Tina Taken by 10 Guys


Tina Taken by 10 GuysThis is Tina the Redhead that Mechanic Ray has told you about. Ray is helping me write the true story of what happened to me at the hands of my last boyfriend.But first let me tell you that I am 3 years younger than Ray and not nearly as tall as he is. My sexual experiences are not nearly as pleasurable as Ray’s were as I will share with you. About a year before I first met Ray, I lived in a city of about 80,000 in the state of Florida. I met Mike at a party that a friend of mine was having. Mike seemed nice and wasn’t bad looking. He asked me out for the following weekend and I accepted. He was very polite and courteous and I liked him a lot. He was so proper that we didn’t have sex until after two months of dating and even then he made sure that it was okay with me. He was gentle as he took my clothes off, kissing me everywhere that was revealed. I remember the first time his lips touched my nipples. They tingled and instantly hardened. His kissing and sucking on them was also gentle, not the urgent suck for life some guys do. The first time I felt his hot breath on my pussy lips I thought I was going to climax instantly, His tongue barely touched my lips and I could feel my pussy start to contract. When his tongue first dipped between my lips and entered my private of privates, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Everything Mike did to me that day, he did it slowly and gently. The buildup was tremendous and when his lips sucked in my clit for the first time, I came instantly and I came hard. It hit me like a huge wave, sending me reeling in waves of ecstasy. I lost all control of my body as it tightened, shook and arched. My eyes closed and it seemed I was in a different world.When I returned to earth, I told him I wanted him inside of me. He asked if I was sure and I told him yes, I was definitely sure. Mike moved in between my legs and used his knees to press my thighs wider apart. He leaned over me with his arms and hands just above my shoulders. He teased me for a few seconds by rubbing his cock along my lips until I thrust my loins at him, causing his head to penetrate me. Then he slowly, stroke by stroke worked his length deep into me. I came again as his full length was inside me. It wasn’t quite as intense as the first one, but it still wracked my body and took my breath away. He was still going slowly and I needed more so I began to work my loins to increase the speed and get things going. I also kept contracting my pussy around his cock and could tell from his expression that he liked it. I kept it up until I felt his cock swell even bigger. Then I could feel his red hot seed emptying into my wanting pussy. The warmth seemed to pass through my entire body giving me a feeling of euphoria. After dating Mike for nearly 8 months, I moved in with him, which turned out to be the worst decision of my life. Shortly after moving in with him, Mike change. He became very demanding and controlling. The tenderness during sex was no longer there and I felt like I was being forcibly taken when we had sex. Mike also started to control my every minute of every day. He dictated what I was to do each day and what I was wear, cook, clean, etc. He controlled who I spoke to and what I watched on TV. His transformation like Jekyll and Hyde. Then one day he told me that he was having some friends over that night. He gave me a list of things to cook and serve. I went to the store, bought what he instructed me to and got the apartment ready. At the prescribed time, I began cooking and getting everything ready. When Mike got home, he picked up the list of things he gave to do and began checking to make sure I did what I was supposed to do. There was one minor thing I forgot and he slapped me so hard it knocked me to the floor. He threatened to hit me again if I started crying. Then he told me what to put on and I when I questioned him, he raised his hand, so I went to the bedroom and changed. He told me to put on my lacy black bra and panties, black nylons with rose patterns and my black short skirt and black see through blouse. I was to wear the black heels. When I looked in the mirror, all I saw was a Goth hooker. A short time later, his friends started to arrive. Mike told me to greet everyone at the door and give them all a kiss. Fearing being slapped again, I did as I was told. An hour later, the apartment was filled with 9 of his male friends and I was scared to death being the only female and being dressed like a hooker to boot. The guys seem to ignore me at first and that was fine with me. Then they started drinking beer and tequila. I had an ice chest full of beer and ice and found that within an hour it needed refilling with more beer. I spent the first couple of hours serving the guys, getting them another beer, refilling their tequila, chips, salsa and other snacks. Then Mike stopped me and had me stand in the middle of the room as he asked his friends what they thought of me. They were all polite at first, telling him that I was pretty and hot and such. Then I thought I was going to die on the spot when Mike asked them if they would like to fuck me. My legs got weak and shaky and my stomach turned nauseous and my ears started to ring. At first his friends thought he was joking, but Mike said he was serious. Then he told me to take off my blouse. I looked at him with a questioning expression and the look on his face was enough to tell me that he was dead serious and if I refused I was in big trouble. Reluctantly, I slowly unbuttoned my blouse and let it fall open. Mike barked out for me to take it all the off, so I let it fall off my shoulders to the floor. He told me to turn around in a circle so that they could all get a good look at me, so I turned around. I couldn’t bear to look the guys in the eyes so I just stared at the floor. Then he told me tuzla escort to take