Trading Daughters (Fictional)


Trading Daughters (Fictional)From: QlickIntroduction: My friend Robert and I are raising daughters alone. At 16 they present us with a birthday requestMy daughter Casey and I have been on our own for 5 years. Her mom left when she was 9, telling us she didn’t want to be tied down any longer. It took Casey several months to accept her mom wasn’t coming home, but when she did she began to grow close to me. As she grew and hit puberty I noticed her starting to fill out. It fell to me to give her the facts of life talk. Although I didn’t want to and I was nervous about it, I knew I couldn’t put it off very long. I finally picked one evening after dinner to do it. I called Casey into the livingroom and ask her to sit on the couch with me.”We need to talk.” I said, trying to figure out how to start. “Ok,” my daughter said looking at me with her innocent brown eyes,”What about daddy?” “Welllll,” I stammered,”Aw, you’re at an age that we need to talk about…girl stuff.” “Daddy!” Casey giggled,”You’re not going to talk to me about the facts of life are you?” “Well pumpkin,” I replied,”I’m your father. Your mom isn’t here so it falls to me to give you this talk.” “Ok daddy.” She relied,”But I already know a lot about it.” “Really?” I ask, feeling relieved that I wouldn’t have to go through everything, “Why don’t you tell me what you know and I’ll try to fill in the details you don’t know?””Well, we have had some health classes where our teacher has taught us about our bodies.” She said matter-of-factly. “Like what?” I ask interested in discovering what it was she already knew. “Mrs. Brown our teacher taught us the changes that will happen to us.” “Like….” I prompted. “The girls breasts would grow and the boys would begin to produce sperm to fertilize the eggs o a female.” “Aw. That’s good. That’s good. But, aw, I think we need to talk about you and the changes that will be or are happening to you.” My daughter giggled, than hugged me and said,”Daddy you look so nervous. Don’t be nervous. I know this is uncomfortable for you. Mom should be here to do it.” Sometimes my daughter surprises me. That was one of them. She sounded so mature.”You’re right.” I sighed,”I am nervous. And it should be your Mom’s job. But she’s not here so it falls to me. So has your body begun to change?” Casey hesitated for a moment than said,”Yes. My breasts are growing and are very tender.” “You haven’t..aw..started, you know, your…aw…. period yet have you?” “No not yet.” Casey replied. “Listen pumpkin, would you be more comfortable talking to a woman about this? If you are, I’m sure I can find someone who will talk to you.” Again Casey sat still for a moment than replied,”If you don’t mind daddy, I would rather talk to you.” I smiled and hugged her, then said,”Ok. But we need to make a deal. If you have questions, about anything, you need to ask me. In return I promise to answer those questions as honestly and openly as I can. Deal?” Casey nodded soberly. I grinned and said,”So what we need to do now is take you to a shop and get some training bras. Then we need to buy some supplies for when you do start your period.”We went shopping and the clerk at the store was very helpful. She outfitted Casey with a couple of bra’s, then helped her shop for pads and other feminine supplies. By the time we got home we were both starting to get comfortable with our new open communication. Over the next couple of years we talked about a variety of things, but the biggest part of our serious conversations were about sex. Some times I got the feeling Casey already knew the answers, but was asking to see if I’d answer. And some times it seemed she would push the envelop and ask questions in a manner that was designed to shock me.One night after dinner when she was 13 she ask,”Dad, can we talk?” That was the signal that she wanted to have one of our serious talks. “Sure pumpkin. Come sit next to me and let’s talk.” “Mrs. Brown has been teaching us about reproduction and about how a man and woman make a baby.” Casey told me. “Really?” I replied,” Do you have a question about it?” “I understand most of it. But when she was teaching us about males and how they produce sperm, she said that some males, when they no longer want to make babies, get an operation to keep from expelling sperm from their penises. Is that right daddy?” “Yes. It’s called a vasectomy. They tie the tubes that carry the sperm from a mans testicles to his penis so it can’t get out.” “Why do they do that Daddy?” “So the man and woman can have sex and not have babies.” “So they don’t want any babies?”She ask puzzled. “Sometimes. And sometimes it’s because they have enough.” “So they can have sex and not worry about the woman getting pregnant?” “Exactly.” I said.Casey sat for a moment then said,”So after he has this, vasectomy, sex is all for fun and not about making babies.” I was shocked that my daughter had come to such a conclusion. After a moment though I had to be impressed with her deductive powers. She had cut through to the base of it quicker than most adults. A moment later she startled me again. “Do you know anyone who has done that?” Casey ask. I was tempted to lie, but I decided to stay with our honesty policy. “Yes, yes I do.” I replied, not elaborating, hoping she would let it drop. “Who daddy?” I was caught, so I answered. “Me for one. I got one a short time after you were born. You were so pretty and perfect I didn’t want to have another.” “Did you and mom…aw….did you have sex after you got it?” “Yes.” I replied, again hoping she wouldn’t expand on her question. “Lot’s of sex?” She ask. I let out a long sign and said,”Yes. Your mom and I are very sexual people. We had sex at leastonce a day. Sometimes several times.” “Really?” Casey said, a tone of wonder in her voice. “Yes.” I replied simply. “Is there anyone else you know who has had one?” She ask. Sometimes the honesty promise I had made to her was a heavy burden. This was one time it was. “If I tell you, you can never repeat what I say, understand?” “I promise.” Casey said solemnly. “Your best friends dad has had one.” I told her.Casey’s best friend was April. The two girls had bonded shortly after Casey’s mom left. The biggest reason they had was because April too didn’t have a mother. Her mom had died, from cancer, 6 months before April met Casey, so the girls had that as a commonality. Additionally their birthdays were on the