Vegas weekend


Vegas weekendMy husband and I spent the weekend of the 4th in Vegas. Flew out Friday morning. Stayed at the MGM, and flew back Sunday night. Saw the show Absinthe at Caesars Palace Friday night. What a funny show. Very crude but hilarious. But I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that. What you do want to hear, is all about what happened Saturday night.After dinner at the buffet. My husband heads off to play poker, the kind they show on TV. I enjoy playing roulette. I find a table. It’s crowded, but there is a place at the end near the rope. First I should tell you what I’m wearing. Black slacks, Black plunge bra, and a black shear, with silver design, loose, low cut cami. The “girls” were very much on display. There were probably six other people at the table. I knew every time I leaned forward to place a bet I was putting on a show. I acted like nothing was going on, but knew everyone at the table was staring at my tits. You could tell three of the guys at the table were friends. They were young, no more than twenty five. Always joking with each other. Of coarse they start talking to me. Find out they were in Vegas because one of their friends had turned 21. I’m sure they had been drinking because they were a bit rowdy. I hear one of them say, loud enough for me to hear, “I love it when she plays 14”. I have to lean quite far to reach 14. Hearing that I say, maybe I shouldn’t play 14 anymore. His friend hits him in the arm. The next bet I played 14 again looking him in the eyes. He didn’t stare at my tits that time. We all talked and joked for another half hour. Then two other friends showed up. They introduced Alex as the birthday boy. He was saying the şişli escort fireworks are going to start in a few minutes. They wanted to see the fireworks and pleaded for me to join them. They were nice enough guys and I decided to join them. We color up our chips and head out the door. The first firework goes off as soon as we get outside. There was a mass of humanity blocking the sidewalk. You couldn’t get out far enough to see anything because the buildings blocked it. One guy suggest to go to the room because it faces the strip. We could see everything from there. And like on queue, they all look at me. I just say, really, you want me to come to your room? They are all coming up with excuses why it would be great to go to the room. “Nothings going to happen.” “It will be fine.” “We are really nice guys.”So…….we get to their room. They have adjoining rooms. First thing I see are mattresses on the floor. I ask what’s that? They tell me there not sleeping in the same bed. Some sleep on the mattresses on the floor. The other guys sleep on the box springs. We’re not gay! We go to the window and right there in front of us are the fireworks. They were awesome. The show ends. The guys suggest doing more shots. They had a bottle of Patron. Of coarse they offer me some. I do one, then another.Now the conversation changed. They want to know where my husband is. Would he be mad I’m up here? They really like my top. Then one guy says he really liked when I had to reach to place my bet earlier. I said, you think I didn’t know that? Another guy says, “she knew what she was doing.” I just smiled. The mood was changing. I could see them feeding off each other, getting şişli escort bayan worked up. More shots for the birthday boy! We all did another.Then the comment, you really have a beautiful body. His hands were gesturing toward my chest. Aww thank you I said. As I put my hands on them. Originally I didn’t plan on doing anything with the guys. That was starting to change. I’m glad you like them, I said. And I pulled the sides of my top further apart to show more. One guy said, so perfect, wish I could touch them. I hesitated for a second and said, sure, why not. He was all over them. Another guy other joined in. Before I knew it all five had their hands on me. It was on.I said wait a sec guys. Let me take my top off. I did, then they took my bra off. Oh my gosh, I felt like a mother dog trying to feed her litter. I sat on the only bed that was still in one piece and was forced to lay back as they m*****ed my tits. Next thing I know I feel a cock rubbing on my arm. He didn’t even have his pants down. It was sticking out of the open zipper. I stopped them, told them, ok, you guys know I’m married, I’m not going to fuck anyone. In fact, my pants are not coming off. But anything else you want to do is ok. Zippers were coming down. Pants were flying off. Cocks were out and hard. First guy kneels on the bed next to my face sticking his cock in my mouth. Another guy on the other side wiping his on my cheek. I’m reaching out, and my hands were filled with cock. Then a guy straddled my stomach and is titty fucking me. I’m jerking two cocks, sucking one and titty fucking another. Not sure what the fifth guy was doing but I didn’t much care. Wasn’t even mecidiyeköy escort bayan 30 seconds and the guy fucking my tits was going to cum. I stopped sucking the guy and moved my chin down. He leaned forward over my head and shot his load in my mouth. When he was done I went back to sucking the first guy again. It wasn’t 10 seconds till he was filling my mouth.I was still jerking two cocks and pulled them with me as I slid, kneeling, to the floor. Two guys were done for now. Three standing in front of me. Cocks at full erection. I sucked my way from one to the next. Jerking the others not in my mouth. Grabbing their balls. Enjoying the fuck out of those cocks. Another guy shooting his load in my mouth. Now working on the two till another filled my mouth. Then working the last guy till I received his load.They still weren’t done. They were all hard except for the guy I just finished. Such beautiful cocks. I said lets do this again. I took another cock in my mouth. Holding two others. I tried to pull all three into my mouth, without success. I did pull two into my mouth at once. Licking from head to head. I hear one of the guys say, Ohh, let me get that. I didn’t understand what he was talking about till I heard the click his phone made as he was taking a picture. (We tapped phones later and he shared them with me. I will include them.)I had another guy stand in front of me as I bounced my tits up and down on his cock till he came in my mouth. I sucked them all several times. They though it was so cool when I was sucking one of the guys balls, so they all wanted some of that. We continued to play for another hour. Not sure how many times each came. But they were so young I’m sure they could have kept it up all night,(literally). And I would have loved to help them. I hated to tell them I had to leave. I hadn’t swallowed that much cum in years. It was such a great time.(The pictures will be in my gallery.)

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