My wife arrived home just after I got off the phone with Kelly. She asked how the “yardwork” went, and I said “GREAT”!! She gave a coy look, and said, “Great. Usually you don’t mention yardwork and great in the same sentence.”

I said, “Ask me later when the k**s go to bed.” She gave that curious look, and agreed.

All through dinner, I kept hearing in my brain Kelly’s voice say, “When is she going to stick her fingers in that pretty little cunt??”

After the k**s were in bed, and I was sure they were asleep, I grabbed a cold beer out of the fridge for myself, and a hard lemonade drink for my wife. I was little nervous to tell her about my day, in fear she would be upset. I was also feeling euphoric at the thought she might get turned on.

My wife is somewhat conservative when it comes to sex. Don’t get me wrong; she is the best partner I’ve ever had. She’s just not as adventuresome as me when it comes to talking about or trying new things. Fantasy is the key to exciting sex, and I was hoping secretly she had a fantasy to be with another woman.

After a couple swigs of her drink, she said, “So what did you mean the yardwork went GREAT?”

I took a couple swigs of my beer, a deep breath and then told her the whole story. At the end, she just sat there stunned. She finished her Doc Otis, and went to bed without saying anything to me. She was pissed off!!

In the morning, I took the k**s over to their grandpa’s for the day. When I got home, my wife was cleaning the kitchen. I told her I was going to take a shower. She said, “FINE!!” Obviously she was still upset about yesterday.

I turned on the shower, and was just getting ready to step in when I heard the doorbell ring. She opened the door and I heard another female voice say, “Hi!” I could tell instantly it was Kelly. My wife invited her in. I walked into our bedroom and peered around the door, looking down stairs at the entryway. Kelly was talking to my wife and she had a bag in her hand.

I heard her say, “Can you give this bag to Brian for me?” My wife said, “Sure; is it the video tape of me?” I thought to my self, OH SHIT!!!

Kelly looked stunned. My wife said, “Brian told me about your little “accident” yesterday. He’s in the shower right now, but I haven’t told him how I felt about it since he told me.”

Kelly said, “Oh Mary, I’m sorry. It wasn’t about Brian. Although I love the thought of making him hard, I was excited about watching you pleasure yourself.”

She reached out and gave my wife a hug and said, “Don’t be upset at Brian. It was my fault. I was horny, and he was willing.”

At this point, standing nude peering around the corner, my cock started to get hard. I looked down and it was poking out of the door into the hall.

My wife broke the embrace and said, “Come into the family room and I will get us some coffee.”

I rushed to the shower and finished washing quickly. I dried my hair, got dressed, and yelled down to my wife that I was going to work on the computer. She yelled back up “FINE!!”

I crept slowly down the stairs and into the Living Room. I could hear them talking. Kelly said, “Aren’t you going tell him I’m here?” “No”, she said. “I want him to think I’m still upset at him, so we can have some time to talk.” “He’ll be on that computer until I talk to him.”

My cock was still hard from what Kelly had told my wife. As I peered around the corner from the living room into the kitchen and family room, I could see them sitting next to each other on the couch. They were making idle chat, when my wife changed the subject. I heard her say to Kelly, “Did it really excite you to see me get myself off?”

“Yes”, Kelly said. “Really?”, my wife said. “I’ve watched my self do it and it doesn’t get me going at all.”

Kelly responded, “Oh it got me going. You have a beautiful pussy, and I loved watching you stick your fingers in it when it’s dripping wet.”

Then Kelly said, “Talk about wet. I’m getting wet just talking about it.”

My wife then said, “Have you ever made a video for John to watch.”

“Yes, just last night”, Kelly said. “In fact, I brought it over in the bag with your tape, hoping Brian would view and let me know if it was good or bad before I give it to John. But since you know about it, after I leave would you mind reviewing it and letting me know what you think?”

I could tell my wife was thinking about it. She said, “Let’s view it now. It will give me a story to tell him later.”