same day, the 23rd of June, and they were the same age. Casey always teased April about being younger because she was born a couple of hours after my daughter was. After the girls met and bonded, April’s dad, Robert, had become a very close friend of mine. In fact we compared notes about how to deal with our respective charges several times a week. It helped both of us deal with our growing daughters.Robert was of african-american descent. He wasn’t tall, 5′ 8″, but was broad at the shoulders and had a killer sense of humor. According to Casey she thought him very handsome. While both girls were physically built very similar, there were difference that made each distinct and beautiful. April had coffee with cream colored skin and deep brown eyes from her dad. Her mom had been Japanese, so April also had the straight, raven black hair and almond eyes from her mom. Even at 13 she was a stunner and I could tell by the time she was grown she would be a fabulously beautiful woman. Not to say my daughter wasn’t. My wife and I both have an Irish heritage, so from both of us Casey got her pale flawless skin, bright red hair and deep green eyes. Her mom had a great hourglass figure and even at 13 I could tell Casey had inherited it.In our talks Robert and I had commented on the others daughter. I expressed my opinion that I believed April was a very pretty girl and that when she grew up she was going to be gorgeous. On his part Robert told me that by the time Casey was 16 I had best have a moat built around my house and a dozen clubs at hand to beat off the boys. As Casey absorbed the fact that both I and Robert were sterile, a strange look crossed her face. A moment later she ask,”So what do you and Robert do now that mom and April’s mom aren’t around?” Again, the burden of honesty settled heavier onto my shoulders. “Well….” I replied, using the pause to think about my answer,”Honestly? Sometimes we try to find a female who will have sex with us. Unfortunately single females who want to do that aren’t very plentiful. Most of the time I think Robert does just what I do. We watch porn and masturbate.” Casey sat still for a long moment, than said in a low voice,”Daddy? I masturbate too.”At first I was taken aback that my 13 year old daughter would do such a thing, than my mind flashed back to when I was 13 and the hours I had spent with Playboy magazine whacking off. I had to admit to myself that it was in her genes and a natural thing to do. “That’s natural.” I said,”Almost every 13 year old does it. Casey grinned at me, leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said,”Thanks dad. That’s what I needed to hear.”As Casey got older our talks got fewer, but more intense and deeper. By the time she was midway into her 14th year, she was asking me about very sexual things. She ask about sexpositions; which ones I liked the best. She also brought up the subject of oral sex. At first I refused to talk to her about it, but after she reminded me of my honesty promise, and the fact that I was the best source of truthful information she had on such subjects, I gave up trying not to answer her. A month or so after she turned 15, Casey ask if April could stay the weekend while Robert went to a softball tournament. I told her it was fine with me. Later that evening Casey ask if we could talk. I groaned inwardly because our frank talks had begun to get to me. Never the less I told her we could. After supper we sat on the couch and I said,”So what’s the subject tonight?” “Do you think it’s wrong if two girls touch each other? Sexually I mean?” Casey ask. “No, not really, if both are willing participants.”I replied, wondering what brought up this particular subject. “Well,”Casey said, hesitated, then spoke in a rush,”April-and-I- have-been-touching-each-other- and-I-hope-you-don’t-find-it-disgusting.” “Well, I…I…”I began, stammering because I was at a loss for words. “Why….How did you start….damn!” I stopped and gathered my thoughts, then said slowly,”Tell me how it began and why.” Casey’s voice was so quiet I almost couldn’t hear her, “A few weeks ago I stayed with April, remember?” I nodded my head as I recollected the weekend she spent at April and Roberts.”Well, we were laying in bed talking and we began to talk about masturbating. We told each other that we did and how much…” “Wait,” I said curious,”So how much do you two masturbate?” “I do it three times a day. April does it four or five.” Casey replied. For awhile I had found some of our discussion disturbing. But for some reason the idea that my daughter was masturbating three times a day, more than likely some of those were at bedtime which meant she was doing it only a few feet from me (although separated by a wall) caused a knot in my stomach. But what put the icing on it was the mental image that flashed into my brain of April doing the same thing. I could feel my cock begin to rise at the thoughts filling my head. I shook my head and said,”So you and April were talking…?” I prompted her. “We talked about masturbating. Than April said she wondered what it felt like to have somebody else touch us. I told her I had no idea. Then she ask if she could touch me. I told her that I wasn’t sure about it, but she said that if I let her touch me, she would let me touch her. We both pulled our panties off and than she put her fingers inside me. Daddy, she made me cum in about two minutes. After she did that to me, I did the same to her. She came in less time that I did!”My cock was hard as a rock as my mind fabricated images of the two girls playing with each other. I knew it wasn’t right, but I couldn’t help it. “Does that make us lesbians?” Casey ask. “Well let me ask you a question; do you still think about sex with boys?” I ask. Casey thought for a moment that nodded her head,”almost everyday.” “Than you are not a lesbian. You are just discovering things with your friend. I’m not sure I approve. I guess it’s because I’m not sure how Robert would take the news.” “He already knows.” Casey said quickly,”April talked to him yesterday about it. He said it was fine as long you knew about it.” I absorbed that news then decided to call Robert as soon as Casey and I were through talking. Our talk was done so Casey kissed me and headed upstairs. I sat thinking about what she had said for a time, then picked up the phone and called Robert.When he answered I said,”Hey bud. Casey told me about her and April. türbanlı