The Story of My First Time.


The Story of My First Time.This is a true story that happened along time ago. I was just getting into puberty and very curious about girls. My friends and I spent alot of time talking about girls and what sex would be like. We spent alot of time trying to see our moms naked. We built a secret fort out in the woods that we furnished with a couple of couches and some other stuff we found in the trash. We even fashioned a bed just in case one of us was lucky enough to coach a girl back for a fuck session. All the stuff was clean as was the fort which we called the hideout. On this night we walked up to the little store to see what we could see. We were hanging out playing pinball and drinking soda. Brad was happy because he had got fifty bucks cash for his birthday. It was getting to be about nine oclock when a car pulled up and two ladies got out. I figured they were in their mid fifties. They looked to be in good shape, well toned and nice tits. They were pretty. They seemed to be lost and came into the store and made their way to us to ask us about an address they were looking for. They said they were to be at a party but could not find it. We told them we had lived here all our lives and had never heard of that street. They must be way lost. Thats when Brad siad that we were having a party at our place if they wanted to go. They looked at each other and said they were game and took them to our hideout. They had something they were drinking that they got out of their car. At the hideout they seemed to be impressed with what we had set up and were comfortable. They sat down and really started drinking and we all got to talking. They were married but were out of the house for the night. They were going to this party to relieve the stress of married life. Bills, k**s, and husbands can cause a girl to stress out they said. They kept bakırköy escort drinking and seemed to be loosening up and so were we. Keith said something about how hot they were and that he bet they looked good without tops on. That was when I thought that we might get to see them naked. The ladys then saaid that it would cost us. Brad then jumped up and said that we had fifty dollars if they would strip naked for us. He even showed them the fifty dollar bill which was alot of money back then. The women smiled real big and asked us if we were old enough to even be thinking about this stuff. Thats when I said that we were old to know better but still young enough to not care. Mary, who had jet black hair and big blue eyes smiled and said well okay and removed her top showing a black bra holding up some nice sized tits. My dick got rock hard. Marge, the blonde haired lady with big brown eyes then took her top off showing a lacy white bra which looked really good against her deep tanned skin. We joked and they drank some more. Then we tried to get them to undress some more. Brad told them he still had fifty bucks and Keith said that we would not do anything we just wanted to see them naked. The girls laughed and said that maybe they want us to do something and then they both stood up and removed their bras letting their tits swing freely. They danced around showing off their boobs, they even pressed them together. I could not believe what was happening and I started to worry that we may be in over our heads if these women want to have sex and we do not know how to do that. Then they took their pants off and danced around in their panties. I could see the outline of their beavers thru their panties. We started to cheer them on then Mary that we should remove our clothes too. She said they beşiktaş escort would show us theirs if we show them ours. We quickly striped down to our underwear. We all had boners sticking straight out and the women seemed to be pleased about that. They then wanted the four of us to line up and drop our underwear show they could see our stuff! We did it, lined up and dropped our undies allowing our cocks to stand out in the open. With that Marge took her panties off showing a beautifull dark haired pussy with alot of pink showing. All of ours cocks got much harder and Mary inspected them. She stroked each cock and felt our balls. It was very erotic. Then Mary removed her panties showing a full dark haired bush, she alot of pink also. Marge made an inspection of us now. Then the ladies asked how many women we had each been with. We each made up a number then the women said that we should tell the truth and we all said that we had never been with a woman. This info made the women even more interested in us, they got hornier. They asked if we had even seen a girl naked or kissed or anything and we said no. They knelt down and Mary took Keith’s cock in her mouth and sucked it for a minute. Marge took Brad’s cock in her mouth. Then it was Marge that took mine in her mouth. It was a wonderful feeling, and I was trying real hard not to nut too fast. Mary took Ben in her mouth. Then the ladys went to our makeshift bed and sprawled out. Marge asked who was first? We all looked at each other and Marge pointed to me and I got down near her. Brad was with Mary. Marge showed me how to finger her pussy and even had me lick it some. Then she had me get on top of her and she guided my cock into her. My cock slid easily into her wet tight pussy. I pushed into her untill I bottomed out and styed there beylikdüzü escort enjoying the feeling of my first pussy. Marge asked me how it felt and I told her great and she said I felt great inside her. She then said for me to move my cock back and forth inside her which I did. I started to go faster and harder as she held my hips. She was breathing hard and started to moan. The moan was what did me in and I exploded deep inside her. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had. I did not think I would ever stop cumming. She held me tight till I was done. I got up and looked down at her now creamy pussy.My cock was still hard and I wanted to fuck her again but Ben was eager to get his first taste of pussy. I watched as Ben fucked Marge and Keith fucked Mary. I watched as both sets of tits jiggled to the fuck beat. It seemed to only take a minute for both boys to cum. Keith got up and Mary looked at me and said that she wanted me from the moment we met and went over and got inside her. I lasted alot longer this time as Mary’s pussy was very gooey. I banged her hard and fast for what seemed like forever before my balls started to boil and I pushed as deep into her as I could and let loose with a huge load. Mary held me tight and told me to fill her up. After I got up Ben mounted Mary and I watched. Ben seemed to nut rather quickly and got up. Mary’s and Marge’s pussies were a mess with jizz running down their legs. We helped them clean up and then talked for a little bit. Neither lady had ever fucked four men in a row like that before and either had had virgins. We talked the ladys into a second round and into taking two cocks into each pussy. This was easy to do as booth pussys were so slooshy from all the cum. Keith and I were both inside Marge at the same time. It was hard for me to move and Keith had to do all the work. We managed to both cum at the same time which really surprised Marge. Brad and Ben were inside Mary. We stayed the whole night at the hideout and took turns fucking the women. Everybody was pretty sore but we kept up. We never saw Marge or Mary again after they left the next morning but I know I will never forget that night.

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