Truth or Dare: The Basement Sleep-over.

Truth or Dare: The Basement Sleep-over.

The whole room buzzed with excitement. Scutor had reserved the basement of his granddaddies for a sleepover and all the boys were going crazy. There were Bruce Wild, Sam Bear, Grizzle, Travis Collins, Sophocles and Scutor W. Stomm.

Travis’s cousin Bully was the last one to arrive. He came in with a lot of noise, bragging and giving high fives all over the place. But when he spotted Sam he said: “What the f*ck?! Who did invite this stinker here?”

Sam just looked at him and said: “Must’ve been your daddy, just to annoy you!”

The others didn’t want the quarrel to escalate so they decided to ignore it. Instead Scutor, who was wearing only his undies, yelled across the room: “What are all of you doing here in pants and tees? This is an undies only party! So take off those clothes and throw them together with them sleeping bags in the corner and show us what you got hiding there!” Everybody laughed and did as they were told, however Sophocles only reluctantly ‘cause he was a bit shy.

Grizzle noticing Sophocles being ashamed gave him a compliment on how good looking he was in undies and everybody agreed that Sophocles wore the coolest and most sexy briefs. It turned out that Bruce wore the dirtiest ones, although nobody had really eyes for that. Instead they looked mesmerized at the huge package inside. Bully walked up to him and demanded to touch as to assure himself “that it was all dick and balls in there and not some kinda handkerchief like movie stars do”. Bruce said he didn’t mind Bruce doing that and soon everybody stood in line to rub and squeeze Bruce’s undies, whistling out of admiration when they did.

When the commotion died away, Scutor made everybody sit in a circle, like they were Knights of the Round Table. “I gathered everybody here around for a time of adventure and friendship. And just as the Knights of the Round Table we must prove our courage and show we are worthy to be here”, he said solemnly, “We are gonna play the dreaded Truth or Dare game. This game will stand out by its boldness, danger and goofiness. And It will be legendary!”


In the middle of the circle lay a bottle. Travis got all excited and said: “I got this one! I start!”

When he spun the bottle it landed bottleneck pointing at Bruce. “I wonder, if we were getting you a present who’d you want to fuck the most?”, Travis asked.

“Wouldn’t you want to know? Ain’t one I’d love to dick more than others, I can’t answer this one,” Bruce replied. “What kind of a lame question is that?”, Sam frowned, “Of all the things you could ask…”.

Travis looked at him annoyed: “Okay, let’s step it up a bit. Since you didn’t answer the question right, here’s a challenge. And this time there’s no refusal possible. I want you to take out your dick and make it hard in front of everyone!” The whole crowd cheered: “Now that’s what I’m talking ‘bout! Dick out! Dick out!”

Bruce looked around him. Then he said: “I can do that”, and he took out his dick. “Listen guys, if you want me to make it hard, I will need a little help from all of you”, he said. Sam was the first one to volunteer, spitting on Bruce’s dick and rubbing it slowly. Soon everybody wanted to join in and they took turns playing with it and stroking it, much to Bruce’s pleasure. His dick grew rapidly in size and everybody but Sam – who had seen it before – were surprised how big it was when fully erect. They could use both hands to stroke it and still had enough dick left. Soon Bruce was precumming and all the k**s got Bruce’s precum between their fingers to smear it out or taste it. All that time little Sophocles had a boner sticking thru his undies, something that didn’t stay unnoticed to Bruce. First challenge completed.


Bruce wasn’t the only one who had seen Sophocles’ excitement, so when Sam rolled the bottle and it landed on Sophocles his old bullyways got the upperhand again and he dared Sophocles to let Bruce fuck him. “It’s a sin to have Bruce’s dick all nice and hard and him not being able to use it. Pull down your undies, Sophocles, and get the Bruce treat”, he sniggered. “Uhhmm… o… okay…I…I…guess”, Sophocles stuttered, torn between his desire and fear.

All worked up by 12 hands touching his dick before Bruce felt real horny. Dripping precum his dick searched for Sophocles’ ass. It was very narrow and he had difficulties to even bring the top inside.

“I hope I won’t be hurting you, but I gotta push hard to enter”, he said. When he pushed his dick a bit more inside, Sophocles cried as a baby because it is way too big for his ass. So Bruce, feeling sorry for him, let him suck it instead. They all looked as Bruce’s body was shivering seconds before he yelled: “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” He withdrew his dick from Sophocles’ mouth just when he was shooting his cum. It was a cum explosion hitting every bystander and as high as the ceiling. They all yelled in admiration.

However, Bully said he didn’t think Sophocles fulfilled the challenge. There was some disagreement about that but they decided on a question. “Did you ever have sex with a Pokémon? You should tell us all about it”, he said.

“I…I…once got sex with Pignite”, Sophocles answered reluctantly. “Pignite?! Aaaw man, that’s pretty awesome! Tell! Tell! Tell!”, they all yelled in choir. Encouraged by the enthusiasm around him, Sophocles overcame his shyness and told them how that happened: “It was pretty cool. First he got his snout in my undies and the warm air from his nostrils felt really nice and I kinda got, you know, hard. I held his head in my hands while he was doing that and his ears were twitching and he started to snort. It was really nice and I got very turned on, especially when he softly pinched my thighs with his claws. But I was most surprised when he stuck his two pointed teeth that protrude from his lower jaw underneath my undies and ripped them apart. He put his ass up in the air and his curled furry tail stuck up high. I had no trouble getting in and he shook his ass all the time back and forth while I was fucking him. We were going faster and faster the more I dicked him. And the fire in his belly got all red and hot. As the flame increased he got more excited. We came at the same time and he emitted smoke. And then he ran away, making piggy noises.”