nevşehir escort She also told me that April has talked to you about it. Got any thoughts?” “Well,” Robert replied,”I have a problem with it.””Really?” I said wondering what objections he had. “Yeas, well, aw, it’s like this,” I knew from the way he was searching for words that he didn’t want to voice his objections. “Come on dude,” I said,”Spit it out. You know I won’t be angry at what ever you are going to say.” “Ok. The problem I have with it isn’t because the girls are doing what they are doing. It’s because all of a sudden I see the two girls as very pretty, very sexy young ladies and I can’t get the image of them playing with each other out of my head. Damn it Phil, I’ve had a hard-on since April told me about that!””Listen man,”I said,”Casey just told me about it and I too have a raging hard-on. I was feeling like a goddamn lech until just now.” “They affect you that way too?”Robert ask, relief in his voice. “Yes they do. The problem I see is from now on you and I are going to have to be very careful. Our daughters are growing up and becoming very sexy young women. I really don’t want to do anything stupid.” I said. We talked for a short time more, agreeing to call each other if we thought things were getting out of hand.That weekend everything went fine the first night. I was able to keep my mind off the two girl and they both decided to hit the hay early, which had I thought about, would have found it strange, but I was so wrapped up in trying not to look at them, in trying not to think about what the two of them had done, I missed it. I watched TV until 11:00PM then headed to bed. As I was passing Casey’s room, I heard a low moan. I stopped and listened at her door. After a moment my cock jumped to rock hardness as I heard April moan,”Oh Casey…eating each other out feels wonderful!”As I stood there listening to April moan, visions of Casey with her face buried between her young friends thighs began to fill my head. Before I realized it I had my cock in my hand and wasstroking it. I don’t know how long I stood there, but I stroked my hard rod as April’s moans grew louder and more frequent. Suddenly I heard her cry out,”I’m cumming! As the metal image of her pushing her hips up, pulling my daughters face deeper into her pussy flashed through my head, I too groaned and came. When I was done I stood leaning against the wall, my cock still in my hand, my spunk splattered on the carpet. After a few seconds I figured I had better get cleaned up before the girls found me. I pulled off my T-shirt and used it to wipe up my cum, then quietly went to bed. I lay awake for a long time wondering if I should tell the girls I had heard them. After thinking about it for a time I decided not to. They had been in Casey’s bedroom with the door closed. I had only heard them by accident.The next day Casey ask me if I was alright. When I responded that I was, but wanted to know why she ask, she said I seemed distracted. The two girls went to the mall and returned in the lateafternoon. We had supper, than the girls ask if we could watch a movie. I told them to pick one and I’d get the soft drinks and popcorn. When I had everything ready I walked into the family room to find April and Casey sitting on the couch waiting for me. They were both in thigh length babydoll nighties. I stopped dead still as I saw them, my cock springing to rock hardness in an instant. I knew we were going to have to have a talk. I could sit there all night looking at them dressed like that. I sat down and said,”We need to talk.” “Daddy, you sound mad.” Casey said. “No pumpkin, I’m not mad, just frustrated. You two have grown into very beautiful young ladies. I’m afraid it’s come the time that you can’t be with me dressed like that.” I said trying to sound solemn. “You mean dressed in our nighties?” April ask. “Yes, that’s exactly what I mean.”I said. “Why not daddy?” Casey ask. “To be frank,”I said,”As I said, you are both beautiful young ladies. The problem is, when I see you dressed so alluring, you effect me in inappropriate ways.” The girls looked at each other, giggled, then Casey said,”Do you mean you are getting an erection looking at us?” I was at the end of my patience. “Yes.” I said forcefully, “When I see you dressed like that I get an erection and I can’t take my eyes off you. I also have thoughts that are very inappropriate.” “What do you mean daddy?” Casey ask. I could tell by her body language and her voice she knew exactly what I meant, but she was forcing me to say it. I decided to let it all out. “I heard you two in Casey’s room last night having oral sex.”Both girls froze and looked at me with a deer in the head lights look. “I don’t believe you should be doing that at your age, but I have no way to stop you. However,” I said pointing my finger at the two,”it is very, rude and obnoxious of you two to let me hear you do it. I’m a bachelor. I do not have many dates so I don’t get much sex. Listening to two very beautiful young ladies pleasuring each other while I sit horny as hell, is a tease and very , very rude.” We all sat silent for over a minute, then Casey said,”We are sorry daddy. We didn’t mean to tease you.” “Ok. Then let’s have an agreement. You two can do whatever you want together, just don’t let me know about it or hear it. I will be calling Robert tomorrow and discussing this issue. I know he feels the same as I do, so you should treat him the same as you do me. Agreed?” The two girls looked at each other and nodded. Casey jumped up, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a hug. “Agreed.” She said.April stood came to me and did the same. Unfortunately I could feel both girls firm breasts pushed against my chest as they hugged me. The girls went upstairs to put on a house coat. Whilethey were gone I silently lamented the fact that I had shot myself in the foot. No more free shots of either girl. The two girls returned a short time later dressed in house coats. We watched the movie than they went off to bed. As I sat watching TV the only thought in my mind was wondering if they were upstairs pleasuring each other. After a few minutes I couldn’t take it. I got up and quietly tiptoed to Casey’s door. I leaned against it and listened. I could hear a wet slurping sound and after a moment realized it was one of the girls eating the other. After a few more moments I heard a soft moan, then Casey’s whispered voice said,”Oh, god April! Your