two for the price of one.


two for the price of one.Let it be known everytime i right here rest assured that these are some of my experiences. It was another one of those hot days and I decided to go to my local adult book store with the private booths and private rooms. But before I wanted to go in I decided I would just sit outside and relax in my car, no need to rush it. As I was sitting there relaxing getting ready for an adventure I noticed a white car pull up and these sexy somewhat short stocking filled legs popped out of the car. I was like “yea” The rest of the body came out and a sexy little cd walked out of her car with a very suggestive fitting blue miniskirt walked past my car. Instantly my dick said”ping” she looked over at me and smiled, but me being the cool fella I was I just raised my head, but whoowee I wanted it, but I allowed her to walk into the building, I didn’t want to seem to eager, so I waited maybe 2minutes, and I walked into the building but she must have been a fast mover, cause I couldn’t see her anywhere. So I took my stroll around the place seeing was there anything worth playing with today. My mind was set on catching up with the cd, but I guess I was too late, wait as I walked around the back there she stood, seemed esenyurt escort like she was waiting on me. That day I didn’t have any panties on I was being the hard fella that I can be sometimes, so she saw me and gave me a sweet smile and walked into a booth in front of her and left the door open a little. I followed her in and she just dropped to her knees, ok that was fine, but I like looking at a cd first and enjoying the sights, I’m a man of all senses, smelling, touching and visually, it all pulls me in, she grabbed my dick and wanted to suck it, but I guess since she was too fast for me I wouldn’t respond the way she wanted, so I told her wait around for a little while, let me go see what else is happening, and relucantly she agreed. As I walking out and zipping up my jeans, I noticed a tall white boy standing outside the door, sexy with a bald head, hmmmm I thought to myself, he instantly grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs to a private room, “DAMN” I said to myself as he dropped his jeans and I saw his sweet round ass, but I don’t know why, My Dick wasn’t feeling it, I didn’t know what was going on that day, to sexy people was practially throwing themselves at me……..I avrupa yakası escort looked over to my right as I walked out the room, and standing there was a voluputus tall striking cd in black lingere and high pumps.I saw her and I knew why I couldn’t respond to the others. The new cd saw me and smiled and walked around a little, she knew what she was doing, she was teasing me, showing me her long legs and nice round ass, We both teased each other for about 10 minutes and she finally walked into a room and laid down on her stomach, showing me her whole body, my dick was trying to bust out of my jeans.I walked in and started rubbing her body letting her fill my hands all over her body, her moans of pleasure was turning me on so much, but she had a hot seceret.”Hi daddy,” she said to me “do what you want to me daddy, I’ll be your bitch”and the way she said it made me go crazy, I knew the role she was leading me to.”so are you a good or a bad bitch” I asked herShe replied “a bad bitch daddy”And that started it all, I told her get over here and suck this hard dick since you made it hard. I heard her moving quickly and grab my dick anadolu yakası escort and try and deep throat it, but I pulled it out and tapped my dick on her head, “I didn’t tell you to deep throat it” “I’m sorry daddy” she said and started sucking again this time taking just the head in, what a awesome suck she was turing out to be, but It was feeling too good, and she was looking like she needed a hard dick in her pussy, So after a few more minutes of sucking I pulled her off my dick, and reached into my pockets and pulled out three condoms, oh yes I was planning to fuck her good,She was getting excited as she went to get on her knees, but I didn’t want that since she was so soft and sexy I turned her on her back and raised her legs and started playing with her clitty as I teased her hole with my covered hard dick, I knew she was ready after I inserted two fingers, I didn’t want any restrictions, I wanted to fuck her, I wanted her to think about my dick for weeks, With a strong push I put my dick all the way in her and felt her almsot tighten up, but I stopped and allowed her to get used to my assault, no I’m not a huge but I know how to fuck, Hmmmmm her pussy felt so good as we started moving in unison with her throwing her pussy meeting each thrust of my dick.I knew that I wouldn’t last too long, being that I love a hot cd she was turning me on so much……Before I knew it I was filling the condom with my nut thanks due to her milking my hard dick, but we wasn’t through, I still had to condoms too go, and I could see foot shadows under the door, I wondered if that other cd was still around.

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