off my skirt and again I looked at him and he clenched his fist in his lap, so I unzipped my skirt and let it fall to the floor with my blouse. Again he told me to turn around and let them see me. Then Mike asked his friends again if they would like to fuck me. The guys said that if he was serious, yes, they all wanted to fuck me. At that moment, all I could think about was Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz when she started to click her heels together and wish she was back in Kansas. In fact, I did click my heels together once and thought to myself that I wanted to be anywhere other than here. I was quickly brought back to reality when Mike told me to lose the bra. I knew if I refused that I was going to be hurt really bad, so I closed my eyes, reached behind me and unhooked it, letting it fall to the floor. Instinctively, I put my arms up to cover as much of myself as I could, but Mike quickly put an end to that by barking out another command to let my arms fall to my sides and then turn around again. I don’t know if I can accurately describe the terror I felt as I knew each guy there was now staring at my naked breasts. Completing my turn, I knew what was coming next and without fail, Mike commanded me to take off my undies and turn around again. I did as I was told out of fear and I thought of the movies I’d seen of a woman standing on a raised platform being auctioned off to a bunch of horny Arabs on horses. Mike told me to get everyone some more drinks and to stay naked the rest of the night. I couldn’t get out of the room fast enough. Then I heard him tell the others that they were going to play some poker to see who got to do what to me first. I thought of getting dressed and running out the back door, but I had no idea where to go or where to hide and then the thought of what he would do to me when he caught was even more terrifying than what was going to happen to me if I stayed. I figured I had no escape and the only way to make it through the night was to get so drunk that I didn’t care and perhaps wouldn’t remember the humiliation in the morning. So I took a couple of big swigs of tequila and then carried more drinks and snacks out to the guys.As I served them, they all managed to cop a feel of breasts and ass. A couple of them reached for my pussy, but Mike stopped them and told them not yet. After everyone was served, Mike had me sit on a barstool with my legs spread. I knew this gave all of them a perfect view of my pussy, but all I could do was sit there and either close my eyes, look to the ceiling, floor or anywhere but at the guys. They played a few more hands of poker until one of the guys started hollering that he won. If I hadn’t died a thousand deaths already, I just died them then as one of the guys walked over to and started feeling my breasts. Then he leaned down and started sucking on my nipples. All I could think about is that I needed a lot more tequila. After a minute of sucking and groping my breasts, Mike said we needed more drinks, so I hurried to the kitchen and took a few more swigs of tequila. Then I heard Mike tell me that I wasn’t allowed to drink as he wanted me sober and conscious for the night. I almost threw up when he said that. The next time I took drinks and more snacks out everyone started touching and groping me. Evidently, there were no more restrictions from Mike as several different fingers were probing my inner sanctum and it didn’t feel very good. The fingers were coarse and the probing wasn’t gentle by any means. After several minutes of being poked, prodded and groped, Mike told the guys to clear off the poker table. Then he lifted me onto the table and told me to lie down. Then he told the guys that they had 15 minutes to feel me, but no sex yet. He put emphasis on the yet and my stomach again turned over. I remember once fantasizing of having a several guys running their hands all over my body, but this was nothing like the fantasy. It wasn’t enjoyable. It wasn’t erotic. It was horrible, rough, painful at times and humiliating. At one point, I had no idea how many fingers were in my pussy and how many were in my ass, but there were so many that both holes felt like they were being ripped to shreds. Finally Mike told everyone that was enough. He asked them if they enjoyed it and they all said they were loving it. Mike looked at me and asked if I was enjoying it. I whispered I guess so and Mike understood that I meant no. He gave me a look that could kill and I told him yes, I was enjoying it. He said good. Then looking straight into my eyes, Mike told me that I was going to fuck and suck every guy here before the night was over. Now I was in sheer panic and all thought or reason escaped me. I shook my head no and Mike grabbed my foot and squeezed very hard. I couldn’t stop the tears from welling up in my eyes and Mike told me to go composed myself and then come back so the real fun could get started. I ran to the bathroom and slammed the door shut and locked it. I was shaking so bad at the thought of being gangbanged by Mike’s rough and coarse buddies. I really didn’t want to go back out there, but I also knew that if I didn’t that Mike would break down the door and beat the crap out of me. I washed my face, breasts and pussy. I looked at myself in the mirror, standing there is just my black rose nylons and heels and realized that I not only looked like a hooker that tonight I was to be treated like a hooker. I heard Mike yell what’s taking so long and then asking if he needed to come and get me. I mustered all of the strength I could, unlocked the bathroom door and walked back out into a room full of 10 naked men, including Mike. They all looked at me like I was a piece of raw meat and they were hungry a****ls, which they sancaktepe escort were. All I knew is that I just wanted to get this ordeal over with. Mike grabbed me, bent me over and told the