark chocolate complexion against her creamy French vanilla form.The stress at home was clearly beginning to get to Sabrina, and this morning’s headache made it impossible for her to function at the most basic of levels. Since leaving work and going home was definitely not an option, she decided she would use her lunch hour to get it together.She had heard that there was a room in the office called the Private Room where you could go to nurse an illness or maybe even catch up on a little sleep if need be. As long as the room wasn’t occupied, it was on a first-come, first-serve basis. The key was kept at the receptionist’s desk, so Sabrina went to retrieve it, hoping that no one else had.”Hi, Doris,” Sabrina offered with a smile.The receptionist at Perkins & Silverman was a haggard old crone with a disposition to match. Sabrina thought her face would crack, trying to play nice with the old bitch, but she hadn’t maintained her station in the corporate sector without her fair share of sacrifices.”Is there a key to the Private Room here?” Sabrina asked.”Of course it’s here. Where else would it be?” Doris answered snidely. “Sign the book and take the key that’s in the pocket. If the key is there, then it means the room is free.”Sabrina signed the book that Doris motioned to and took the gold key from the binder pocket. There was a spot for IN and OUT. She signed her name and jotted 1:00 pm in the IN box. As she walked away, she realized she had no idea where the Private Room even was.”Oh,” she uttered, not really wanting to ask the old woman anything further. “Where is the room?””Go through the double doors; it’s the second door on the right.”Sabrina found the room with little difficulty, stuck the key in the lock, and opened it. She walked in and surveyed her surroundings: olive green walls, a brown leather chaise with a thick blanket and pillow, a small cherry wood side table, on which there was a silver lamp with a white shade. Next to the lamp was also a first aid kit. She opened it, seeking anything that might get rid of her horrible headache. Nothing.It occurred to Sabrina that the only thing she probably needed was a short rest. Things had gotten so unbearable at home, and dealing every night with someone you despised could definitely be a contributing factor to consistent headaches. As much as she hated screwing her pot-smoking, non-working, lazy-ass husband, Sabrina was as horny as a fucking rabbit. She had taken to masturbating at every opportunity. Although she was horny – headache and all – she knew that this was neither the time nor the place for satisfying her basic desires. However, there were often things even your own mind couldn’t control.Surprisingly she drifted off to sleep almost immediately after lounging on the chaise and pulling the heavy gray wool blanket up to her chin. It didn’t take long for her dreams to take hold.”You know you want it.””Drink it!””Drink every last bit of it!””Mine tastes just like a vanilla milkshake, baby.””Here it fucking comes. Open your mouth wide… wider!”She sat outside 1xbet yeni giriş at an ordinary sidewalk café in Paris, except, instead of being clothed in her usual fashionable best, she was completely naked, without even her customary thong panties. At least a dozen men of various colors and sizes stood circling her, their dicks in their hands, jerking feverishly. One, a tall, bald, chocolate, strapping black man with granite pecks and a cock that could bench-press a barbell, had maintained quite a rhythm, sliding his right hand up and down his burgeoning erection, allowing his pre-cum to lubricate his efforts. He aimed directly for Sabrina’s mouth, hoping to make the shot.”Open wide, sugar. You’ve never tasted joy juice like this before,” he uttered breathlessly.Sabrina obeyed every word and kept her mouth as wide open as was physically possible – anxiously awaiting her reward.All sorts of men were in the circle, some were white, some Hispanic, some tall, others short. Some looked liked they spent hours in the gym while others were of average physical condition. But none of that mattered one bit to Sabrina. Her focus was on their cocks and the circle-jerk that they were all engaged in.One Short man with long, black wavy hair, who appeared to be Mexican, gripped his café-au-lait cock so tightly she was sure the strangled look on his face wasn’t passion, but pain.”Fuck!” he groaned as he blasted Sabrina’s swollen, globes with his sweet, sticky offering.She ran her index finger over her breasts and retrieved a sample of cum. The paltry appetizer only left her more famished than before, and she lifted her left breast and began devouring what was left with her own mouth, enthusiastically lapping at her now rigid pink nipple with her tongue, nibbling and biting until her nipple was raw and her pussy sopping wet.While other aimed for her swollen pussy, still others seemed intent on splattering her pert, erect nipples with their cum, as she waited for each of them to explode one by one. Her dark chocolate man of steel appeared to be close to detonation, so Sabrina removed her lips from her breast and opened up as wide as her mouth would stretch.”Here it comes, sugar!” he bellowed deeply.His aim had a perfect landing directly inside Sabrina’s eagerly awaiting mouth.”Drink it all!” he bellowed. “Don’t waste a fucking drop. You never tasted nectar like that, sugar. Never!”As Sabrina reached out in an attempt to milk the black Man of Steel’s cock of any remaining cum, it was as though an invisible barrier kept them from touching. This game had rules. She could watch them hand-fuck themselves and they could spew their lava at Sabrina, but she couldn’t touch them, nor them her.However, Sabrina enjoyed acting as “orchestra leader.” She pretended she was the leader, conducting the orchestra and the multitude of dicks stretched out before her, the instruments. As she barked instructions, she reveled in the overwhelming feeling of control.”Faster, faster,” she called out to a tall white man with a long dick that curved ever so slightly to the right. Sabrina wondered what that curved cock