wife enjoys husbands fantasy


wife enjoys husbands fantasy
He had arranged it all, the hotel and evening before was perfect and romantic but tonight was sheer fantasy, adventure and she was both excited and nervous in equal measure. She was willing to go along, one stage at at time, and see how she felt about it, the situation, she could pull out at any time and that gave her confidence, control and he assured her. Additionally if he wasn’t comfortable and she was he had to go, his idea and he instigated it so if she was in to it and he wasn’t then tough on him, she got to chose, she had control and that was the deal.
They went to the bar together and she was dressed beautifully, sexy and classy not slutty, when he saw her he didn’t think he had ever desired her more than that night. Taking the quietest table they could he spotted the Gigalo, pointed him out and watched her reaction, her eyes widened with interest, he was, as expected, very good looking, tall, lean and confident. He had casual shirt and jeans on, tight around the hips and butt and she checked that out immediately, including a good gaze at his crotch, after all that was what this was about and she wasn’t in the mood to be disappointed in that department. He went over and made contact inviting their guest back to the table for a drink and introductions, then some small talk. He introduced himself as Troy, he was charming, his eyes were deep pools of desire and he focused on her exclusively, charming and flirting her to pieces, she became slightly flushed with the attention and the sexual energy he was giving of was slightly intoxicating and very arousing. They finished the drinks and then it was time, she had instructions and two signals, one meant it was on the other and it was over, she had made her decision as soon as he came over, she wanted to see exactly he could do for her! And she left the table with the go code word and headed for the hotel room. Hubby made the deal and payment and confirmed the instructions to this Gigalo, and Troy was as professional as can be. The two men had one quick drink and then left, they arrived at the room and entered, Troy went in first and was met with the site of her lying on the bed, black stockings and suspenders, lace thong and bra and her hair up as she lay along the mattress curving her legs over each other and propped up on her elbow, she looked good enough to eat, which was the general idea. Troys face broke into a huge smile, and he moved forward into the room and stood at the foot of the bed, her hubby put himself in his chair, giving him a bedside view and he was so excited by the prospect of the evening ahead he was already straining in his underwear. Troy played his role perfectly, he went to the foot of the bed so she could see him and slowly stripped to his trunks, his dark brown skin shone in the mood light and he paused before the big reveal. She fidgeted as he undressed, taking in the lean brown body, tracking his skin with her eyes, scrolling over his shoulder, sheet, torso and thighs as he uncovered them. Her heart was racing, the excitement building in her, much more than she expected, and between her thighs there was a pleasant stirring already. She twisted and wriggled so she could see and her eyes widened as Troy pulled the trunks tantalisingly from his hips. She could see the hammock of cotton slinging a rather impressive trunk but it wasn’t until he exposed his manhood she got the full affect. Unable to suppress a gawp she became embarrassed and giggled when the flesh fell to his thigh, semi stiff and like a dark brown twitching snake! Troy smiled and chuckled back, immediately relaxing her, he was a true professional. She stared longer than she intended drinking in the thing, it slowly crept up and out as he stood over her, like a drawbridge rising away from his legs, thick and firm. She thought it delicious and began to imagine it inside her so she slid round on the sheets and presented her head at the foot of the bed, level with his fleshy flagpole, her hand reached up and she wrapped her fingers around the base of the shaft, unable to make the tips of her fingers meet her palm, he twitched lightly with her contact and sighed in appreciation as she tugged the brown foreskin back from the bulbous head. It was the size of a large egg, shiny and swollen in front of her face and she stared at its eye, impressed. The tingling between her thighs her body heat rose a degree or two with the excitement as she cast her eyes to her husband, who was literally perched on the edge of his seat in anticipation, he looked so anxious it drove her arousal up a knotch and she casually smiled seductively at him, he looked uncomfortable. But she didn’t need his encouragement she needed to do something she never does, and she stuck out her tongue letting the tip rest at the base by her fingers as she lifted the thick shaft upright, slowly she ran her wet tongue up his length, and at the tip she circled it several times before closing her lips around it, sucking gently. The taste was a combination of salt and sweet, slick liquid drops from the tip touched her tongue and Troy grinned down at her face. She opened as wide as she dare to take the whole head in to her cheek, reminded her of gobstoppers, she couldn’t manage any more and Troy clearly thought his luck was in as he tentatively slid his hips forward but she pulled back for fear of retching. He got the message and stayed still happy as she sucked gently on his swollen head, massaging the shaft simultaneously. Her mouth felt him growing more, thickening and stiffening making him much bigger then he first looked. She felt pleased, proud of the affect she was having making his cock huge, her mind began to wonder if the rumours of big black men were true, the evidence in her hand and mouth certainly suggested as much. A few minutes of attention on his magnificent specimen had her burning with desire, her own crutch moist and throbbing and she was very aware of the wetness escaping into her panties, so she knelt up on the bed, smiled at her husband, who was virtually falling out of the chair trying the see the show, and she decided she would go all the way.

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