“Damn, Sophocles, that was a god story. You got lucky. Pignite is hot as fuck”, Travis whistled.


For the next round, the bottle pointed at Grizzle and everybody yelled: “Dare! Dare! Dare!” It was Bruce who could pin the challenge and he went with a prank call to their teacher, Mr. Vanderbosh.

Grizzle picked up the phone and asked in a disguised adult voice: “Do I speak to Mr. Vanderbosh?”

“Yes, that’s me”, he answered rather bored.

“As requested I inform you that the u******ed strippers dressed as schoolk**s are on their way to the principal’s office as his birthday gift from you. They will arrive within half an hour. Could you be there to assure the payment please?”, Grizzle went on with a dead serious voice.

“Wait, what…?! I didn’t order any k** strippers to school! Call them back immediately! I am a respectable teacher!”, Vanderbosh panicked.

But Grizzle continued: “I beg your pardon, sir. But I do have an order here for 8 strippers between the age of 12 and 14, to be dressed in school uniform and to undress to the song ‘Shoot your shot’ by Divine in front of the principal.” He started singing: “Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing, don’t stop, shoot your shot. You got what I want, you got what I need, shoot your shot. You know how I feel, come on make it real, shoot your shot.”
Vanderbosh lost it and started yelling: “Call them back! I said call them back! I didn’t order any strippers!” while Grizzle built it up to the grand finale and screamed thru the phone: “Give it all you got, you really got a lot, shoot your shot!”

In the background they heard their teacher starting to cry and everybody rolled over the floor laughing when Grizzle put down the horn. Scutor did laugh so hard he pissed his pants a bit. Mission completed.


Then Sophocles cried: “My turn on the bottle!” and the bottle pointed at Travis Collins.

“I give you a dare. You should cover yourself in whipped cream and choose an a****l to lick it off”, he told him.

But they soon noticed they had two problems. Number one: where would they get the whipped cream from? That’s when Scutor remembered: “Buford was planning to make cake later on and I saw him busy in the kitchen making whipped cream this morning. I’m pretty sure he kept it in the ice box.”

Scutor went upstairs to get the whipped cream. That was one problem down. Problem number two: where would they find an a****l? That’s when Bruce remembered his Pokémon.

He told everyone to wait he would be right back with an a****l. He ran up the stairs and headed for his room. He grabbed one of his pokéballs and headed back downstairs to the others.

When he got back Scutor was already covering Travis with the whipped cream. Bruce held out his pokéball and it opened up and his Pignite came out. When his Pignite saw him it quickly gave him a hug as he playfully patted it on the head. Then Bruce told his Pignite to lick the whipped cream off of Travis.

His Pignite was all too happy to do it. Without warning he tackled Travis knocking him down. The others started laughing.

Grizzle looked a bit questionable. He had some second thoughts and asked if it was alright for them to be humiliating each other like this. Scutor put his arm around him and said: “Sure. We’re boys after all.”


It was Grizzle who spun the bottle this time and again it fell on Travis. Travis was complaining but those were the rules so he couldn’t back off.

“Lemme see. For this challenge I want us to go outside. I got a score to settle with Mr. Teacherman for giving me bad grades and you might be the right person to do that for me. You must break into the house of Teacherman, leave his own dirty undies on the bed sheets, jerk off over them and take a picture to prove it”, Grizzle said. Everybody looked up at him with big eyes: “Waw Grizzle, man, that’s a tough one. You gotta get balls to do that one!”

After this, there was no way Travis would decline the challenge and they all went to Mr. Teacherman’s house. There, Travis found the kitchen door open. That was a big advantage. Without making too much noise he went upstairs. He found the bathroom and went thru the dirty linen. There it was: a large pair of briefs with dirty stains. Travis couldn’t help himself but sniff on them. They reeked manly and kinda gross. But when he was about to enter the bedroom he heard fuck noises coming from behind the door. He peeped through the keyhole and saw Teacherman getting fucked in the ass doggy style by the principal. They were really getting at it and the principal slapped Teacherman’s butt hard, yelling: “Who’s your daddy? You’ve been a bad boy, who’s your daddy now?” Since Teacherman and the principal had their back on the door they didn’t see Travis open it slightly and he made a short vid of them on his phone.

Obviously there was no way he could leave his teacher’s briefs on the sheets now, so instead he left the house quietly and decided to do ding-dong ditch and see what happened. At first nobody answered the door so he insisted. When after quite some time he heard someone storming down the stairs he quickly hid behind the bushes. It was Teacherman who opened the door, in rage and only wearing a towel. When he found no one at the door he started to scream: “You rascals, wait till I lay my hands on you!” Unfortunately for him the wild gesticulating with his hands made his towel drop so he stood buck naked in front of his house. That was too much an opportunity for Travis to let it pass like that, so he got out of the bushes to make a pic and ran away. Behind him he could hear Mr. Teacherman yelling: “Travis Collins! I saw you! You gonna pay for that! Come back here!” But off course he kept on running and didn’t look back.

