Young cravings CH. 02


Young cravings CH. 02This the second in a series, so you should read the other one first.After Simon shot his load into me he climbed out of the shower. Relief washed over my body with the shower water. He didn’t notice the sc**** on the inside of my leg. He didn’t notice Billy’s sperm inside me. I went about showering as usual. Visions of Billy’s naked body kept flashing through my mind, and every time I would feel the overwhelming urge to wash and re-wash my body. As if I could wash away the infidelity I had committed. That must have been the longest shower of my life.By the time I got out, Simon was already asleep. I looked at the sc**** on my inner thigh. The shower had made it less pronounced, but it was still quite noticeable. I put on a pair of sweat pants and climbed into bed.I had a terrible time getting to sleep. My earlier actions kept suppressing my brain’s impulse for rest, and I lay there half the night, staring at the ceiling. I went over everything that happened that evening, trying to figure out how I’d let my self be seduced by him. It didn’t make any sense. I’d never done anything like that before. And I never would again, I resolved.I didn’t even know that much about Billy. I’d only met him a few other times before that night, and that was when he would pick Luke up to go out for the evening. His family had just moved to the city and I hadn’t even met his parents yet. It was a bad situation, my stomach’s turning told me that much. I could see sunlight just starting to peek above the horizon when I fell asleep. Around 8 o’clock, I was woken by a tugging near my backside. My eyes shot open as I realized it was Simon trying to pull my sweats down. I grabbed the top and pulled them back up.”Not this morning, hun,” I pleaded.”Why are you wearing sweats? You never wear sweats to bed,” he asked.”I was cold.” He started pulling at them again.”Why aren’t you wearing a top then?””I dunno, I was tired! Leave me alone I just woke up!” I said. He quickly rolled out of bed.”Fine!” he said, and swiftly walked out of the room. He was annoyed. He always got annoyed when I didn’t give him sex when he wanted it. I didn’t care this time tough. Annoyed was much better than inquiring as to how I got the sc**** on the inside of my leg.I decided that I wouldn’t put out again until the sc**** had healed. It would be much easier than having to lie.The rest of the day was rather uneventful. Simon continued to be annoyed the entire day, but it wasn’t anything too severe. I thought about contacting Billy in some way to tell him that it was all a mistake, but I decided that it would probably be best if I just didn’t talk to him ever again. I slept in sweats that night too. Simon rose early the next morning for work. I got up shortly after he did to make breakfast for Luke and him. They both had their morning breakfast routines, which consisted of absolutely zero talking. Not morning people. Luke had turned sixteen a few months earlier, so when I finished making their breakfast, I returned to bed.When I woke again the sun was filling the room. My ears were ringing. No, it was the phone. I rolled over and looked at the clock. 9:45. No one ever called around this time of the morning, so I had one guess as to who it bornova escort was.”Hey, Mrs. C.” In my sleepy haze and due to his convincing nature, I agreed to meet him at 11:00 at a coffee shop near my sons’s school.***Billy was already there when I arrived. He was sitting at a table in the back corner, away from the prying eyes. I had dressed in the most conservative skirt and blouse I owned. I sat at the table with him and convinced my self to play it cool.”What are you doing here, don’t you have school?” I asked.”It’s my free period.” “Oh…” There was a long and awkward pause. Then I said: “You know…we can’t do it again.””Why not?””Why not? Why not?! Are you even 18?” I asked indignantly.”Yes I am, I turned 18 in April.” He said.”Why did Luke tell me that you were a grade below him at school?””Probably because he didn’t want you to know that I buy him cigarettes.””What!” I was thrown off my guard. “Luke doesn’t smoke!””Like a chimney, he does!” Billy said laughing again. “Think about, Regina–””Don’t call me that.””Sorry….think about, Mrs. C….if I was younger than Billy then how would I be picking him up from your house in my car? Do you want to see my I.D.” He leaned over to one side, reached to his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He removed his I.D. and showed it to me.I examined it intensely. Yep, 18. “Okay, so you’re 18. We still can’t do it again,” I said firmly.”Does that mean you want these back?” From his pocket he pulled out a lump of cloth and held it on display. Panties. My panties! I quickly snatched them from his hand and shoved them in my pocket. I nervously scanned the coffee shop, but thankfully no one was looking.”Very funny,” I said. Billy was smirking. And god damn if he didn’t look cute. I pressed on. “Look Billy, I’m married. You know that. And I love my husband. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt him. So this has to end here. Even if you are 18….what we did would surely be frowned upon if anyone found out. In fact we’re lucky that Mr. Jones didn’t see our faces! We should quit while we’re ahead.”Billy just smiled and nodded his head. He may have been more than a decade my junior, but I got the feeling that he was much wiser than I was.”Okay, okay…I suppose that’s understandable,” he said. He looked down at his watch. “Now if you’ll be so kind as to give me a ride back to school, my free period is almost over and I don’t have time to walk back.” It felt too easy in convincing him, but I didn’t want to blow it.