what are friends for


what are friends fornow me and my best friend are more than the average friend because he is gay and always has been, and one day while playing on the ps2 with me he went to the toilet while my sister was taking a shower. Now seeing that my sister has a cock you can all tell that it was going to happen when she looked around the curtain and yelled at him to get out. When she was dressed she came down to apologise and say that she should have locked the door and walked to her rom when my friend said he would apologise again anyway. You know what happened…he found her cock and lost his virginity.now it is present day and on thursdays on college we have to wait for my girlfriend to finish her last lesson so me and my friend go to play football at the sports hall of the college. As per usual after the game artemisbet yeni giriş we go to the shower room and get ready for going home but that day there was not many people there because about 80% of them had een on a field trip somewhere so the room emptied very quicky and there was nothing else on for the rest of that day.We decided to go back to the shower and my friend got on his knees and took me in his mouth while i just closed my eyes and let him do his magic and when i blew my load all over his face he ate it and i went back to the room. I dug my phone out and texted to my girlfriend “wanna have an mmf threesome bb xxxxxx” to which she replied “when and where hon” and the answer was “after ur lesson in boys changing rooms. c u there xxxxxx”.After 20 minutes of sucking each artemisbet giriş other off she came into the room and watching her strutt her stuff while her tits bounced around in her shirt (never wears a bra NEVER) and then she lifts her top to let the dogs out!. I started sucking on my friend cock while looking up at my angel as she disrobed in front of our eyes. she gropes her tits and starts sucking my dick like there was no tomorrow as im doing my friend dick when he announced “lemme creampie you today please”.That was the first time that i had ever thought that my friend would cum in me before it was just a mutual fuck and then a facial but the idea was making me horny so i said “ok but after you fuck my girlfriend in the ass”. He was hesitant but then he thought about it and theres artemisbet güvenilirmi no difference in a girls and a boys ass and this dont mean his into girls does it. so he stood up and positioned my girlfriend in front of him and starts to fuck her doggy for abut 5 minutes while im ramming him in the asshole. After about 20 minutes of swapping positions and place we finally reached our climaxes so my friend stuck his cock up my ass and came near instantly. In return i cam all over his face and he licked most of it off and went into the shower room, meanwhile my girlfriend was licking the cum from my ass cheeks when all of a sudden came “OI WHAT ARE YOU DOING”. It was the cleaner who was locking up the college and he gave us a big shouting but its lucky he didnt see that my friend was in the shower room or that could have been more awkward. He gave us a final warning and a letter to both out parents (i didnt care that my parents saw my letter). My girlfriend has not had sex in college ever again but that doesnt mean WE stopped and occasionally my friend joins in and mounts me.

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