The other k**s had seen everything and waited for him behind the store. When they saw the vid Travis made of Teacherman and the principal, they all looked at him in admiration. But they had to decide if that passed for the Dare challenge and all of them agreed it was a fail.

Travis got very annoyed: “Gimme a break! You guys are so hard to please. I’m gonna get my revenge for this whenever it’s my turn to call the shots!” However, they showed no mercy and Travis had to do the Truth challenge and tell them about his most shameful moment.

So Travis told them the story when he was visiting family to spend the night: “Okay, guys, listen. I am a man of great principles. I have this personal challenge that whenever I stay in a new place I gotta ‘baptise’ that place by jacking off.”

Scutor interrupted him: “Wait, are you saying you’ve been spraying your cum in my house?” Travis laughed: “Sure thing, Scutor. And more than once for that fact. But lemme continue. After jerking off at my uncle’s house, I felt the urge to pee. So I went to the bathroom, but it was occupied by my cousin. I had to go real urgent tho. Before I knew it, piss was running through my underwear, down my legs and onto the carpet of the living room. My dad caught me in the act and when later everybody complained about the piss smell in the living room, me dad told them it was his son still being a baby and pissing in his pants. That day they all called me Mr. Pissypants.”

Everybody laughed and then Bruce asked Travis if it pissed him off they called him like that and everybody laughed even harder with the joke. Travis got mad and yelled at them: “Now I’m really pissed off!” and the k**s roared with laughter. Travis said surprised: “What?! What did I say that’s so funny?!” All the k**s rolled over the floor laughing. Another round concluded.


Still outside, it was Sam’s turn and the bottle pointed at Scutor. Since he had a special liking to the Wild family, he asked him if he had ever watched his parents fuck, in what position, who was the loudest of them and if he did jerk off at the sight. Scutor had no problem telling but told him he preferred the dare challenge because he was curious what they had in store for him.

Sam smiled: “Truth or Dare, it’s all good to me.” He looked around and saw a big carton at the back of the store. From his back pocket he took a marker and some rope. He wrote something on the carton and made it into a sandwich board like they use for advertising in the street, making a hole in it. Then he handed it over to Scutor, saying: “Since we’re all still outside the house, I dare you to go all naked wearing only this sandwich board and go stand in front of the school for about 10 minutes. Oh, and by the way, the hole serves as a glory hole so you gotta stick your dick thru it.”

Everybody looked at Sam. Did he really said that? It seemed they were bringing these challenges to another level. When they looked at the carton, they saw Sam had written in big letters “teacher’s pet” on it.

Scutor was swearing because he didn’t see that coming and he knew he was gonna be in trouble. But he couldn’t walk away from the challenge, so he asked if he could at least wear a forage cap and they all agreed.

Scutor undressed behind the back of the school to change, and then went to the front of the school to do the dare. At first the k**s passing quickly looked the other way. So Sam decided to stir things up a bit and started pulling Scutor’s dick while acting goofy in front of the main entrance. Soon there were k**s everywhere standing in a circle around him, making jokes and asking who’s the teacher he was the pet of and shouting: “Teacher’s pet! Teacher’s pet!” Then somebody broke the circle.

It was Mr. Vanderbosh still waiting anxiously for the minor strippers to arrive. He was all redfaced when he saw Scuford. He ran up to him to trap him and take him away for punishment. But Travis came to Scuford’s rescue and made the teacher trip over his leg. The rest of the boys quickly blocked Mr. Vanderbosh’s path, assuring Scutor’s getaway.

Back in the basement they all laughed. But they agreed this was a close call.


After that Scutor spun the bottle and it landed on Sam. Just as Scutor was about to give him his dare, Bully pushed him aside and said: “I get this one. I don’t care about your dick. I want you to go out there again and sing for money. You gotta get 20 dollars in 15 minutes or we leave you alone. And don’t come back without the money. That’ll keep you away for some time!” Sam just shrugged and said: “Whatever dude”.

They walked upstairs and out of the house, followed by the others, till they all got to the store. Sam saw a man with a hat and asked if he could borrow his hat for a minute and that he’ll give it right back. The others wondered what it was he was about to do. The little bear placed the hat on the ground and coughed twice.

The moment he opened his mouth the most beautiful music one had ever heard came out.

The people stopped and put money in the hat, just like that. When the hat was full enough he stopped singing and picked it up. He took about 30 dollars out and handed the hat with the rest of the money back to the man.

Then he walked up to Bully and slammed 30 dollars in his hand, saying as cool as he could sound: “I’m head back to the house. You coming too?” Bully looked at him, perplexed, not able to say a word. The others couldn’t believe what they just heard and that it came from Sam.


For the next round Grizzle asked if he may spin the bottle and it pointed at Bully. “That’s about time!”, Sam grumbled and he whispered something into Grizzle’s ear. Grizzle smiled and proposed: “What about sucking someone’s dick while blindfolded?”

Bully knew he couldn’t back down so he had no choice but to do it. Sophocles took out a bandana and tied it around Bully’s head, so now Bully couldn’t see. It was now time to pick who’s dick he would suck. They agreed to play ‘rock paper scissors’ to find out. It took them a few turns until a winner was picked.

“Okay, we picked the winner”, Grizzle said, “You should get on your knees and get ready, Bully”.
Bully got on his knees and opened his mouth. Ready to take in the winners dick. As he waited the only thought going through his mind was it being Grizzle. Oh how he would love to get busy with that sexy boarish pig.