***It was tense inside the car. Rather, I was tense. Billy seemed completely relaxed. I avoided looking at him as much as possible. I made nervous banter to fill the silence.”So you’re a senior?” I asked.”Yep.””You just moved here right?””In may.””Where are you from?””Back east. Hey…you just missed the turn.” I slammed on the brakes. I had indeed missed the turn. I quickly shot a u-turn in the middle of the busy street. A highly i*****l driving maneuver. “Watch out for that cop!”Suddenly there were sirens behind us. The blue and red lights reflecting off my rear view mirror. Knuckles tensed, squeeze the steering wheel. Shit. I quickly pulled over to the side of the road. The cop car still driving towards us. My bornova escort bayan mind was racing. It would be difficult to explain…who this boy was and why he was in the car with me. I would lie, say he’s my son. Yes officer, he had a doctor’s appointment. Yep, he’s my son, and no I’ve never had sex with him. Everything would be fine. He would believe it. Would he believe it? What if he asked see Billy’s I.D.? This could be bad.Before I had even completely stopped, I quickly snatched my purse from where it sat between Billy and myself. I fished my license out and held it ready. I checked the rear view mirror, waiting for the cop car to stop behind us.But the cop car kept driving. It sped up, down the street, rounding the corner and gone. The sirens weren’t for us. I sat, my body shaking.”Whew, that was a close one,” Billy said.”Yeah.” For some reason, the small non-encounter really shook me.”Hey, it’s okay, he’s gone,” Billy said, putting his hand on my bare knee to comfort me. For the first time since we’d been in the car, I looked at Billy. He was staring intensely into my eyes…the same look he gave me in the pool. A pressure on my knee, he squeezed slightly. He started leaning closer to me, his face drawing towards mine. I put my hand up to stop him. “Hey–” I started, but he just pushed my hand out of the way. His hand slid from my knee up my inner thigh, under my skirt, over the sc**** and stopped a few millimeters from my crotch. “What are you–” I tried again but his lips were already on mine. I tried pushing him away, but before I could, his hand was on the side of my neck, his thumb in front of my ear. The same maneuver he had used in the pool, exposing a weakness I didn’t even know I had. My head began to tingle again as my defense quickly dropped. My body, rebelling against my mind. I was quickly and decidedly beyond the point of logical thought.Between my legs he was wryly playing with the pubic hair that escaped from my panties. It was on odd sensation, like I was having sex with a ghost or something.I opened my teeth slightly and let his tongue slip in. He commenced the acrobatic performance of his tongue inside my mouth. It made me light headed, drove me wild. I groped at his crotch, my hands searching for the entrance to his promise land. I quickly found the button and zipper. They were little obstacle. I pushed him back into his seat and had him lift his butt up so I could slide the pants down to his knees.He wore boxers this time. With no button in front, his penis was already exploding out the fly and shining wonderfully in the sun. I slowly wrapped my hand around the base, my fingers just barely reaching all the way around.I looked up at his sparkling eyes. They were beautiful. “Come on, baby,” he whispered to me. With that I ran my closed hand up the length of his penis, twisting a quarter twist over the head, before sliding it back down to the base.Briefly, a fear ran through my mind. Specifically, that we were in my parked car, which was currently sitting on the side of a relatively busy street.”Don’t stop now,” he breathed, instantaneously pushing the fear from my head and bringing me back into the lust filled moment. I continued running escort bornova my hand up and down the length of his penis, gradually increasing my speed. With each stroke his penis became more rigid and slightly redder. The head swelled and became incredibly shiny. After about 5 minutes, I started employing every hand-job technique I’d ever learned. I wanted to make him feel good. I wanted to make him feel really good.I reached my other hand into his boxers and began massaging his balls. I lifted them, let them fall, squeezed them slightly. I ran my hand down to the area between his balls and his asshole, and I gently massaged it.His eyes were closed. He was moaning. His hips began to buck. His muscles tensed.I watched as the first load of sperm exploded out of his penis in a high, reaching arch. It’s power was so great that it landed with a splat on the dash board. I kept pumping his cock feverishly. The second load, not nearly as strong, landed on the carpet. Each successive load shot shorter and shorter. By the seventh or eighth load, the cum was just oozing out of the tip of his penis running down the length of his shaft, until it covered my still pumping hand. More cum came out of him than I ever thought possible, and by the time he was finished, my hand was completely covered in his slimy love sauce.He grabbed my wrists and moved my hands away. He quickly pulled up his pants, opened the door, and jumped out.”Thanks baby, see you later,” he winked, closing the door. He jogged down the street and rounded the corner into the school parking lot.I sat there. A line of sperm screaming at me on the dashboard, another on the carpet. My hand blanketed in it. I had gone from ending everything between us, to covered in his cum…all in under 6 minutes. My panties were soaked.***I cried on the way home. I berated my self the entire time for not having the will power to resist him. Chastised my self for again cheating on my husband. I didn’t know what to do. I was so lost. If I ever hoped to end what ever sick relationship Billy and I had started, I knew I would have to never see him again.But he could come over anytime he liked, claiming to just be visiting Luke. What would happen then? Would I drop to my knees the moment he walked in and give him oral sex? I obviously had no self restraint around him. I had to find some way to end it. I had to find some way to prevent Luke from ever seeing Billy again.By that time I was home. I pulled into the garage, closed the door and went inside to get paper towels. I came back to the car and cleaned up everything the best I could. I threw the paper towels away in a black trash bag, making sure that it was tied tightly before I put it in the garbage can in the garage.That’s when it hit me, how I could prevent Luke from ever seeing Billy again. I made my way up to Luke’s room and began routing around in his dresser drawers. Nothing. I tried the closet. Nothing there either. I got down on my hands and knees and checked under his bed. I found a shoe-box and pulled it out. I opened it up and…bingo! Cigarettes!***When he got home that afternoon I gave him the three-name-call. He knew he was in trouble. It was easy to get a confession out of him.”Where did you get these, anyway?””Billy.””Well I don’t ever want you seeing Billy again! I never want to hear his name, I never want him over here! Got it?!””Got it. Does dad know?””No, your father doesn’t know. And he’s not going to know. We’re going to keep this between us!”That would turn out to be a mistake.Part 3 to follow.

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