True Story….. The Start of a 3way. (The Beginnin

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True Story….. The Start of a 3way. (The BeginninThe night started off like my usual night on X. Reading stories and getting all hot and bothered from the sexy vidz. My man is on the prowl looking for a hot chick to eat my pussy. You see we decided to make a Fuckit list. The fuckit list is the sexual conquest that we want to conquer before we kick the bucket. His fantasy is to see me eat pussy or vise versa. My fantasy is to watch him eat some pussy. I get wet from the thought of him licking and sucking on a tight lil cunt. As I was saying we were on X together chatting and looking. Then she found us. Pinky1006.She sent us both an invite and we gladly accepted. I had to peep out her pics and they looked delicious. There is nothing like watching a woman getting her pussy eaten, or having a dick sticking out of her mouth. Pinky- to Mafia Mike- Thank you for the invite sexy. You both are sexy as hell. Mike – Pinky – Your pics are hot! I love the profile pic. Pinky1006 is wearing a hot little nurse number. It immediately caught my eye. How I would love for her to do an exam on my pussy. Just looking at that pic alone made my cunt wet. There was something about her profile that turned me on. Mike and I both checked it out and became aroused from her sexy pics. She was into men and women and we both wanted her to join our three-way fantasy. Me- to Pinky- I am digging your profile. My man wants someone to join us in the bedroom. We are looking to have a little fun. I myself have never been with a woman but would love to give it a try. I have a fantasy of getting off, by watching my man devour a bitch with his mouth. Lick her cunt raw until she screams out in pleasure.Pinky- Damn you are sexy as fuck! I am the girl you want. I would love to lick your little pussy.She was the kind of woman that I couldn’t wait to meet. I love a bitch grandbetting yeni giriş with a dirty mouth. She made my pussy drip from her conversation. I was turned on and I talked to Mike and he was digging her vibe as well.Pinky- to Mafia Mike- Peak my curiosity and get my pussy wet. I want to know what you would do to me to get me want to fuck you.Mafia Mike- I love eating pussy. I love the feel of a hard clit in my mouth and the taste of the juices running down my throat. I would love to taste that sweet cunt of yours. Have you rock that pussy all over my face. Grinding and talking dirty to me as I dine on your cunt.Pinky1006 is ready for the hookup. She was dealing with two freaky people that wanted to have fun fucking and sucking her for a weekend. There will be candles lit, music playing and her waiting on us to enter the room.Me –to Pinky- I must tell you that I love your filthy mouth and I want it planted on my pussy and sucking my mans cock. Just the thought of you giving my man a good fucking is enough to make me cum. I want you to tie me up and blindfold me. I want to watch u as you take care of my man.Pinky- I want to be waiting on you both. I will have the room waiting and ready. I will tie you to the chair with my silk scarves. I have a blindfold for you to use and I will tie it around your beautiful face. I will take your man by the hand and lead him to the bed. That’s when I will pull his cock out and begin to suck it. Rubbing his balls and stroking his cock up and down as I suck on the tip of his cock. His head will bounce back from pleasure and his moans will begin to seep from his mouth.Me- That is exactly what I want to happen. I want to hear you sucking my man’s cock. I want to hear him moan from your hot mouth sucking him down to the root of his dick. The more I talked and thought grandbetting giriş about it the more I got wet. I couldn’t help myself. She was sexy and her talk was vulgar and turning me on so much.Mafia Mike- to me- How do you feel about her sucking on my cock as soon as we get into the room? I have to admit she is getting my cock rock hard. The thought of her sucking my cock and me just skull fucking her is a turn on.Me- I want to see her suck you off. I can’t wait to hear her licking and sucking your rod.Pinky to me- Mike’s cock taste so good. That is what I am going to tell you as I suck his cock down. I want you to get horny from my actions. I will bring him almost to the brink of cuming. I will stop myself and tell him I want his mouth on my cunt. When she said that, my pussy had a spurt of juice shoot out. Me-I want to hear him sucking on your clit. Will you grind your pussy all over his long tongue? Wiggle your sexy ass all over his face. Have all your juices run down his throat.Pinky- Baby you will hear me moaning and him lapping up my sweet pussy. I’m going to grind this good ass pussy all in his face. I will ask you, can you hear your man sucking on my clit bitch! Can you hear him sucking this good ass pussy! Is your fucking cunt wet! Are you wet from your man sucking my cunt!My god she was turning me on. The visuals were more than I could take. The thought of my man tearing into her twat was making me juicy as hell. I had to tell him that we must make this happen. We got to have this sexy ass bitch in our bed.Mafia Mike to me- Babe, I want to see that cockwhore suck me down and have you both share my cum. I need to see you both kissing and sucking on each others pussies. Mike is the type of man that can stay hard forever. I knew that he was jerking his cock as Pinky informed him of what she grandbetting güvenilirmi was going to do to us. I was rubbing my clit as she talked to me.Pinky1006. To us both- I will let Mike come over to your chair and eat your pussy for a while. I want to see you squirm and get all horny and wet. I will tell him not to let you cum on his tongue. Then I am going to take off your blindfold and let you see what is going to happen next. I am going to tell Mike to lie down and sit on his face. As I finish nutting all over his face. Then I will ask you…. I bet you wish this was you bitch. Then I am going to get on all fours and face you. I want you to see what your man is going to do. I want you to see my face as he shoves his cock into my hot wet pussy. I will say to you….Do you like the way your man’s cock disappears deep inside me. You see how good he is fucking my cunt. Look at his face as he fucks my tight pussy. I know you want his cock. But you can’t have it. It is mine right now. I am going to fuck him silly and your cunt will be wet from watching. Then I will untie you and lead you to the bed. I will dive into your pussy and lick up all the juices that have been running down your legs. I will squeeze your tits and suck on your nipples, all the while with Mike’s cock deep inside my pussy. Every once in a while I will pump him and squeeze my cunt muscles on his dick. I will tell him to go balls deep in my pussy and fuck him hard as he buries my face down in your hot cunt. Then he will hold me down and thrust his hard cock into me until he bust his nut.As soon as I read that I came on my fingers. Wow! My cunt was throbbing and tingling. I relayed the message to Mike. I am sure he busted a nut. We wanted to meet her in person. We wanted Pinky1006 for our little fuck whore and I know she wanted it too. We all agreed that we need to set something up. I can’t wait to meet her. She gets me off and I want to taste her twat for myself. Mike is going to have her swallow his load as I suck on her clit. We are going to plan a weekend of fucking and sucking and that will be the other part to this true story.We will keep you posted.

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