Soon he felt the other guys dick in his mouth. He started to suck that dick like crazy with the only thought of it being Grizzle. That is till the person spoke: “Hmm, Bully, you got magic. Did you like the taste of my cum?” When he heard who it was he pulled the blindfold off only to see it was Sam Bear. “You fucker!”, he shouted and he pushed the bear back.

He got up and was about to punch Sam until Grizzle and Bruce got between them, keeping them away from one another.

After some time past and the two had calm down they all returned to the game.


This time the bottle pointed towards Sophocles and before Travis could say something, Sophocles said: “Whatever it is, I pick Dare” because he wanted to show them he’s a brave little k**.

Travis said: “Good. I was hoping you’d say that. I want you to take the bottle and stick that little dick of yours in it and pretend it to be Pignite.”

Sophocles turned all red on the cheeks and put his dick in the bottle neck. His eyes rested on Bruce and again it flashed thru his mind how sexy Bruce is. In seconds he got a little stiffy and his dick got stuck in the bottle. How much he tried, he couldn’t get it out anymore and he started to panic.

Travis saw him all panicking and started to make fun of him: “What is it? Is Pignite biting your tail? Oink Oink!”

“Cut it out, Travis”, Bruce came to Sophocles’ defense, “Don’t worry, Sophocles, I’ll help you. Just relax and think of something else. Just anything.” But him holding Sophocles’ hands didn’t help at all. And Travis kept on laughing. Everybody got really annoyed with him, even Bully and Sam for one time sharing the same opinion.

Grizzle had an idea and he suggested to put Sophocles in a cold bath to get his dick flaccid again. That did the trick and they all got back to the circle, Sophocles still crying a bit. Everybody looked mad at Travis and Bully told him he should apologize. So that’s what he did and everything was cool again amongst them. Only Bruce started to get a special interest in Sophocles, thinking he was mighty cute.


Next in line was Bruce and the bottle landed on Bully. Bully being a bold k** decided to pick dare. So Bruce dared him to pull a prank on Bowser. Bully smiled: “That, my friends, will be an easy one”.

He remembered Bowser was across the street sleeping in Donatello’s chair in his backyard. They all followed Bully to the kitchen where he filled a cup of water. They then followed behind him as he went across the street. They all watched as he took Bowser’s hand and placed it in the cup of water. He then ran to where the others were and they all hid out of sight.

A smile came to the dragon’s face as he pissed himself. Bowser slowly woke up and saw he had wet himself. He let out a loud roar: “Whoever did this, I stomp you into space bits! You all better run off and find some green pipe to hide in. I’ve been looking for something to fry with my fire breath! Feel the burn!”

Bully and the others decided it was time to leave and ran back to the house, while they heard Bowser screaming behind them: “Get back here! You can’t run! I’ll hunt you down!”. Scooby was just coming downstairs when the k**s came running inside and straight to the basement. He was about to go and see what all the fuss was about. That is until he heard someone pounding on the door. Scooby opened the door only to see an enraged Bowser standing there.

Scooby just looked at him and said: “Can I help you?” Bowser grabbed the beardog by the neck and pulled him outside.

Another dare challenge done. Once everybody was done laughing they all sat in a circle and went back to their game.


It was now Scutor’s turn to challenge someone and the bottle stopped at Sam. Scutor hadn’t forgotten his public performance at the school gate yet and started to snort wickedly.

“I think it’s best to take this outside again. I can’t have Bowser finding us here in the basement and knocking things down all over. Besides, I got a special one for you, my friend. I never had the pleasure before to see your dick. So why not all go to the parking lot at the mall? There you have to jack off in broad daylight. You may pick your own moment but once you start you may not stop until completion and you may not move from that place.”

Bully laughed heartily: “Now that’s gonna be interesting. I don’t think you are up to this Sam.”

Sam picked out a quiet place to jack off, in between two trucks. But once he had started Bully and Travis and Scutor started to make a lot of noise and banged on the truck, waking up the truck driver who stormed out angry. All the k**s ran away laughing, except for Sam who continued to jack off in front of the truck driver. The trucker was a midget, a small super chub. He wanted to give Sam a beating but when he saw the little bear he changed his mind, lifted him up and took him into his cabin.

“Lemme help you taking care of that meat, boy. It seems to me like you want ole me real bad”, the truck driver said. He grabbed Sam’s dick and started jerking him off while he kissed him and bit him in his ear. His hand wasn’t gentle at all, he jerked Sam off very rough and fast, sticking his fingers up Sam’s ass while telling him this little bear needed a lesson. It didn’t take Sam long to shoot his load in the truck driver’s hand who licked it up with a big smile on his face.

All that time the others were looking thru the window, but since they didn’t see no real harm done they just watched.

Then the trucker opened up his cabin door and threw Sam out, yelling: “Who’s next?” All the k**s screamed and ran away, Bruce taking Sam with them. He asked Sam if he was okay. Sam just smiled at him and said: “Actually, that was kinda hot.” He sure had passed the challenge.


When everybody sat back in the circle, Sophocles said: “Ok guys, it’s my turn now”. He spun the bottle and it landed on Bruce. Sophocles smiled and said: “I have a good one for you. But I’m going to need your friend Scooby for this. Bruce, can you go upstairs and get him?”