tongue feels so good!” As if in a trance I pulled my cock out and began to jack off as I listened to them. I was so intent on listening to the two I didn’t realize I was close to cumming until my cock exploded in my hand, splattering streaks of sticky cum on the carpet. When I was done I quickly cleaned up my mess and beat a retreat to my bedroom.Over the next year things were pretty mundane. Casey and I talked from time to time, but the talks seemed to be tame compared to those we had in the past. A few days before her 16th birthday, I ask Casey what she wanted for a present. “April and I want you and Robert to take us out for a fancy dinner.”Casey replied. I thought that was a rather unusual request for a 16 year old, but I agreed. When I ask where she wanted to go, Casey smiled and said,”Surprise us.” I called Robert and found that April had ask for the exact same thing. Robert and I decided that if the girls wanted a fancy dinner out, that’s what they would get. Robert knew of a high end French restaurant. He called to make reservations. It cost us $100.00 in tips just to get one for the night of Casey and April’s birthday. I suggested to Robert that both girls needed to be dressed appropriately, so we took them shopping. Casey picked out a green chiffon dress that brought out the color of her red hair. April picked a dark red satin number that made her look fabulous. Robert and I decided to make it special, so we set it up as a date. We told Casey and April we were going to pick them up at my house when they were ready. We bought a corsage for each girl to match her dress.On their 16th birthday Robert and I got dressed in tuxedos then drove to my house to pick up the girls. When I knocked on the door and the two teens appeared, we were speechless. Casey looked like a red haired goddess and April looked like a oriental doll. We drove to the restaurant and had the valet park the car. As we entered we told the maîtrede who we were. A sly grin crossed his face when we introduced Casey and April as our daughters. “Of course Monsieur. This way please.” He said, that smug, sly grin still on his face. After we were seated I said to Robert,”You know I don’t think he believes these two gorgeous young ladies are our daughters.” Robert chuckled and replied,”As beautiful as they are, I wouldn’t believe it if someone told me that either!” “Daddy!” both girls replied together. But both Robert and I could here the delight in their voices. I ordered wine and had the waiter pour each of us, including the girls, a glass. When Casey looked a question at me, I smiled and said,”You turn 16 only once. I think we can slacken our no drinking rules for this one night.” “Here, here!” Robert chimed in.We talked and ate our 6 course meal over two hours. By the time we were done, all four of us were relaxed and full. We left the restaurant and drove back to my place. When we were all in the livingroom I ask,”It’s your birthday, what do you two want to do now?” “Since you let us have wine with dinner, can we have a mixed drink now?” Casey ask. I looked at Robert and he nodded.”Yes you may. But only one. You are still only 16 after all. What would you like?” The girls huddled and whispered together for a few moments, than Casey said,”We would like a Lynchburg lemonade.” I hadn’t made one of those for a while. I went to the bar and after a short time of trying to remember, had two large Lynchburg Lemonades made. I served the girls, then made Robert his favorite, Scotch & water and poured myself a glass of brandy. I gave Robert his drink, then sat on the couch. Until that time the girls had been standing, but as I sat Casey walked over and sat down next to Robert while April came and sat next to me.”So is there anything else you two would like for your birthday?” I ask sipping my brandy. “Yes there is.” Casey said quietly. “What can we do for you our princesses?” I replied, trying to sound noble. “We want..,” Casey said,”…you to make love to us.” April finished. Robert was taking a sip of his drink and almost choked on the liquid. “What did you say?” He gasp. “We want you to make love to us.” Casey repeated. “We can’t do that!” Robert replied looking at his daughter,”You’re our daughters! That would be i****t! We could get arrested for it!” “No you wouldn’t.” April replied,”Casey and I have done our research. We are 16 now. In this state that’s the age of consent. We can legally have sex with anyone we want to. And it wouldn’t be i****t if you make love to Casey and Phil makes love to me.” Robert and I sat stunned. Neither of us knew what to say. I finally found my voice and said,”I’m not sure we want to….” “Wait!” Casey said holding up her hand,”Hear us out. April and I have thought about this for a while. We are ready to have sex with a guy. But you two as our fathers have spoiled us. We are use to being treated like mature adults. Neither one of us think we would enjoy sex with a boy our age. We want you two to be our first. But if you won’t April and I have decided we will find a couple of mature men to do it with us.”Robert and I sat staring at Casey for a long time after she finished speaking. Finally I looked at Robert and said,”So…aw….what do you think?” Robert looked thoughtful then ask,”How will you feel about me making love to your daughter?” I thought about it for a long moment , grinned and replied,” Jealous that’s how! But I can’t think of a better person to be her first. How do you feel about me and April?” “The same as you, jealous.” Robert replied with a grin,”But I too can’t think of a better person to make love to April.” I looked at Casey and said,”So I guess you will get your wish daughter.” I stood and held my hand out to April,”Shall we go to my bedroom?” I said. “Daddy?”Casey said. “Yes pumpkin.” I replied. “There’s one more little part of our birthday wish.” Casey said. I wondered what my daughter had in store for us as I said,”And that is?” April answered my question,”Casey and I want to be together when we do it the first time. We want to watch each other.”I was speechless. Robert sat silent for a moment, then began to laugh. “You want to watch each other?” He ask,”You do know I’ll be watching Phil fuck my daughterand he’ll be watching me fuck his don’t you?” I’m sure Robert thought the use türbanlı nevşehir escort bayan of the word fuck would shock his daughter and mine. As well as the fact that her dad would be watching her having sex with his