When will normality return…


When will normality return…Having been caught and transformed into my wife’s house keeper, the initial excitement wore off. We now slept in separate rooms and I was continually being told what to do. My wife often came home late from work and whilst serving her supper I was convinced I could occasionally smell another man. Part of me didn’t care as I was living out my dream of being a full time transvestite. Less than a week had gone by and my breast development was coming on well. I was close to out growing my bra and suspected I would be going up a size soon. I was ordered to remain dressed each day and to never wear male clothes again.One particular sunny morning the phone rang an when I answered, it was Margaret from opposite, her and her husband James, frequently went away and I, being retired took their post in and watered their immaculate garden. How are you Simone, she asked. I was shocked to be called by my femme name. Your wife asked me to check up on you and see that you were dressed. I popped over earlier and could see you walking around dressed. James is driving me nuts today as he is bored. Can he pop over and put your bins out, I know your wife has asked you to limit your public appearances. My mind was spinning. Of course, I said, I’ll open the side gate.I put the phone down, checked my appearance and although not fully convincing I was 80% of the way there. The grey pencil skirt hugged my hips and it was plain to see I was wearing suspenders and stocking. The faintest see through mature of the blouse exposed some cleavage and a lacey bra, I un buttoned one button to expose just a little more, then quickly buttoned it back up. I hurried up to my room and put on some perfume. It seemed a totally rational thing to do. By the time I was down stairs the door bell was ringing. I opened the door and James, a good looking man in his early sixties stepped over the threshold and pecked me on the cheek. You look stunning he said and he checked me out. I felt my caged cock stir retrained by the cock cage. I found my eyes drawn to his swollen crotch. Lets get these bins out and then you can make me a nice cuppa. I led the way and exaggerated my wiggle as I walked. I then felt James stroke my bum and he kissed the back of my neck. Really Simone you look stunning. Thank you I whimpered. I wanted this man so badly. I unlocked the back door and James quickly disappeared and I heard the rumble of the bins as they were taken out front. I decided to undo that button on my blouse and was leaning against the kitchen unit as James came back into the kitchen. He walked over and pressed himself against me. His kiss was long and lingering. He certainly was a very passionate man, his hands were all over my breasts and when he touched my caged cock he knelt down and kissed it through the skirt and lace panties. Good thing I brought the key your wife gave me. If you are good Simone I will release you. Now you promised me a cup of coffee.With trembling hands I made him a cup of coffee, summoning my barista skills I presented him with a steaming cup of double expresso with a frothy top….. He smiled seeing the inference.We şişli escort sat in the lounge and as I sat down I felt the skirt slide up my thigh exposing the smallest amount of stocking top, James smiled at me took a sip of his coffee and looked over at me across the top of his mug. Although not totally convincing you are amazonian looking and very desirable, your wife has told me you will be compliant. I nodded. He walked over and taking my hand led me to my room. Once inside he drew the curtains, there was sufficient light to see everything but afforded us our privacy. He took me in this arms and kissed me, as he did so he began to unbutton my blouse and caress my breasts. He broke of the kiss and kneeling in front of me began to plant small kisses down my tummy and around the sides of my caged cock.He stood up and removed his shirt and trousers in a fluid movement. What about Margaret, I protested. Ive been annoying and pestering her for sex all day, he said I should go and see Simone, so here I am, please satisfy me. I agreed I would and returned the favour of planting small kisses. When I got to his boxers I pulled them to one side and his 9 inch long, but slim cock sprang into view. I enveloped it in my mouth and instantly thought he would come. I didn’t want this so removed his cock and began to go to work licking and sucking his heavy scrotum. He was moaning with pleasure. I was enjoying this and it was now I who had control. I reached over to his trousers and removing the key to my cock cage released my self.I sat James on the side of the bed and manoeverd my own cock close to his face. He opened his mouth and began to lick and suck. He was eager to please me but a little rough so I withdrew.He put his arms around my waist and hugged me. He looked up at me and said I have wanted you for years, ever since I saw you vacuuming in a summer dress last year. But you do look so much better like this. I smiled and stroked his face, bent over and passionately kissed him full on the lips.He reached between my legs, which I eagerly parted and he began to fumble with my butt plug, no… I invited and taking his hand away said sensitively, no mess, let me go and clean myself up. You jump on the bed and i’ll be right back. I tottered into the bathroom and quickly attaching my douche to the flexible shower head opened both the hot and cold shower head. I douched myself and expelled any trace of human matter. When completely clean I quickly pulled my silk robe on and as I was about to leave the bathroom I caught my reflection in the full length mirror. I paused and drank in the image. Black and silver lace trimmed bra, Matching panties and suspender belt, 5 inch black patent leather high heels, fully made up and manicured. I reached behind my back and removing my bra released my puppies. Loosely tying the silk robe I walked as sexily as I could back into my room. My breasts were gently swaying, my nipples gently rubbing against the soft fabric.James just let of the bed and again passionately kissed me……..He pulled me onto the bed and as he kissed me he reached behind me and began to finger şişli escort bayan me. First I felt a single then two and three fingers enter me. Oh my goodness I