Bruce looked at him, gave him a thumbs up and left to fetch him. When Bruce reached the top of the stairs he saw Scooby just coming in. And man was he a sight to see. His fur was burned. He was almost naked. The only thing he was wearing was his blue brief underwear. He had huge cuts across his big belly and two really dark black eyes. Bruce almost thought he was wearing mascara the way his eyes looked. His nose was dripping a lot of blood. His left ear looked as if it was bitten off.

His tail had a small flame burning on the tip. Scooby stopped for a minute and wet his fingers on his tongue and reached behind him, grabbing the flame on the tip of his tail and putting it out. He then stretched, putting his back in alignment, sighed and said: “Hey Bruce can I help you with something?”

Bruce said: “Are you okay, Scooby? You look horrible. Can you come downstairs? Sophocles needs you for part of our game.” Scooby tilted his head to the side like what a dog would do when it’s confused.

When they got downstairs Scutor was shocked to see his grandpa so beaten up and battered. He ran up to Scooby and gave him a hug. Scooby smiled: “I’m fine, grandson. It’ll take more than that to beat your great grandpa.”

He placed his hand on the tribreed’s head and playfully messed up his hair. They then went to sit in the circle with the others. Bruce sat next to Sophocles while Scooby and Scutor sat on the other side of Bruce.

Scutor held on to his great grandpa to help him feel better. Scooby looked at Sophocles and asked: “Ok, so why am I here?”

Sophocles turned to Bruce and said: “I dare you to have sex with Scooby!”

Scooby leaned back shouting: “WAIT!? What!? No way!” But Scutor looked at him with his most innocent eyes and smile and said: “Please grandpa, we are playing ‘Truth or Dare’ and you are the coolest person I know. All the k**s think you are a legend. And we all wanna see the beardog in his full glory.”

“Well, I guess if Bruce is okay with that and since you know there ain’t nothing I can refuse you, I guess…”, Scooby hesitated. But Bruce was quick to say: “Let’s give ‘em a great show, okay?”

“C’mon over here where the sleeping bags are”, Scooby said. Bruce walked up to him and knelt on the floor before where Scooby was sitting. He unzipped Scooby’s pants and pulled out the biggest cock the k**s had ever seen. It was huge and it wasn’t even fully erect yet. Bruce stroked it with his hand and began to lick the head. Then he started sucking it and they all watched how it grew bigger and bigger still. Scooby took off his pants and undies and Bruce licked the heavy dark nut sack. He then spread his legs back and told Bruce to eat his ass. Bruce eagerly ran his tongue around the puckered hairy brown asshole. It made Scooby’s dick rock hard. He then climbed on top of Scooby and slid that big dick into his butt. Bruce gasped because it was so huge, it stretched him wide open. He began bouncing up and down while Scooby grabbed his ass and spread it open.

After a little bit Scooby stood up from the improvised bed of sleeping bags, picked Bruce up and put him on the sofa. He rubbed the head of his cock against Bruce’s butt before plunging it back into the tight creamy ass. He began fucking Bruce really hard until the k** screamed in ecstasy. Soon Scooby had a huge orgasm. He pulled his dick out and the abundant cum came oozing out of Bruce’ red ass. The k**s made loud admiring “ooh’s” and “aah’s” and they all cheered when Bruce knelt before Scooby and sucked the beardog’s cock that came right of his ass.

“Well, k**s, that was fun. I hope you all enjoyed the show cuz I surely did”, Scooby said. He put his trousers back on and went upstairs.

They all agreed that was a passing grade for Bruce.


It was Sam who went next. He spun the bottle and it stopped on Bully who gave him a glare and told him to spin it again. But Sam just smiled and said: “Maybe I want to keep it on you.” Bully quickly got up and threw a punch at Sam. But it didn’t came to a fight because Bruce rapidly got in front of Sam, neutralizing the blow.

Grizzle sighed and said: “Really Bully, are you going to let him get to you like that every time?” Bully just pulled his hand back and said: “I don’t have to do as he says.”

Sam just laid there on his sleeping bag playfully shaking his butt and saying: “Guess that means you’re just a coward huh?”

Grizzle said: “C’mon, Bully. It’s just a game.” Bully just turned and growled and said: “Ok you know what? I’ll play your fucking game! Go ahead do your worse.”

Sam quickly noticed that Bully seemed to have a certain reaction whenever Grizzle spoke and was thinking quickly: “Ok, I’m going to pick your choice for you.”

Bully just shrugged and said: “Whatever gets you the fuck off.” Sam smiled and said: “Ok I pick truth”, and he asked: “Who in this room do you have a crush on?”

Bully’s eyes quickly widened when he asked that. Grizzle could see that Bully didn’t want to answer and he stood up for him: “Hey Sam that’s not fair! You gotta change your question.”

But Bully quickly glared at Grizzle and yelled: “Don’t you fucking dare! I didn’t ask for your help!” Grizzle was about to say something but Bully just cut him off: “Look, I know you’re trying to be like Scooby but you’re not him, okay? I can fight my own god damn battles.”

He then looked at Sam and grumbled something. Sam raised a hand to his ear and said: “What was that? I didn’t catch that.” Bully just grumbled a little louder. Sam replied: “Did I just hear a mouse squeak?” That’s when Bully finally yelled it loud: “I LOVE GRIZZLE OK ?!”

The basement got completely silent for a minute. Grizzle was in a complete state of shock when he heard Bully’s words. Bully got up and rolled up his sleeping bag and went upstairs. He was about to open the door and leave when a hand touched him on the shoulder.

