Warm summer nights…

Warm summer nights…
As the warm Missouri summer set in Becky had often wondered if she had the nerve to live out her fantasy of being an exhibitionist. The though of people’s eyes undressing her was always quite the turn on, but her curiosity made her wonder “what if they don’t have to undress me, what if I am already showing them what they imagine” One exceptionally warm July evening by accident she found out. Late in the evening, she was sitting home relaxing in just a pair of panties and tank top, when she realized she left her phone in the car, parked at the bottom of the driveway. The sun was in its’ final stage of setting and no one should be out and about, so she decided to run out to the car wearing just what she had on.
She grabs her keys and makes a quick run to the car, as she attempts to unlock it, she accidentally hits the panic button on the key fob instead of the unlock button, and this draws the attention of her neighbor who is out in his garage.
He looks out the door to see her running to the car, knowing she lives alone he calls out to her “Becky, are you Ok?” in her hurry she doesn’t answer and jumps in the car as soon as she gets to it. She looks up and whispers to herself “please don’t come over here, please, please, please” , but it is too late, he is headed directly to her car. He walks over to the driver side window as she slowly rolls it down, she is nervous and jittery, but very turned on at the same time. Her neighbor has always been “the nice guy” that lives next door, and she had never had a sexual though about him until this very moment, as he is standing at the window looking at her, wearing such little clothing, her breast about falling out of the tank top.
He leans down to the open window and asks “Is everything alright?”…
she stammers a bit to get the words out “umm…umm, yeah, I’m fine, I just forgot my phone, and didn’t think anyone would see me…and this stupid alarm went off, now I am so embarrassed”
He responds “what do you have to be embarrassed about? I work out in my yard all the time without a shirt on, and no one notices at all”
Her mind races to remember seeing him shirtless in the yard, sweat dripping from his body as he worked
She replies “yea, but your a guy so its ok”
He responds to her “oh, so you have noticed?”
Not sure what to say, she is being very turned on by the conversation, and very uncomfortable, thinking “is he flirting with me while I am half naked? Should I flirt back?”
She responds “well, I mean I have, I can’t help but see you, my front window looks into your yard too”
He says back to her “oh, so it was just an accident you saw me, you weren’t looking or anything right?”
She puts her head down towards the steering wheel and says quietly “I may have been looking”
Watching her body language he realizes that she is not as embarrassed as the let on, and seems to be getting excited about the encounter.
He asks her bluntly “so, I think you were hoping to get caught weren’t you?”
She quickly replies “no, not at all, I don’t do this kinda thing”
He asks “what kinda thing? Get your phone from your car or something else?”
His firmer tone and the image of him shirtless are making her more noticeably aroused, her nipples are firm and the flimsy tank top can no longer conceal them, her own hand rubbing the inside of her thigh
She looks up at him though the open car window “what do you mean something else?” thinking she would put him on the defensive and be able to get out of the situation.
He had picked up on her submissive nature at the very beginning of the conversation and was not going to back down now.
He said “by something else I mean playing with yourself in your car”
Becky responds “what? I am just getting my phone, I don’t know what your talking….”
He interrupts her mid sentence to say “then why is your hand rubbing against your panties?”
She looks down, and had not realized she had been doing it, the excitement of the situation had gotten the best of her, and there was no hiding the fact she was wet, to the point where her little cotton panties visibility had changed color due to the wetness.
She looked up at him, fear in her eyes from being caught, “I don’t know what happened, I,I, ummm, It must just be the heat”
He asks “the heat making you so wet, or the heat making you do things you normally wouldn’t?”
She replies “the 2nd”
His response back “well maybe you should do this more often, its not every day I get to see a beautiful woman so turned on”
She blushes and shays away from the window.
He sticks his head partly in the window “I didn’t say to stop”
She now looks as if she is a deer in the headlights “what do you mean?”
He whispers “if you want to keep this a secret you will do as your told ok?”
She nods
He instructs her to slide her hand into our panties, unwillingly she does what she is told.
“now tell me how wet you are”
She whispers in a slight moan “very wet, so wet I want to cum”
He responds “then do it, and I am going to watch you”
He tells her “recline the seat a little so its easier”
She does as she is told, and begins to slide one finger after the next into herself, grinding her hips into her hand, rubbing on her clit as finger fucks herself.
He reaches into the window, and grabs her breast first over her tank top, then sliding his hand inside, and pulling it out.
“suck on your nipple he tells her” as he holds towards her face.
Her tongue licking around the nipple, he takes his hand and tugs on it a bit, as she continues to finger herself.
He asks “this is what you were looking for isn’t it? you wanted to be caught”
She moans “yes, I did”
“Good” he replies in a firm voice
“Now make yourself cum”
She feverishly begins to finger herself, as he holds firmly on her breast, her neck turning red for the impending orgasm, her body quivering with excitement and fear, she explodes to a level of orgasm she has never felt before.

He sticks his head in the window, and gives her a light kiss in the nipple and tells her what good job she has done.
She grabs her phone and says “I need to get in the house, it’s late”
He tells her “be careful, you never know who’s watching”

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