friend. April nodded and said,”Yes we know.” Robert stopped laughing and looked at his daughter with a puzzled expression. “You…you’ve thought about that?” “Yes we have daddy.” April said to her father,”and that’s what we want.” I was the first to recover from the shocking revelation we had just heard. “So be it.” I whispered as I pulled April to me. I bent down and put my lips on hers as my hands cupped her firm little ass. As my lips touched her’s April responded by wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing me hungrily. I began to slowly remove her dress. When her dress lay in a heap at her feet I looked down. April wore a lace bra and a black thong under her dress. I unhooked her bra clasp and slowly pulled it off her shoulders. I dropped it on the floor and filled my hands with her firm young tits. I kneaded and squeezed her firm globes, then using my forefingers and thumbs began to squeeze and pull at her nipples. April moaned and whispered,”Please, put your cock in me. I’ve waited a long time to feel you inside me.”I hooked my thumbs into the band of her thong and pulled it down her shapely legs. As I dropped it to her ankles she kicked it off, leaving her totally naked. With shaking hands I undid my trousers and pulled them and my boxers to my ankles, kicking them off with haste. I sat down on the couch and pulled April onto and astride of my lap. As she felt my hard rod nestle against the lips of her pussy she looked down and gasp. “Will…will it fit?” she whispered to me. My cock is a bit on the unusual side. It’s 6 ½” long but is over 2″ thick. The shaft is thicker than the crown, bulging out on both sides of it. To April it must have looked like the end of a baseball bat. “Don’t worry. It will fit. And I promise I’ll go slow and be gentle. Do you trust me?” She stared into my eyes for a long moment, then whispered, “Yes. Fuck me.” I reached down and inserted one finger into her tight hole. She was wet, very wet and my finger slipped up into her easily. I began to finger fuck her, inserting a second finger, then a third. I figured she was ready to accept my cock, but I wanted to make sure. “Do you want me to eat you first?” I ask as my fingers slid in and out of her. “N….no.” She gasp,”Later…eat me later…fuck me now…please fuck me now. I want to feel a cock inside me!” I pulled my fingers from her slippery tunnel, grabbed my cock and put the head against her entrance. I pushed upward gently, starting the tip of my leaking cock into her. I took hold of her hips and gently began to move her up and down, slowly working her downward onto my cock. . I was halfway into her when I happened to glance over her shoulder. Casey and Robert were sitting in a chair right in front of me. Casey was sitting astride Roberts lap, with her back to him. He had one of her tits in each hand and his long black cock buried to his balls in her pussy.I watched in fascination as he fucked my daughter, his long black cock sliding out of her, slick and shiny from her juices covering it, only to slam back in until his balls hit her clit. Roberts cock wasn’t as thick as mine, but looked to be at least 8″ long and he was using every inch to fuck my beautiful red haired daughter. . I couldn’t keep my eyes off them as I continued to work my hard shaft into April. I felt my balls nestle against her ass. My thick shaft was now buried inside this gorgeous black, oriental princess I was fucking. I pulled April to my chest, then rolled to the side. We ended up with her on her back on the couch, me still buried balls deep inside. She stared up at me, eyes wide as I began to fuck her with slow strokes. “Look over there.” I said,”Your daddy’s buried in my daughters pussy just like I’m buried in you.” April turned her head and gasp as she caught sight of Robert and Casey. She stared at them as I fucked her, moaning with each of my thrusts. Casey came first. I heard her begin to pant, then a keening cry broke from her lips. I looked over just in time to see her body stiffen and her eyes roll back in her head. It must have set off Roberts climax, because I heard him grunt, saw him ram into her as deep as he could and pull her down onto his cock as he came in her. I looked at April, leaned down and whispered,”Cum for me sweet April. Cum for me little girl. Daddy wants you to cum. Cum for me.”Why I said what I did I still don’t know, but it did the trick. I felt April’s body stiffen, then she moaned a long loud moan as I felt her pussy begin to milk my cock. I was ready. I wanted to fill her tight teen pussy with my spunk. I began to fuck her hard. My cock exploded, blasting rope after rope of spunk deep into her virgin pussy. I lay with my cock in April for a while, enjoying her lithe body against me, her tight warm pussy around my still hard cock. I knew I could do it again, and maybe a third time, but I also knew when I did I would be ready to sleep after. I pulled out of April and sat up. Casey was still sitting on Roberts lap, his hard cock still in her pussy. “If that satisfies you girls requests, I think it’s bed time. I’m taking April to my bed for the night. Robert, you and Casey can use her bed.” Robert was idly squeezing Casey’s breasts as he nodded in acknowledgment. I stood, took April’s hand and lead her off to my room. As we climbed into the bed I ask,”Was it as good as you wished for?” “Oh yes!” She giggled,”Phil, can I aks you something?”. “Sure, ask away.” I replied. “I know tonight is special, being our birthday and you and my daddy fulfilling our wishes, and I know Casey and I instigated what has happened, but will we do it again? Will you make love to me again later?” I smiled and said,”Your dad and I need to talk about it, but as far as I’m concerned, if Casey wants to have sex with him, she’s welcome to do so when ever she wants. And I would love to have sex with you anytime you want.” “I’d like that.” April said with a happy sigh,”I’d like that a lot.” “Now,” I said pushing her gently onto her back,”I want to taste you, eat you, then fuck you at least another half dozen times!” I didn’t manage a half dozen, I did manage two more. We fell asleep a few hours later, totally exhausted. As I woke the next morning, the realization of what we had done the night before began to seep into my brain. I was laying against April with my arm over her. She was still asleep laying on her back. I slowly moved my hand until it was cupping her firm breast. I