I know Kelly was excited about it because she didn’t even hesitate. She said, “GREAT!!”

My wife turned the TV and VCR on, and put the tape in.

Kelly popped on the screen, and I popped out my throbbing cock for a little action as well. She was dressed in a red teddy. Like I said, Kelly is no beauty queen, but she has huge tits and the red teddy made them look that much larger. She started massaging them through the material, and you could definitely make out those huge juice can size areola’s, and her hardening nipple with every squeeze or pinch.

Both women sat, staring at Kelly’s actions. My wife would never admit it, but she was enjoying watching Kelly. Both women were wearing sweatshirts, and Kelly was the first to take hers off. She said, “I don’t know about you, but it’s getting warm in here”. My wife agreed and proceeded to take hers off as well.

As they viewed the video, Kelly slowly took off her teddy. Damn those boobs are beautiful!! Mary had never seen them before, and said, “Brian was right Kelly, you do have beautiful tits.” Kelly sat silent, watching herself get herself off.

As she caressed and squeezed her tits, moans escaped from both of them. On the screen, she slowly slid her hand down to her pussy. Even on the TV screen you could see she was wet. She started finger herself, and within seconds she came.

I could tell my wife was disappointed. I’ve seen that look before. I think Kelly sensed it as well.

Kelly was the first to speak. She said, “Good. Bad. What did you think?” My wife thought for a second and said, “Too fast. Way to fast.” Kelly said, “I know. I was just so excited, I couldn’t stop myself.”

My wife said, “You said I have a beautiful pussy.” “You do, You do!” Kelly interrupted. My wife continued, “Well I think you have beautiful tits. Learn to use them. Tease yourself.”

At that point, Kelly surprised my wife by quickly pulling her shirt and bra off exposing those luscious breasts to my wife. She said, “Show me Mary; show me what to do.”

I couldn’t help it; I started stroking my cock..

Even though she was nervous and excited at the same time, my wife guided Kelly over to the love seat. This was even better for me, now I had an unobstructed view of them.

My wife said, “Tease yourself like this.” Using the back of her hand, she started at Kelly’s neck and ran her hand, slowly and softly down the middle of Kelly’s big hooters. As she reached the top of Kelly’s pants, she moved her hand back up. My wife hadn’t even touched her tits yet and Kelly’s big nipples were hard as a rock. She ran her hand under the girth of those beautiful globes and Kelly’s moans were becoming more audible. As she ran her hand up and down the sides of each breast, Kelly spread her legs.

Kelly said, “Mary, your hands feel so soft and warm. Please touch my nipples.” My wife continued her teasing, saying to Kelly, “Remember, tease yourself.”

My wife continued her soft assault, as Kelly’s hands drifted to her crotch. My wife, using both hands, finally squeezed Kelly’s jugs. Kelly let out a big moan, and thanked my wife. She started rubbing her crotch more vigorously through her pants, saying to my wife, “I need to touch my wet pussy. I need to cum. Please let me cum Mary!!”

I had to stop myself as well. I was really close, but didn’t want to shoot yet.

My wife stopped rubbing Kelly’s tits. She then unbuttoned Kelly’s jeans and pulled them off. From my viewpoint, the whole front of Kelly’s white panties were translucent from the wetness, and you could see her black, hairy box as if she didn’t even have panties on. My wife noticed as well, and said, “Wow Kelly.. Did you cum?? You’re so wet.” Kelly responded, “No. Your teasing made me that way. Can I cum now??”

My wife didn’t say a word. She started rubbing those big jugs again. Kelly started moaning again. Kelly’s hands made their way back to her wet panty covered pussy rubbing it ferociously. My wife calmly said, “Remember, tease yourself.”