guys that he had first dibs on my pussy and mouth and that when he was through with me, I was theirs for the taking. With that, Mike plunged his cock all the way into my pussy with one violent thrust. I was not wet and I was not turned on and when he rammed into me, it felt like I had just been fucked with a wood rasp. It hurt so bad. Fortunately, my body took over and I started getting some moisture in there and it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as that initial plunge. I did my best to think of pleasant and sexy thoughts, but I couldn’t shake the realization that I was being forcibly and brutally taken. My eyes were closed and I started praying for the first time in my life. I prayed that God would just kill me right then and there and end my nightmare, but he didn’t.While Mike was pumping me, he was talking to his buddies about how tight I was and how good I felt. Then he started to tell them that after tonight he was going to pimp me out and make some good money. I recall one of the guys saying that as pretty as I was that I should bring top dollar. I tried to hard not to cry, but the tears began to flow. Fortunately, Mike was busy as the other end of me and couldn’t see them, but I knew that as soon as he was done, I had better not be crying. I guess doing me in front of his buddies turned him on because he dumped his seed into me quicker than usual. When he was satisfied that he had expelled all of worthless seed into me, he pulled out and came around to my face and told me to suck him until he came in my mouth. Not wanting to get hurt again, I took his cock into my mouth and began sucking. I knew that if I sucked really hard and fast that he would cum faster, so I gave it everything I had just to get it over with. It took almost ten minutes of hard sucking to get Mike to cum in my mouth. As he started to cum, he told me that I had to swallow every last drop of his cum and all of the others as well. No spitting it out or letting it run down my cheeks. Satisfied that he had taken both my pussy and mouth first, he moved away and told the guys to have at me. He told them he wanted each of them to have a turn fucking me and getting sucked by me, but no anal, YET. Again the emphasized ‘yet’. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, the fear of 10 guys fucking me in the ass made me realize it could, and probably would get worse. The other 9 guys gathered around me like a flock of vultures on a carcass. I was still bent over and immediately felt a cock being shoved in my pussy as another one was thrust in my face. Obediently, I took the cock and started sucking it hard and fast like I had with Mike. I had my hands on his legs to brace myself and keep from falling forward. The guy with the cock in my mouth stunk as if he hadn’t washed his privates in months. With a mouth full of cock, I had no choice but breathe through my nose and smelling his stench up close and way too personal. The guy behind me had a pretty fair pace going and I hate to admit but I started to enjoy the feeling of his balls slapping against my clit. I tried to forget the cock in my mouth and concentrate on the balls hitting against my clit. It kind of worked and I ended up cumming a couple minutes later. In the background I could hear Mike shouting out just how much I was enjoying this, otherwise I wouldn’t be having any orgasms. Little did he know that sometimes that body doesn’t listen to the mind and responds naturally.As I was concentrating on the ball slapping, I suddenly felt a gush of warm goo squirting in the back of my mouth. I remembered what Mike had told me about swallowing every drop, so I started swallowing as fast as I could. I reached up with one hand to help milk the stinky cock and get this over with. He pulled out and before I could even get one big breath of air, another cock was shoved in my mouth. Thankfully this guy didn’t smell nearly as bad as the first guy.The guy behind me began thrusting in deeper and slower and I could feel the distinct warmness of hot sperm being sprayed into my pussy. I clenched my pussy as tightly as I could to help him drain faster. He pulled out and the next guy rammed right in. He was larger and rougher. He started slamming me hard and fast from the beginning. Even though I was well lubricated with 2 loads of cum, I started getting a little tender from the way he pounded me. This time I tried to concentrate on the cock in mouth and sucked away hard and fast. I reached up to play with his balls, hoping it would make him cum sooner. The scenario continued for the next hour. Without realizing it, I found myself counting how many times I was fucked and how many cocks I sucked. By the fifth guy, both my pussy and mouth were getting sore. It felt like my pussy was starting to get rubbed raw and my cheeks hurt from all of the hard sucking. I have to admit that some of the guys were gentler and felt really good in me, but others were rough and unpleasant. Several other guys also had stinky cocks that made my stomach turn over more than once. By the 6th or 7th guy, my mind was growing numb to the abuse and I just functioned automatically, not really aware of what I was doing. My legs were getting tired and my back was killing from being bent over for so long. Finally every guy had his turn at my pussy and mouth. Mike told me I could stand up for a minute if I needed to and boy did I need to. My back had gotten so stiff that I could stand up straight and one of the guys helped me. I asked Mike if I could use the bathroom and he said to make it quick. I rushed in and did everything possible to empty the sperm out of my pussy as I was not using üsküdar escort any form of protection. The last thing I wanted to get pregnant by any of these a****ls.I knew I didn’t have time to totally flush everything out when I heard Mike calling to hurry up as they’re all waiting for my cute little ass. I