He stopped to look back and see it was Grizzle who was stopping him from leaving. He said in a calm, almost defeated, tone: “Look Grizzle, I’m not in the mood right now.”

Grizzle just stood there rubbing the back of his neck for a minute before saying: “Why don’t you come back downstairs and we talk about the whole ‘me and you thing’ for a bit?”

Bully just pulled his shoulder away from Grizzle and said: “No. I need to go somewhere and destroy something!” Grizzle sighed and lowered his head: “You know, when you leave, Sam will just win. You know that, right?” But at this point Bully didn’t care. He just walked out and slammed the door behind him.


Dex Oyama was coming out of the kitchen from getting dinner ready. He looked at Grizzle and asked: “Is something wrong Grizzle?” The boar just shook his head no.

“Ok. I want you to go tell the others to come upstairs and join us for dinner. We’re having Hamburger Helper,” Dex told him.

Grizzle looked at him and smiled, saying: “Sure thing, Mr. Oyama”, while Dex went back into the kitchen to get the plates set up.

When Grizzle got downstairs everyone was looking at Sam very angrily. He was about to say something when he heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Grizzle looked to see it was Bully. He wanted to say something to him, but Bully quickly cut him off saying: “I can do this, Grizzle I’m just back to show this bastard who he’s messing with.” Sam got up and stepped to him saying: “Ok then, show me who you are.” Sophocles groaned, saying: “Oh man not this again.” They all were starting to get tired of this hate going on between them.

As the two were standing there belly to belly, Grizzle pushed himself between them saying: “You can both settle it later. Dex wants us all upstairs for dinner.”

Sam just pushed past them saying: “Whatever. See ya… little boy.” Everyone followed Sam upstairs, leaving only Grizzle and Bully in the basement.

Grizzle smiled: “I’m glad you came back.” But Bully just crossed his arms and turned away saying: “I didn’t come back cause of you. That guy just really pisses me off. That’s all.” But then he looked at Grizzle and said: “But I guess your words also had a play in making me come back.”

At that moment Grizzle quickly ran up to Bully giving him a hug. Bully had blushed for a minute before regaining his composure, pushing Grizzle off of him yelling: “Hey, what the fuck are you doing?”

Grizzle got up, asking: “Hey why’d you push me for? I thought you lo..” But Bully cut him off yet again saying: “Hold it! I know I said ‘love’ but I meant to say ‘like’. So don’t go getting the wrong idea.” Grizzle smiled again: “Whatever you say, Bully. How about we go get something to eat?” Now it was Bully’s turn to smile: “Now that’s a good idea! Ya know Dex fixes the best foods.”

When they went upstairs they found the rest of the k**s eating already. Scutor had the biggest plate but there was plenty of food.

When Dex asked the k**s what they’ve been up to in the basement, they answered vaguely: “You know… stuff.” At that remark they all giggled and Sophocles said: “Scary things, Mr. Oyama. Scary things.” Dex decided to let it go, he suspected the boys had been ‘exploring’ and smiled, thinking back at when he was their age.

Bully wasn’t sitting next to Grizzle but both of them were eying each other all the time. Sam looked at Grizzle and asked: “Have you two lover boys been mooching downstairs?” But Bruce looked at him angrily: “Cut it out, Sam. Let’s enjoy dinner.” And when Dex served the jelly pudding for dessert everybody was in a good mood again.

When they got back downstairs, there was much less tension in the air.


“Hey guys, I think it’s time for Scutor to dictate a challenge. He has only got one so far”, Grizzle said. “Damn right”, Scutor answered and he let the bottle roll, and wouldn’t you know it pointed right at Grizzle.

Scutor walked up to Grizzle: “I want you to tell now what you gonna pick: Truth or Dare. Once you have chosen, there’ll be no turning back.” Grizzle looked puzzled and a bit scared too because who knew what his friend had in store for him? But everyone yelled: “DARE! DARE! DARE!”, so he accepted the challenge, altho not fullheartily.

Then Scuford took out his special brand of permanent marker (says “last as long as 1 month on the body”) and said thriumphantly: “What about I get you a cool tattoo?”

Grizzle backed off: “Whaaatt? Wait, you are k**ding no?” But Scutor went on: “Nope, and even better: I decide what and where you’ll get it!” At that point, the whole crowd yelled: “TA… TOO! TA… TOO! TA… TOO!”

Grizzle looked a bit worried: “You are gonna screw me aren’t you?” The little tribreed just laughed wickedly: “Better turn around, Grizzle. You are gonna get a nice low back piece!” Grizzle grunted but obeyed and Scutor drew a big soft-on dick pointing all the way to Grizzle’s ass, the top of the dick half disappearing in the little piggy’s butt crack. Above it he wrote in big letters: “Insert dick here.”

Everybody screamed: “Wow, Scutor, you really fucked him up nicely!” Then he showed Grizzle the tattoo he got. Grizzle turned pale: “Aaw man, you know my dad subscribed me for swimming class as from tomorrow!”

Scutor shrugged and told him not to worry tho. He went upstairs and came back with an old spandex wrestling suit from Buford, telling him he could wear that for swimming. Everybody whistled: “Sexy pig!”
Another one off the list.


Everyone was wondering who should go next but soon they heard someone coming down the stairs. It was the heavyset fighter Buford Van Stomm himself.