thought he wants to fist me…… I pulled away and looking at his hands and making lightning assessment decided if he wanted to try… why not. I reached into my bed side cabinet and passed him the anal lube. I heard the farting squirt and felt the cold touch of lube on anus. He then began to push…… I turned around and said easy tiger….. why not fuck me first. He smiled as he lubed his rock hard cock. I was about to loose my anal virginity……..James asked me to lie on my back, he eagerly untied the flimsy silk bow of my gown and revealed my naked breasts, oh my goodness they are real and he started to suck my already erect nipple. The pleasure was intense, my cock was straining to be released, I held his head in my hands and pulled him towards me, we kissed passionately.I reached between his legs and massaged his rock hard cock, I opened my legs and guided the head towards my eagerness, he calmly and easily entered me, with one long fluid movement. The butt plug had done it’s job well. I flexed my anus muscle to grip his cock as he slowly and rhythmically massaged his cock in my anus. I was in heaven as he reached down and tweaked my nipples, he then gripped my semi hard cock and began to masturbate me.Neither of us lasted very long and I felt his hot sperm fill me. He then washed himself and I then did the same.When I returned to my room James was lying naked on my bed, as I walked over I caught a glimpse of myself in my full length mirror, my small pert breasts were jutting out, my cock was now limp, I was wearing my stockings and suspender belt and killer heels. I crawled onto the bed and opening my mouth took James’s limp cock in my mouth. As I licked the head and massaged his balls with my hand he slowly became erect again. I opened my throat and pushed his cock, checking my gag reflex I felt him fill my throat. I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and a soft moan was escaping his lips. I continued and he soon came releasing a small amount of sperm down the throat.He lent over and Kissed me……. at this precise moment my mobile phone went off down stairs…………..I hurried down stairs and on picking up my mobile saw it was a message from mistress “Working late, don’t stay up….Mistress”As I walked back into my room James was dressing, I quickly put on some clean lacy panties, Put my bra back on clipping the straps in place with precision and well practiced ease. I adjusted my cleavage. I opened a drawer and selected a clean plain dark blue stretch pencilksirt, pulling it over my hips the weight loss was evident. I buttoned on a fresh white and blue stripe shirt, buckled on a belt and showed James to the door. As we got to the door he took me inches arms and kissed me. Thank you Simone, shame Mistress will be back late as I know you look forward to seeing her.He left and my day returned to normality. Cleaning and running the household.That evening after my supper I drew a long bath andsokaked for an hour. The mecidiyeköy escort bayan hairs on my body were growing back. I decided not to shave these but wait for instruction from Mistress. I went to bed tired and happy. I heard the front door open and close, I glanced at the alarm by my bedside it was just after midnight. I heard Mistress coming up stairs and she approached my room, opened the door and turned on the light. I looked up to see her dressed as she had left the house that morning. “get up and come and help me undress” Her speech was a little slurred. I quickly got out of bed and putting on my robe and kitten heel slippers followed her into her room. As I approached her I could smell a heady mixture of stale perfume, alcohol and man. I Unbuckled her belt, she turned around and I unzipped her dress. She stepped out of this and before she turned turned around I undid her bra. Now Mistress as she turned revealed her wonderful 36C breasts, pert with almost permanently erect nipples. I noticed a damp patch on the front of her panties. As I lowered them over her hips, leaving her standing in her suspender belt, lace top stockings and medium hips I caught the unmistakable scent of male seed. She walked over to her wing back arm chair and sitting down and opening her legs calmly said, on you knees, crawl over here and eat my pussy!As I approached I could clearly see her labia were red and enlarged, her pubic hair was matted with still wet semen, the scent was very strong, I paused momentarily and Mistress said, yes Ive had sex with a real man, Alistair from work gave me a good seeing to, now do as you are told and eat my pussy.I obliged, I have always loved oral sex and now knew that I was a born oralist, I cleaned her up and she had a powerful orgasm, pushing me away as wave after wave of intense pleasure swept through her body. She then calmly told me to go back to bed and bring her tea for 0730 the next morning.I slept well and arose early to prepare for the day, my body was now showing signs of hair growth.I took Mistress her tea at the appointed time, when she saw me she ordered me to see Hannah at the spa and have a treatment and charge it to her account. She also said she would arrange for Tony from the taxi company to take me there. And be nice to him she said. I promised I would and Mistress soon rose dressed and left for work.She had only been gone about 5 minutes when the door bell rang. I was in a bit of a daze and opened it to see a suited and booted gorgeous looking man, My name is Alistair, is she here he blurted out. No she has left for work I calmly replied in my now developing fem voice. Oh fuck I think head office are onto us and if her husband finds out we are done for. Not a problem I said, Thinking quickly I said,you left the office, came here to work, I prepared you both supper and you left at 8. You will have to make the rest up yourself. He smiled and said You star. He then left. So this was the man who’s semen I had greedily swollen the night before.About 20 minutes later Mistress rang and thanked me for my quick thinking and coming up with a solution. She even finished the conversation with…. and that’s why I love you!I put the phone down, rang Tony to arrange collection and made an appointment with Hannah. She said to come for an all day treatment. I agreed and and with a spring in my step prepared for the day ahead.

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