Watching wife with BBC (Part 2)


Watching wife with BBC (Part 2)We arrived at Jeff’s room and my heart was beating 100mph in anticipation of what would happen next. My wife and I followed Jeff into the room. Porn was playing on the TV and Jeff had a bunch of condoms laying on the nightstand ready for use. Things were quiet for a few seconds when I spoke up and asked “do you mind if I take some pics and vids?” Jeff said he wasn’t big on it, that he was concerned about his privacy and his face being photographed. I assured him that I wouldn’t take any face pics and that he was welcome to review whatever I had taken before we left. He agreed and proceeded over to my wife who was now sitting on the bed still wrapped in a towel. She was eye level with his crotch and reached up and rubbed the outside of his shorts. He was very obviously hard and took off his shorts. His cock bounced up into my wife’s face and she immediately grabbed it and started sucking it. She was slurping on it and would occasionally look over at me to see if I was watching and that all was still good. The look on my face was obviously klasbahis güvenilirmi giving her a green light and she continued to suck that big black cock for all it was worth. I found myself silent and it took some effort to say anything I was so entranced at watching her with her first black man. Jeff was moaning as he pumped her mouth full of cock and she seemed to love it. I told her to suck him balls and like the disciplined whore she is, she immediately lifted his cock up and sucked one of his balls into her mouth and gave it a good tongue bath. While Jeff was enjoying himself, it became clear that it was time for rubber to meet the road (or the pussy) and fuck her. I think that was a bit of a hurdle for us as this is the first time we took things this far. He pulled out of her mouth and removed her towel and gave her a slight push onto her back. He put on a condom and lined his cock up at the entrance to her pussy. He hesitated for a second as if he were giving either one of us the chance to object. Without further ado he pushed klasbahis yeni giriş his BBC into my wife’s pussy. Wow, there are no adequate words to describe the feelings running through me as I watched a total stranger invade my wife’s sex with his dark cock. She moaned loudly as he went in and out. She was obviously wet as you could hear the slapping of his balls against her shaved pussy. I moved around from different angles taking pictures and some video watching them fuck. He slowed down and turned her over onto all fours and started up again fucking her beautiful pink slit with that angry brown cock. He was quite a cocksman and drove it in deep time and time again. I got some of the best pics in this position by positioning myself in front of my wife and taking pics of her ass up in the air, a black man behind her, and a clear view of her face in absolute pleasure and utter enjoyment as this man shoved his cock in her again, and again, and again. (I so wish I could share those pics on xhamster as they would be some of the sexiest klasbahis giriş on here. Only my friend who has played with my wife in various ways has been allowed to see them and all he can do is look at them in awe… they’re good.). He slowed up again and made her close her legs while he was still behind her. He said this would put her over the edge and him too. He started fucking her again. Slow at first, but then he really started to grind away and knocking the bottom out of her. Her constant breathless chant of “fuck me hard,” or “harder, harder, fuck that pussy,” probably helped some. I could tell he was getting close and suddenly he groaned and cum inside my wife (inside the condom unfortunately). He secured the condom and pulled out. I wish he would have deposited it inside her as it seemed that he delivered quite the load even after she blew him in the hot tub about 1 hour earlier.He grabbed a drink of water as my wife picked herself up off the bed and put the towel back on. I showed Jeff the pics and vids I took and good to my word, nothing showed his face. We exchanged phone numbers and left back to the pool. All I could do was think about fucking my wife’s loose, defiled, shared pussy when we got home. Seeing that black and white contrast is amazing. She now has a taste for it is looking forward to the next time… as am I! What a lucky man I am.

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