Scutor got up and ran to his uncle while yelling: “Uncle Buford! Uncle Buford! You came to play?” Buford patted the little tribreed on the head and said: “Sure. Scooby told me what you squirts were doing so I decided to come and spice it up a bit… That is if you’re all man enough to let me play?”

They all looked at each other and nodded in agreement. Buford and Scutor sat right next to Bruce. Bruce gave Buford a high five.

“What can some grown up fart come up with that could make us worried?”, said Sam. “I’m sure he’ll come up with something better than an asshole like you”, replied Bully. Buford gave Sam a little smile and said: “Looks like I already have my mark, heh heh.” Sam just rolled his eyes and said: “Whatever, old man. Do your worse.”

Buford looked at Sam: “k**, you’re talking to a Professional Bully. That’s with capital P and capital B.” He took out a gold laminated card which read “Professional Bully”. “Wait, I thought they had to take away your card when you become an adult?”, asked Sam. “Oh, boy. You really got a lot to learn. I’m the founder of the club! And as long as I am still bullying, I keep my card”, said Buford, putting his card away.

Bruce looked at him puzzled: “But you don’t bully anyone.” Buford smiled and replied: “Yes I do. I bully the bad guys, and since I’m an adult I can do things that I couldn’t as a k**. Not that there wasn’t much I couldn’t do back then either.”

Sam couldn’t help but look at Buford in admiration: “I have one of those too!” He took out a bronzed laminated card which read “Beginner Bully”. Then he lowered his head and said: “I’m just a beginner. But I’ll be a Professional Bully one day!”

Buford just looked at him with a somewhat dull look on his face and said with a mean grin: “Yeah and at the speed you’re going you’ll never get there. Anyway.. On to my turn.”

Finding back his attitude, Sam just huffed: “Like I said before: whatever!” Buford looked at Sam again and said: “And like I said before: since I already have my mark I don’t need to spin the bottle.” He pointed at Sam and said: “I pick you. And it’s a dare, bad boy.”

Sam just put his hands on his cheeks and mocked: “Oh, no! I’ve been dared by the old geezer. I’m so scared! Someone help me!”

Buford smiled and said: “That’s what I love in guys like you.” He stood up and started to take his shirt off, saying: “But like I said before, I’m a Professional Bully. I can read a person like a book.” He gave his shirt to Scutor and told him to hold it, saying: “I don’t want to get blood on it”. When he said that, Sam started to get a little nervous. He watched as Buford went into his pockets and took out two brass knuckles and put them on.

Now he was really starting to get scared. There was no way the others were just gonna sit back and watch this grown man beat him. Buford started to walk towards him very menacing, all the while punching his fist in his hand with a sick smile on his face. Every step he took made Sam more and more nervous. Sam was starting to sweat bullets. Soon Buford stood over him and as Sam looked up at him. The grown man looked like a giant shadow with red glaring eyes looking down on him. Buford raised his fist and slowly brought it back about to strike. Sam quickly covered his head and yelled: “Don’t hit me!” Soon the room got really quiet but then everyone started laughing. Hell, even Buford had to laugh himself.

Buford wiped a tear from his eye and said: “See… I read you like a book. And all your pages were just plain shitty. No man, your dare is to be fucked by someone in this room!” Sam looked up at him and saw the bulge form in his pants. He stuttered: “Y-y-you mean… by you?!” Buford looked at him and said: “Me? No way man! Don’t flatter yourself. You’re not worth of my dick. What I meant to say is you have to let someone who hates you fuck you.”

Buford asked the k**s who in this room hates Sam the most. Everyone without any hesitation all pointed to Bully who sat there with a big smile on his face. Sam yelled out: “Wait! What!?” Buford said: “That’s right, little boy. And oh yeah… you gotta call him ‘daddy’ while he’s doing this. And he gets to cum in both your ass and mouth!”

Buford walked back to Scutor and Bruce and sat between them to enjoy the show.

Bully had already got rid of his undies and pointed at his dick, telling Sam: “C’mon boy! Daddy’s waiting! This dick’s not gonna get hard all by himself. Better show it some affection! And I don’t wanna feel any teeth or Mr. Van Stomm is gonna teach you sorry!”

Reluctantly, Sam walked over to him and let Bully stick his dick in his mouth. Defeated Sam obeyed and began licking the tip and running his tongue around the head. Bully pushed his dick in Sam’s mouth and ordered to suck it. When Sam didn’t move, he grabbed the bear’s head and moved it back and forth over his dick.

Sam looked at Bruce with pleading eyes. Bruce had some loyalty issues. He didn’t like his friend to be humiliated but he thought he needed a lesson too. Off all the k**s in the room, Bruce was the one who knew Sam best and he had invited Sam over. Sam had a big mouth but Bruce knew by now that was only a facade. The little bear had a big heart as well, he only had problems showing it. So Bruce walked up to Sam, much to the amusement of Buford. And he whispered in Sam’s ear: “Just close your eyes and think of me. Give it all you got and enjoy it. Make it a game of how soon you can make him cum.” Then he kissed Sam on the cheek.

Sam started to deep swallow Bully’s dick, first still reluctantly but then more vigorously. Bully’s dick swelled up fast. He pushed Sam backwards onto the sleeping bags. His hands grabbed the bear’s legs and pushed them apart. For a moment he just knelt there, enjoying the sight. Then he took him raw. Sam heaved a cry. His head went side to side from pain when Bully’s dick began to drive slowly into his tight ass. He struggled as the first few inches slid inside him. He could feel the head pressing deeper and deeper into him. Bully pumped his dick into him, fucking his way into the depths of Sam’s tight manhood. Buford said: “I can hear nobody saying daddy!” and Sam said faintly but combatable: “Go ahead daddy. Is that all you got?!” while Bully pushed his dick brutally inside.