lay there in the soft cocoon of half sleep remembering what I had done to April, and how she had responded. I tried to remember how many times she had cum, but it all got hassy at about 10 or so.The picture of Casey sitting on Roberts lap, his long black cock disappearing into her red bush flashed into my head. I found my cock rising to stiffness as I remembered the way he had fuckedmy daughter. As the images flashed through my mind I found myself wondering how it would feel to be buried inside her. I shook my head and tried to push those thoughts away. As sexy as my daughter was it would be wrong for me to think about fucking her, much less actually doing it. I decided I didn’t want to waste the hard on I had and since I had a very sexy young teen laying here in bed with me, I decided to use it on her. I slowly and gently worked my way between her legs, not yet wanting to wake her. I put my cock head against her pussy lips and began to slowly push forward. At first it wouldn’t go in and I thought perhaps she was to dry, but as soon as the tip of my cock parted her lips I found she was wet within. I pushed a little more and my cock head slipped into her pussy. Another small push and half my shaft followed. Just then I heard April sigh, then I felt her wrap her arms around my neck. “Good morning princess.” I whispered to her,”Ready for a morning fuck?” She giggled and for an answer I felt her legs spread wider. I began to fuck her with slow steady strokes, taking my time to enjoy the feel of this sexy young girls pussy. I closed my eyes and just let my senses dissolve into the moment, the feel of her tight young pussy around my cock as I slid into and out of her, the feel of her firm young breasts against my chest, the sound of her breath and the feel of her arms around my neck. I have no idea how long I fucked her but I would have been satisfied to stay right there all day. I knew I was getting close but I didn’t know how close until I felt my cock throb, blasting the first rope of cum into April’s pussy. As my cock throbbed the second time I heard her moan, then felt her pussy pulsing as she too climaxed. When we were done I lay still, my cock deep inside her.”Happy birthday.” I said to her with a grin. “Thank you for the wonderful birthday present.” She replied with a giggle. “Are you ready for a shower?” I ask. She nodded and I said,”You do know part of your birthday present is me scrubbing you clean don’t you?” “Ok. If you insist.” she said, nodding solemnly, a half smile curling her lips and sparkling in he eyes. We got out of bed and made our way to the bathroom. I glanced at Casey’s door and found it closed. I figured she and Robert were still in bed. I adjusted the water and we climbed in. I began to soap April’s firm body. I gently scrubbed every part of her. By the time I was done my cock was again rock hard. As I turned off the water April looked down at my cock and said,”You know, you ate my pussy last night several times. You made me cum too. I think I should return the favor. Can you teach me how to suck on a cock?” While I wanted to yell, “Oh hell yes!” “Sure.” Was all I could think of to say. April dropped to her knees, took hold of my cock and looked up at me expectantly. “It’s really very simple,” I said,”Put as much of it as you can into your mouth. You lick here,”I pointed to the underside of the head of my cock,”you suck on the head like it was a tootsie roll pop. Don’t let your teeth touch it because they are sharp and it hurts. That’s about it. I’ll tell you when I’m ready to cum and if you don’t want me to cum in your mouth, you can stop sucking.” April nodded, leaned forward, opened her mouth and slowly closed it over my cock head. She began to gently suck on crown of my cock. It felt fantastic. “You can fondle my balls as you do it, but not too hard. They are sensitive.” I leaned back and lost myself in her blow job. She may have been a beginner, but it was one of the best blow jobs I ever had. As she sucked me images of Robert and Casey began to fill my mind. After a few moments though, Roberts long black cock was replaced with images of my thick white one. I groaned at the imagined feel of Casey’s pussy around my cock. As my imagination worked overtime, I could feel the cum rising in my balls. Just before I came I groaned,”Oh fuck I’m gunna cum!” I expected April to pull back, but instead she swallowed even more of my cock. My cock erupted and I groaned,”Oh fuck Casey!”an imagined picture of me squirting cum deep into my daughters pussy filling my mind. April swallowed, and swallowed again managing to not spill a drop of cum. When I was done she gave my cock a lick and stood.”Was that ok?” she ask. “I’ve never had a better one.” I told her truthfully. She grinned and said,”Thanks. But I wasn’t sure I had done it right when you called me Casey.” “Did I?” I ask, startled, not realizing Casey’s name had slipped from my mouth while I came. “Yea, but that’s ok.” April replied as she got out of the shower.We toweled off, got dressed and went down stairs. Robert and Casey were still in bed, so I made coffee and April and I snuggled on the couch while we waited for them. Half an hour later weheard the bedroom door open, then heard them go into the bathroom. Another half hour and we heard them coming down stairs. Casey came in the door of the livingroom first, Robert a step behind her. I got up and walked over to my daughter. For a moment she looked uncertain, until I gave her a big hug. “Happy birthday .” I said. She grinned and replied,”Thanks daddy.” I signaled everyone to follow and lead the way to the kitchen. I poured orange juice for Casey and April, and poured a cup of coffee for Robert. I filled my cup and sat down at the table. “April brought up a good point to me.” I said, sipping my coffee,”What now? I told her as far as I’m concerned, that you Casey and you Robert can have sex when ever you want to. It’s not up to me any longer, it’s up to you two. I also told her that I hoped you Robert would feel the same about her and I.” Robert sat silent for a moment, then said,”Casey and I didn’t talk about it, but türbanlı escort nevşehir I like your solution. What do you think Casey?” My daughter smiled and replied,”I like it!” We all talked through breakfast, then Robert and April went home. Casey left an hour later to meet some friends at the mall. I sat in the kitchen thinking that things couldn’t get more strange. I