would feel like bouncing off the walls of her juicy cunt. As quickly as she noticed this arched appendage and began fantasizing about what wonderful things it could do for her G-spot, a dick of modest length with more than impressive width distracted her. This display brought new meaning to the words beating his meat. The sight of his large, masculine hands wrapped around what could easily have been a tasty slab of beef made Sabrina hungry beyond words. When his sudden forceful jet began gushing toward her, Sabrina graduated from plain old hungry to ravenous. The crescendo of cum sputtering and spurting forth was her rewarding melody, but she needed more.Suddenly her pussy began to feel painfully neglected, and Sabrina threw her left leg over the arm of the silver chair she was sitting in. She played with her protruding button of bliss. The hard metal against her pliable flesh only made her hotter. Her pussy was starving for one of these dicks to fill her up to the hilt; maybe even two or three. After all, she did have three holes to accommodate.To her right a 6’9″ Schwarzenegger look-alike, with the most beautiful chiseled jaw line, cleft chin, and olive-colored skin, intermittently slid his hand slowly up and down his adequately sized cock, taking turns jerking himself off and slapping his cock against the flat of his left hand. It seemed as though each time he slapped his cock against his hand, he swelled to cum-inspiring proportions, causing Sabrina to finger-fuck herself with mounting enthusiasm. He slapped, and she plunged first one, then two, then three of her fingers deep inside her pussy, flicking at her clit with her thumb and causing a rush of juices to flood the hard, cold metal chair she was now glued to. The suctioning noises of several hands wrapped around several cocks and the assortment of masculine grunts and groans that formerly filled the area of the café were now drowned out by Sabrina’s 1xbet giriş moans and the slapping of one rapidly swelling dick against one open hand. However, the slapping sound suddenly changed to more of a knocking sound. Sabrina assumed the heavy weight of his ever-expanding cock had caused the shift in reverberation, yet the sound increase in such severity it was almost deafening. That’s when she awoke.Outside the locked door of the Private Room, someone was urgently knocking.”Are you okay?” came the call.”Oh, shit!” Sabrina muttered to herself.As she removed her slick hands from her white lace thong, she realized where she was and what she had been doing. The room reeked of pussy, and she had probably done the same thing she did when she was at home. Although she made every effort to avoid any possibilities of fucking her deadbeat husband, including making the guest bedroom her own room, she would often have an especially nasty dream and he would hear her moaning. She would find him standing over her in the middle of the night, hard as a baseball bat and wanting to fuck her with fierceness. She would inevitably be pissed with herself for moaning in her sleep, and she now realized that probably what had happened there in the Private Room.She rose from the chaise, adjusted her clothing, and sprayed a little of her Chanel No. 5 into the air, hoping to camouflage the lingering scent of sex. Then, she opened the door, pretending to be half asleep.It was London.”Are you okay? I thought I heard someone crying,” he lied.London, more than anyone else, knew the telltale sounds of passion – and the scent of it. The smell in the room confirmed his suspicions. He had long been attracted to Sabrina, but knew she was married. He was not one to interfere with a marriage, but the murmurs he had heard from outside the office had made his dick so hard he wanted to throw her down on that chaise in the middle of the day and fuck her until she couldn’t take any more. However, if he did that, it would be the last thing he ever did at Perkins & Silverman; not that he hadn’t had his fair share of quickies in the infamous Private Room. Those were reserved for off-hours, when he was relatively sure no one would be in the office. It did occur to him that he had one damn good perk working as Perkins & Silverman’s facilities manager. Entrenched in his office was something only a relatively few people at the firm were aware of. One of his responsibilities as facilities manager was to observe what was going on in the firm, who was stealing, staff comings and goings. To facilitate that responsibility, cameras were strategically placed in various sectors of the office. One of those sectors was the Private Room.No one ever asked to see the tapes, unless something was stolen or someone was hurt, so London often satisfied his lustful urges by watching tapes of the infamous Private Room. If his boss only knew what went on in there, that room would have been shut down a long time ago. The carnal delights that were satisfied after hours between attorneys and secretaries, janitors and partners, would have made media history if he ever published those tapes. But for now, none of those couplings interested him. All he wanted to see was the beautiful Sabrina in action. London would wait until everyone left for the day, shut his door, and watch Sabrina pleasuring herself while he privately did the same.By 8:30 pm everyone in the firm had left for the evening. Sabrina was terribly embarrassed and sure that London knew what she had been doing earlier that afternoon. She wanted to talk to him, but didn’t wan to do it during the day while everyone was there. Besides which, she had been so busy working all day that she couldn’t have gotten a free moment if she wanted. She decided she would wait it out and find her way to his office when she was sure everyone had left, everyone except London. Around 8:45 Sabrina took a walk around the floor and saw the light on in London’s office. She was sure she hadn’t seen him leave, so she decided to knock on the door. This time she was the one who heard the telltale evidence of passion. Before she lost her nerve, she opened the door to his office only to find London, dick in hand, looking at