Bully’s dick was firmly planted between Sam’s legs. Sam was soundly fucked. He started to enjoy it, much more than he wanted to admit. He felt his ass spasm around the plunging cock.

Sensing Sam’s body’s surrender, Bully slowed down his tempo as he began pumping in and out with long slow thrusts while Sam u*********sly thrusted his hips to meet up with his strokes.

Bully demanded an eulogy for daddy. Sam wasn’t even sarcastic when he said: “Come on daddy! Fuck me. Show me what a good fuck you are! I want you to cum into my ass!” His face grew even more flushed with embarrassment when he felt he was about to cum himself. At that same moment Bully’s eyes went mellow and his body spasmed. When he came, he gave a triumphant groan and collapsed on top of him.

“Don’t forget the mouth”, Buford said and Bully pressed his dick down Sam’s throat and moaned: “Hmmm, just like your ass, it feels nice and warm. Swallow the last drops, little boy and say thank you to daddy.” Sam did as he was told and then said: “Thank you daddy… for a lousy fuck that was.” But Bully didn’t hear it, he felt exhausted.

Everybody congratulated both of them for a great show and Bruce patted Sam on the back for being a great sport.

Buford stood up and said: “I asked if you guys were man enough. And let this be a lesson. Sam it is? Don’t fuck with a Professional Bully cuz they can read you in ways you never know.” Then he took out his dick and started jerking it off, saying: “You boys have gotten me all horny. Might as well give you a show of my own.” He gave out a massive load of thick sticky cum that sprayed the room. Then he said: “You might need someone to clean that up” and he went upstairs.

While the boys were cleaning up, Bully sneaked out of the room and went behind Buford. “Thanks Mr. Van Stomm for helping me to get back on Sam.” Buford looked at him and chuckled: “Any time, k**. Now let this be the beginning of a great friendship between the two of you.” Then he turned his back and moved on.


Everybody was tired. Night had fallen. But they still wanted to do one last game. They were counting up the ‘challengers’ and the ‘victims’ and decided on one last challenge: Bully versus Scutor.

When Bully had seen how Dex’ jelly pudding had jiggled like a butt he got an idea for a challenge.

He told Scutor to blindfold and whispered into Grizzle’s ear to go get the rest of the jelly. When Grizzle came with the pudding, Bully asked him inaudible to smear it into his buttcrack. He lead Scutor’s mouth to it and told him to eat some more jelly, only using his tongue. Without knowing Scutor rimmed Grizzle’s ass thoroughly. He thought the jelly tasted funny tho.

Then Bully remembered his own blindfolded dick sucking challenge. He put his dick into the jelly pot and pushed Grizzle away, sticking his dick into Scutor’s mouth. Scutor’s said: “What the hell?!” But then everybody wanted to do the same and they all took turns sticking their dick into the jelly and from there into Scutor’s mouth. It was a dick sucking fest.

At the end they took Scutor’s blindfold off and sat back in the circle for a last time. “Let’s make it a grand finale”, Scutor said, “Everybody takes his friend’s dick sitting next to him and rubs one out.”

They all did and the Truth or Dare game ended in one big cum orgy.


All the boys went for their sleeping bags and one by one they fell asleep. All but two.

Bruce and Sophocles laid side by side. They talked for a little and apologized to each other if they thought the challenges were too much and for the things they did to each other. Bruce apologized to Sophocles for almost hurting him. And Sophocles apologized for daring him to have sex with Scooby, even tho Bruce told him that was alright because he did it with both Scooby and Buford once before.

They both sat there in silence just looking at each other for a while. Then Sophocles turned over to Bruce and kissed him on the lips. Bruce was taken by surprise. But then he wrapped his arms around Sophocles and kissed him back. They started kissing each other madly as they were grinding their dicks together through their underwear. One could hear them softly moaning as their hands were wrapped around each other, pulling each other close.

Bruce’s hand disappeared into Sophocles’ undies to take the dick out. A cute dick, small and uncircumcised, with the beginning of pubic hair. He wondered if it would be big enough to please him, but he just loved to play with it and to watch it grow as he did. Sophocles’ dick tasted sweet and he moaned heavily. His face got all red when Bruce sucked on it. He had a lot of precum and that too tasted sweet. Bruce took Sophocles’ dick and gently led it into his ass. It went inside easily. The little k** fucked his big friend slowly and came fast. Then he whispered into Bruce’s ear if he still wanted to cuddle and kiss and play for a while. Sophocles held his legs tightly together so Bruce could fuck him between the legs without entering his ass. When they both made each other come they crawled in the same sleeping bag together. Bruce put his arm around Sophocles and held him close as they drifted off to sleep together.

Unknown to them, Sam had heard the whole thing. There were big silent tears rolling from his eyes as he started to wonder if he was going to lose Bruce’s love and friendship. When he was with Bruce he could hear their common heartbeat in every vibration of the earth.

He felt like it was him who had brought Bruce and Sophocles together with those challenges. If only he could rewind the clock, go back in time. Now he felt lonely and helpless, like he was disappearing into a tsunami, unable to hold on to love.

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