didn’t know it at the time, but things were going to get even stranger.That evening after dinner Casey and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when she ask,”Dad, can we talk?” “Sure. “I said muting the TV,”What do you want to talk about? “How do you feel about what happened last night?” “I feel fine with it.” I replied, wondering what she meant,”Don’t you?” “Completely!” She said,”But what I meant was, aw, did you mind watching me and Robert have sex?” “I didn’t mind at all.” I told her,”I knew you wanted to and I knew Robert would be gentle with you, so I didn’t have a problem with it. “Did it, aw…excite you to watch us do it?” She ask.That question took me aback. I didn’t know how to answer it. Should I be truthful and tell her it was very exciting watching my friends long black cock side into my daughters pussy? Should I tell her I couldn’t stop thinking about what it would feel like to do the same? I thought about it for a long time, then decided that I’d always told her the truth and I wasn’t going to change that now. “Yes, it was exciting and very erotic to watch you and Robert. I even found myself having thoughts I shouldn’t.” “Like what daddy?” Casey ask snuggling against my side. As the mental picture of Casey sitting empaled on Robert hard cock flashed into my mind, my cock jumped to instant hardness. Before I could speak Casey giggled and said,”From the looks of the front of your pants, I’d say what ever was going through your head was very exciting!” “Yes it was. I want to tell you but I want you to not take it the wrong way, ok?” “Sure daddy. I won’t.” Casey responded. “Well, aw, it’s like this,” I hesitated for a long moment then let it out in a rush,”I was thinking about what it would be like to be in Roberts place.” Casey looked at me for a moment than said,”You mean you were thinking about what it would feel like to fuck me?” I sighed and said,”Yes, That’s it exactly. I’m sorry if that disgusts you, but I couldn’t help it.” “No Daddy,” Casey said,” it doesn’t disgust me. In fact while I was sitting there on Roberts cock I was thinking how it would feel if you were fucking me.”That revelation hit me like a ton of bricks. Casey had been thinking about the same thing I had! A moment later alarm bells went off. I knew we had to finish this conversation and I also knew Ihad to put a stop to any more fantasizing along those lines. “Ok, we both were thinking about that, but you do know it can’t ever happen don’t you? It’s i*****l and besides it wouldn’t be right for me to have sex with my own daughter.” “I understand Daddy.” Casey said, sounding slightly upset. “You’re not upset at me are you?” I asking, thinking she might be angry for me assuming she wanted to have sex with me. “No, I’ not angry with you.” She said, a note of dejection still in her voice. “So what’s wrong?” I ask. “Nothing. I’m Ok.” She replied with a smile, this time her voice sounding normal. That was the end of our talk for the night. We went to bed shortly after. The next week Casey ask if she could stay at April’s on Wednesday and if April could stay at out house on Thursday. Being summer vacation for them, I didn’t see a problem with it. Besides, a little voice was telling me I might just get to spend some time with April in my bed.Casey and April were gone to the mall when I got home from work on Thursday. Casey called at 6:00 to ask if they could stay out and go to a movie that started at 9:00. I told them they could and ask what time they would be home. Casey said it ended at 12:30 and they would be home by 1:00 AM. I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to get to spend time with April. Casey must have caught. the tone in my voice because she said that April wanted to talk to me. “Hi.” April said,”Aw…..when we get home can I come snuggle with you?” “Sure!” I said with a grin,”I may be asleep, but you can wake me when you get here.” “Ok,”she said with a giggle,”See you then.” I showered and went to bed at 10:00. I was so excited I wasn’t sure if I could sleep. I must have drifted off though because the next thing I knew I awoke with a warm body straddling me. Normally I have a small night light I leave on in the bathroom so I don’t have to turn the lights on if I need to go in the night, but the room was pitch black. I took me a moment to realize the nightlight must have burned out. All I could see was the silhouette of April sitting astride of me. “April?” I whispered. She didn’t answer, instead she took my hands and put them on her breasts. I began to gently squeeze her firm round globes, rolling her nipples between my fingers as I did. I felt her reach down and take hold of my cock. I groaned at the feel as she rubbed it up and down her slit, coating the head with her juices. She placed the head against her entrance, then began to work it in with small pushes of her hips. As she worked her pussy down onto my cock I leaned forward and began to suck on her nipple. As I sucked her nip it hit me that it they seemed a little different from last time, a bit larger and a bit stiffer.I felt her push down, sliding the last inch of my rock hard cock into her tight pussy. I groaned and said,”Oh fuck you feel so good!””Thanks daddy. Your cock feels as good as I thought it would too.” “Casey?!?” I yelped,”You can’t…we can’t…you shouldn’t be here! We can’t do this!” “We already have daddy.” She said,”You’re cock is buried inside me. We’re already fucking.” I could have pushed her off me. I could have stopped right then, but her pussy felt so damned good around my cock, I just couldn’t. So I said,”Why Casey?” “Daddy I love you. I’ve wanted you to make love to me for a long time. When I saw you sliding into April on our birthday I knew I was going to do whatever I had to get you to fuck me.” “But what will April say?” I ask. “Nothing. She’s already done it with Robert. We pulled the same thing on him last night.” I knew I was going to hell, but I also knew I wasn’t going to stop. “You know no one else besides April and Robert can know about us?” I said. “Does that mean you’re going to fuck me?” Casey ask. I grabbed her hips and rolled. When we stopped I was on top and my lovely red haired daughter was under me “Would you mind if I turned on a light?” I ask,”I want to see your face. You are so beautiful.” “Sure daddy, turn it on.” Casey giggled. I turned on the lamp and looked down to see my gorgeous daughter smiling up at me. I pushed