one of his many monitors.”Why don’t you let me take care of Big Ben for you?” she asked huskily.London, shocked and surprised, fumbled, suddenly realizing he hadn’t locked the door and what a stupid chance he had taken. However, he quickly recovered when he realized what she had said.”Oh Sabrina, please do,” he responded.Sabrina seductively walked across the office to London’s side of the desk and was surprised at what she discovered. Instead of the internet porn she thought she thought he was watching, he was indeed watching her. It was mesmerizing, watching herself fuck her pussy the way she was doing, in her sleep. No wonder her husband would stand over her in the middle of the night, desperate to slide his stuff inside her. He had probably watched her many a night without her knowing the show she 1xbet güvenilirmi was putting on for him.”Sabrina, is your pussy still as wet as it was earlier today? Can I taste that sweet pussy of yours?”London knocked everything off his desk, except for the two monitors, and grabbed Sabrina up in his arms, setting her down on the desk. He pulled down her already saturated lace thong, spread open her legs, and slowly began licking away at her pussy with such zeal that Sabrina was squirming and squealing within minutes. With the flat of his tongue London assaulted her pussy with such a lashing that her legs turned to jelly. He then probed ever so deeply inside her dripping wet pussy with his long tongue, tongue-fucking her cunt until her eyes rolled up into her head. He found her throbbing, erect clit and tortured her sweetly with licks and nibbles that sent electric charges throughout her entire body. Kneeling down on the floor, feasting on this syrupy vanilla pussy, London’s dick dripped pre-cum in anticipation of Sabrina’s walls capturing his cock and holding tight, while he thrust himself deeper and deeper inside her. He raised himself from the floor, eager to share Sabrina’s tasty delights with her.”Oh, fuck! You make me feel so good! Make me feel good, London. Please make me feel good! I want your fucking dick buried deep inside of me. Oh, please fuck me!” She pleaded.He smothered her pleas with his mouth. He took Sabrina’s face into his hands, gazed into her radiant green eyes, and kissed her so urgently, Sabrina could think of nothing else but how good he made her feel. He explored her mouth with his tongue, not wanting to miss an inch of her exquisite taste. She tasted like heaven on earth.London lay on top of her on the desk, his head in her creamy breasts, licking her puffy pinkish brown nipples. He watched her nipples rise and harden with each lick. His dick pulsated between her legs, as he could feel the heat radiating from her pussy. He held fast to the desk above their heads and plunged his stiff, throbbing, anxiously awaiting dick inside her. Afraid to move, the sensation was so euphoric he was sure if he moved an inch, it would be over long before it started. He rested himself there, deep in her tight hot pussy, until Sabrina began to gyrate rhythmically against him with her pelvis, grinding him ever deeper inside her cunt. Even from her spot on the desk, she couldn’t control the urge to feel his thick chocolate dick up to the hilt of her pussy. She gazed into his dark, sexy eyes and increased the speed at which she circled his dick with her pussy. Then, something happened that had never, ever happened to London in his entire life. He had had his fair share of pussy, but nothing could prepare him for the earth shattering orgasm provides. As London continued fucking Sabrina relentlessly, she began scooting farther and farther back on the desk so that her back was bent over the desk and her head was hanging down. Her back bent so far back London was afraid he might hurt her, yet the two lovers couldn’t stop, even if they wanted to. It was now out of their control.Sabrina began a sexual chant that engorged London’s cock even more, and then suddenly the combination of unveiled passion and nature caused Sabrina’s pussy to ejaculate with such force and intensity. A stream of hot fluid splashed against his body as her pussy clamped down on his dick like a vice, almost pushing him completely out of her cunt. London thought this only happened in porno movies as trick photography, but it was happening right in front of his eyes. This turned London on all the more. He gripped her with all his might, raising her along with him from the desk and backing her up against the nearest wall, with Sabrina’s trembling legs wrapped around him like a snake. London forced his rigid black dick deep inside her quivering tight pussy and exploded with intensity he had never felt. His body flinched and shuddered as he buried his head in the feminine curve of her neck to muffle his moans before they escaped from his throat.”Oh London, damn you make me feel so good,” she moaned in his ear. Sabrina reached down and stroked London’s thick semi-hard cock, it was slick and sticking from their juices. “That has never happened to me before. I’ve never had such an intense orgasm in all my life,” she said as she lifted her fingers to her mouth. She leisurely sucked two of her sticky finger tasting their delightful juices mixed together in perfect harmony. There was an erotic burst tingling throughout her mouth and she felt compelled to share it with London. Sabrina kissed him deeply, forcing her tongue in his mouth feeding him their sensual elixir. The potion spread quickly throughout their bodies feeding their lust for each other like gasoline on a bonfire.”You make me feel so good,” Sabrina repeated over and over while she clinched London. She knew at that moment that her own London Bridge had fallen down and she was eager to make London feel the same way anyway she could. There would be nothing to naughty or taboo that she wouldn’t do for him and in return he wouldn’t do for her.For more of my stories please check them out on literotica at this link. http://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=225774&page=submissionsThanks,darkknightatl

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