had never had anal sex before and I knew that it can be quite painful, especially if not done slowly and with lots of lubricant. The b**sts waiting for me were not slow or gentle and I know Mike wouldn’t use any lube and he would be the first one to take me. I looked down at my feet, clicked my black heels three times and kept saying to myself that I wish I was in Kansas. I remember thinking that it’s because I had on black heels instead of red shoes that I had to endure this.I knew I couldn’t avoid it and figured the sooner I get it over with the better, so I opened the door and walked back out to a room of naked a****ls. Mike grabbed me by the arm and dragged me to the poker table and told me to bend over and hold on the table. As soon as grabbed the edge of the table, I felt his cock putting pressure on my ass hole. Like I expected, he wasn’t patient and he didn’t have any lube as he continued to press his cock into me. I clenched my ass hole as tightly as I could to prevent him from entering me, but he grabbed onto my hips and pulled me against him with such force that eventually the tip of his cock popped through my sphincter. He felt absolutely huge, even though he wasn’t that terribly big. I started to relax thinking that wasn’t as bad as I expected when I felt an excruciating pain from my ass. Mike suddenly thrust as much of his cock as he could inside my ass and I felt like I was being ripped wide open. It burned and stung at the same as if someone shoved a hot poker up my ass.Two more forceful thrusts and Mike was all the way in my ass and I hurt so bad that the tears were flowing and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. As he began pumping my ass, the dry skin against skin felt like I was being reamed raw with sandpaper. It was all I could do to just stand there and take the abuse. I glanced up at some of the guys watching and saw the lust on their faces and realized that this was only the first of 10. My only hope was that Mike’s cum would lube me for the next guy and so on. I don’t know how long it took Mike to shoot his cum in me but it seemed like an eternity. It did help lube my ass hole, but it also burned in some areas that had been rubbed raw. Mike pulled out and the next guy moved right in. Mike moved next to my head and told me to clean off his cock. When I looked at it, I saw my blood mixed with him cum and new that he had torn me up good. I started to gag as I licked his cock and he grabbed me by the hair, yanked my head up and gave me that warning stare. I had no choice but to lick him clean. The next guy had a huge cock and even with Mike’s cum to lubricate me hole, he still stretched and ripped me some more. He tried to complement me by telling me I had the tightest ass hole he had ever fucked and without thinking, I called him a filthy pig. He laughed, but Mike didn’t and slapped me across the face. He hit me so hard that I would have fallen down had I not been holding onto the poker table. Mike told me to apologize and I told the guy I was sorry he’s a filthy pig. Everyone laughed, but Mike slapped me again. This time everything went black for a second and my ears rang. When regained my senses, I could taste blood. I later saw in the mirror that when he hit slapped, one of my teeth had punctured in inside of my lip. Mike was ready to slap me again, but the other guys got on his case and stopped hm. Some of them said that this was getting out of hand and got dressed and left. This made Mike even angrier, so much so that the others left. I was glad it was over, but now I faced a fury I had never known before. Mike slapped me over and over, knocking me to floor. He kicked me in the ribs, knocking the air out of lungs. When I couldn’t breathe, he lifted me from the floor by my hair and slapped me several more times. I saw stars at this stage and lost consciousness. When I came to, I was frightened and not knowing what he would do next. I carefully looked around and discovered that Mike had fallen asleep or passed out. As quietly as possible, I got dressed, and left the apartment. I started running down the street, not knowing where I was really going when suddenly I was grabbed from behind and spun around to see that it was Mike.At that moment, I thought I was dead. He asked where I was going and I told him I was going to the d**g store to get some ointment to put on my pussy and ass hole because they felt like they were on fire. He d**g me back to the apartment and told me that if I ever tried to run away again that he would kill me with his bare hands. I lived in constant fear for the next couple of months. My black eye and cut lip healed and the bruises finally went away, along with the soreness in my pussy and ass. Then Mike got pulled over for speeding and the police discovered that there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest and locked him up. As fast as I could, I grabbed my clothes and few personal possessions, jumped in my car and hit the road. I took out all of the money in my account, which was several thousand dollars, and just started driving west. At first I drove along the main interstate highways, but got scared that Mike would expect me to drive them, so I stopped and bought a road atlas and started driving secondary roads. Two days after leaving Florida, my car broke down. I was still scared that Mike would somehow find me and didn’t know what to do. A police officer stopped to help and said he would call someone to take a look at my car. About half an hour later, a tow truck pulled up and out stepped this handsome looking 6’2” hunk by the name of Ray. If you’ve read his first two stories about Tina the Redhead and Tina the Redhead Returns, you know what happened next. As for the three years I spent in California, it was totally uneventful except for constantly looking over my shoulder for Mike

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