I could tell Kelly was frustrated and on the verge of not caring anymore and just going for it. She said, “Please Mary, let me cum!” My wife then took one of her own hands and placed it on Kelly’s pussy, blocking anymore rubbing. Kelly didn’t know what to do, so she reached out and grabbed my wife’s tits. Now my wife’s tits are not as big as Kelly’s, but they are just as sensitive. I could see my wife close her eyes as Kelly massaged them through her sports bra. My wife, massaging Kelly’s tits with one hand, and rubbing Kelly’s wet panty covered pussy with her other hand, started to moan. Kelly started to push my wife’s bra straps off saying, “Take it off, I want to see those tits.”

Unbelievably, my wife obeyed her command, and now topless with Kelly massaging her breasts. My wife stopped massaging Kelly’s globes, and reached down to pull her wet panties off. Once off, my wife pulled out a vibrator from the table by the couch. She always kept one there just in case she needed relief. She instructed Kelly to start massaging her own tits. While Kelly was massaging those jugs, my wife turned on the vibrator and slowly started making circles around Kelly’s pussy. She knew if she touched her swollen clit or pussy lips Kelly would cum. Kelly couldn’t control herself she was bucking like a Brahma bull. She was begging my wife to let her cum.

My wife then handed the vibrating cock to Kelly and reminded her, “Tease yourself.” Kelly began the same motions as my wife, occasionally touching her clit and almost hyperventilating. Kelly looked at my wife and noticed she was massaging her tits and rubbing her pussy over her jeans.

“Mary, I have to cum. I’m so wet.”, Kelly said. My wife finally said, “Go for it.” As the vibrator moved over Kelly’s clit, her whole body started to spasm. And the site of those big, beautiful tits shaking was too much for me. My first load landed on the refrigerator, and the second, third and fourth all over the kitchen floor.

As I looked up, Kelly had inserted the vibrating penis in her wet pussy and was using her hands to squeeze those big tits. Right on the verge of orgasm, she looked at my wife and said, “please Mary, let me see that beautiful cunt of yours. Get it over here I want to stick my fingers in it.”

My wife, aroused herself, quickly slipped her jeans and wet panties off and straddled Kelly’s chest. The vibrator was still buzzing in Kelly’s pussy. Kelly licked two fingers and inserted them into my wife’s pussy. My wife let out a big gasp, and said, “Fuck me Kelly, Fuck me.” Kelly kept slamming those fingers into my wife. Gut reaction, my wife leaned back, grab the vibrating cock still inside Kelly and began fucking her with it.

She pulled her wet fingers out of my wife, and stuck her big, hard left nipple into my wife’s wet hole. My wife continued her assault on Kelly’s cunt. Kelly started screaming, “OH MY GOD!! OH MY GOD!! I’M CUMMMMMMIINNNNNG..” As Kelly reached the height of orgasm, her body was shaking wildly. With her nipple inside my wife, and the vibrations of her big left tit rubbing against my wife pussy lips, it was my wife’s turn to cum. She started screaming, “OH YEAH. AHHHHH!!!!” “Your big nipple is making me CUMMMMM….”

The juice from my wife’s pussy was running down Kelly’s boob. My wife collapsed on top of Kelly. Both spent. As she was getting off Kelly, her pussy came close to Kelly’s face. Kelly could smell the wetness. Hell I could and I was twenty feet away. Kelly grabbed my wife’s hip and pulled her pussy to her mouth and gave it a long slow lick and a kiss. Kelly let my wife get off her, and said, “You do have a beautiful pussy.” My wife not to be outdone, bent down, and with her mouth, licked her own juice off of Kelly’s boob, and kissed her nipple, sucking on it a few times. She said, “no, thank you Kelly. Brian was right, you do have beautiful tits.”

While they were getting dressed, I cleaned up my spunk and raced back up stairs. After the front door shut, I waited a few minutes, and went down stairs. My wife was sitting on the love seat in the family room. She looked exhausted. I said, “Are you all right?” She said, “I’m GREAT!!” The TV had fuzziness across the screen. I grabbed the remote, and said, “What movie were you watching?????” She just smiled..

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