my hips forward shoving my cock to the root inside her pussy. Her eyes grew round as she felt my shaft fill her, then she looked into my eyes and whispered,”Fuck me daddy.” I began to fuck her with long slow strokes. I stared into her beautiful green eyes as I filled her over and over with my hardness. I didn’t want to rush. I wanted it to last as long as possible. But I also knew I wouldn’t last long. I felt my balls tighten, felt my cum rising. “Oh baby, I’m gunna cum.” I groaned, trying to hold back and finding it impossible to do. I felt her lift her hips, allowing me to go deeper with each stroke. “Cum in me daddy.” Casey whispered. “Oh fuck!” I groaned as my cock exploded. As the first rope of spunk hit her cervix, Casey moaned and I felt her pussy gripping my cock as she too climaxed. When we were done I lay still, my cock buried inside her as I said,”Well, I guess we did it now. No going back.” “Good!” My daughter said wiggling her hips. “You do know we’re not done yet don’t you?” I ask, idly rubbing one of her nipples. “I hope not!” She giggled, then her voice turned serious as she said,”Can I ask a favor daddy?” “Sure pumpkin. Ask away.” “Can I ask April to join us?” “You mean now? Here? In bed?” I ask, hoping it was true, but not daring to believe it was. “Yes.” Casey said. “Sure. Go get her.” I replied, trying to keep the grin out of my voice. I watched as Casey bounded out of the bed. Her firm round ass cheeks and breasts bobbling as she did. She ducked out the door and was back in less than a minute with April close behind her. A moment more and I had a firm sexy teen body pressed to each side of me.I wrapped an arm around each pulled them tight against me and said,”I suppose you did this last night with Robert too?” “Yes we did.” April said with a grin. “The bastard could have warned me what was going to happen!”I growled in mock anger. “We made him promise not to.” Casey replied,”We didn’t want you to have time to think about it. You might have refused. And we also didn’t want to spoil our surprise.” “Oh it was a surprise alright!” I said. Both girls giggled, then Casey said,”So what do you want daddy? This is for you. We can do anything you want.” “I want…..” I said as I grabbed April by the waist and dragged her astride of my lap,”To be in April’s pussy.” April grinned, reached down and took hold of my cock. She rubbed the head up and down along her slit. After a few moments of that she put the crown against her entrance and began to work her hips pushing me slowly into her tight pussy. Soon she was sitting with my cock all the way inside her. I glanced over at Casey. Her lip was caught between her teeth and she was watching April intently. A second later I became aware that Casey had her hand between her legs. I slipped myhand over, covered hers and before she was aware of it pushed two fingers into her slippery pussy along side the two of her’s that were already there. . Casey stiffened and groaned as my fingers entered her. April was fucking herself up and down on my cock as I used my fingers to guide Casey’s in and out of her pussy. After a while I whispered,”Casey, I want to taste you. Would you like to sit on your daddy’s face? Would you like me to use my tongue on your sweet cunt?” “Oh yes….Oh yes daddy…please eat me!” She gasp. I gently took hold of her legs and guided them over my head until she settled onto my face. The scent of her was intoxicating and as I slipped my tongue into her slippery cum filled slit I knew I was in heaven.As I lay there with April sliding up and down on my cock, working Casey’s sweet pussy over with my tongue, I didn’t think it could get better, until I felt April reach behind her and cup myballs. A moment later I felt Casey’s fingers slide into April’s pussy along side my cock. Time stood still as I licked my daughters pussy and her friend slide up and down on my cock. I could feel my cum rising but didn’t want it to end so tried desperately to hold back. I managed to delay my climax for a time, but eventually I surrendered. I groaned as my cock exploded, blasting squirt after squirt of cum deep into April’s pussy. When she felt my cock throbbing inside her April too came. She moaned, pushed down with her hips so she was totally impaled on me as her pussy pulsed around my hard, throbbing member. As my cock throbbed it’s last I felt Casey moving her hips against my mouth and heard her whimper,”Oh god I want to cum daddy. Make me cum. Please make me cum.” She gasp then moaned in protest as I pushed her off my face. I picked April up and sat her on the bed. Quickly I got up and pushed April on to her back, then grabbed Casey and pulled her between the young dark skinned beauty’s legs. I gently pushed Casey’s face down toward April’s dripping pussy as I whispered,”Eat her. Lick her and I’ll fuck you to a climax.”Casey groaned and a moment later shoved her face into April’s cum soaked pussy. As Casey ate her friend I got up behind her and shoved my cock into my daughter for the second time. As I began to fuck her I leaned over her shoulder and whispered,”Oh baby, daddy loves the feel of his sweet little girls pussy. Daddy’s going to be fucking you a lot from now on. And he alsolikes to see you licking his cum form April’s pussy. But I need you to cum for me now. Cum for daddy. Cum or me baby. Cum for me…” I chanted as I fucked into my daughters tight pussy.“Oh….oh….oh…..da….dy……oh….oh….da….dy…..I’m…..I’m….I’m going to…….going to……I’M CUMMING!” She screamed as her pussy clamped down on my cock. I grabbed her hips and slammed into her, filling her over and over with my hard cock, groaning as I did,”Oh baby…your pussy feels so good. Daddy loves his little girls pussy.” I didn’t realize I was close to cumming for a third time until my cock exploded, blasting ropes of thick cum deep into my daughters pussy. When my cock was done throbbing I pulled it slowly out of Casey, watching it slide out, shiny and wet with our combined juices. I fell forward, landing between the two girls. I felt Casey snuggle close to one side of me and April to the other. As I drifted off the sleep I heard Casey whisper,” Did you mean it daddy? Will we be doing this more?” “Yes we will. Lot’s more.” I replied in a sleepy voice. “I’m glad daddy.” I heard her reply, then heard April add,”Me too.”As sleep washed over me I was warm with the feeling that life was grand.

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